Graceful Submission

Melinda Barron

Plus-sized Grace Kinison lives a dull life. She’s a teacher and aspiring author, who does nothing but work, and then write on her novel. That is until she becomes a cyber submissive. Grace has agreed to help her childho...
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Full Description

Plus-sized Grace Kinison lives a dull life. She’s a teacher and aspiring author, who does nothing but work, and then write on her novel. That is until she becomes a cyber submissive.

Grace has agreed to help her childhood friend’s husband plan her surprise birthday party. Grace thinks her fellow party planner, Toffer Shelley, is a writer on a TV show. What she doesn’t know is that he’s the show’s sexy star, Drake Dawson. He’s a Dom, and he wants to work his magic on her.

When Grace runs into trouble at work her cyber relationship turns into the real thing after she travels to Hollywood to meet Toffer. She’s thrilled to be meeting her Master, until she realizes that he’s the most gorgeous man in Hollywood.

But Toffer won’t let Grace judge him by his looks. He takes her on a sexual journey full of bondage and submission, which give her strength to overcome challenges in her own work.

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  • Note:Publisherï¾’s Note: Graceful Submission is a nontraditional love story that contains sexual content that may be offensive to some readers: bondage and submission, spanking, punishment, anal sex and other BDSM practices.
Toffer4U: Hello, Gracie. Are you naked?

Graceful: Yes, Master.

Toffer4U: Good girl. How are you feeling today?

Graceful: Nervous.

Toffer4U: And how did your writing go?

Graceful: It was a little difficult. I gave it a lot of thought.

Toffer4U: That was the idea. This little exercise serves several purposes. It will give me a better understanding of what you want in a D/s relationship. It will help us get to know each other better as we discuss the ins and outs of our relationship. It will also help us build trust; that’s the most important thing in a D/s relationship. You have to trust your Master. Do you trust me?

Graceful: It seems weird to say yes, since we haven’t met face to face. But, yes, I trust you, Master.

Toffer4U: I’m glad to hear that. Now, upload your paragraphs to me and we’ll see what’s what. While I’m reading, I want you to play with your nipples and clit. But don’t come. Every orgasm you have from now on will be under my direction, and only when I give you permission.

* * * * *

Toffer stared at the words that filled his computer screen. Grace had done her duty well. She’d written three concise paragraphs that showed that she’d spent a great deal of time thinking about the subject, which is exactly what Toffer wanted her to do.

He imagined her lying on her bed right now, stroking her clit and pulling on her nipples. Soft moans would be coming out of her mouth. He took a drink of water and re-read the paragraphs.

The idea of sexual submission fascinates me on many levels. I’ve thought about it for several years, and even suggested the idea of bondage to my ex-husband, who promptly called me a freak. So I buried any feelings that I had, until you came along.

Emotionally, I want to give over control to you because, if truth be told, I want to experience kinky without the guilt that comes with it. Knowing that I’m doing something because you want me to will do that. I don’t know if that’s the right reason, but it’s the one that I’ve come up with after a few hours of soul-searching. I imagine that this type of relationship brings a mental connection like I’ve never felt before. And, I want to feel it. By opening myself up sexually, I feel that I can open myself up mentally, too, and make a bond with another person.

Physically, and I know this is where you want me to get specific, I want to experience stimulation that goes beyond the normal realm of sex. I like sex, and I enjoy contact with another person. I want to experience some extremes, including spanking, bondage, and anal sex.

Toffer smiled to himself and looked at the clock. He’d give Grace a few more minutes to stew, to wonder what he was thinking about what she’d written. He wished she was here in the room with him right now. He’d have her sign a contract and then he’d spank her little ass until she was screaming in pleasure. And he knew that she would be.

He and Grace were a match. The only problem was the 2,000 miles that separated them. His cock was straining against his pants. In his mind’s eye, Grace was kneeling on the bed in front of him, her hand between her thighs, begging him to let her come. He stroked his hardness and smiled, and then put his fingers on the keyboard again.

* * * * *

Toffer4U: Grace? Have you allowed yourself to come? Remember you have to have my permission.

Grace turned toward her laptop, wiped her fingers on a towel and sighed. She was so very, very wet, and it had been hard not to come at the idea of Master reading her letter, but she hadn’t.

Graceful: No, Master. May I have an orgasm, please?

Toffer4U: No. You wrote a good letter, little one. But on the physical side, you only named off the things we’d already discussed last night. I was serious when I said I was keeping a record for when you’re in California. That’s three marks.

Grace stared at the screen. Was he serious? Then she shook her head. Of course he was serious. That’s what this was all about.

Graceful: I’m sorry, Master.

Toffer4U: Right off the top of your head, tell me five things that you want to experience as a submissive. You have one minute.

Her hands shook as she racked her brain. What could she tell him? This was where trust came into play. She had to open up, and she had to do it now.

Toffer4U: You have forty seconds.

Graceful: Hot wax. Orgasm delay. Punishment.

Toffer4U: That’s two. We’ve already discussed punishment. You have 27 seconds left.

Graceful: Nipple clamps. Role playing.

Grace shook her head. One more. She only needed one more. She didn’t want to disappoint him on what was technically their first outing together. What else did she want?

Toffer4U: Fourteen seconds. If you go over your time limit you’ll be applying the hairbrush to your backside again.

Graceful: Blindfolds. Wearing a collar and a leash.

Had she really just said that? Grace felt her breath coming in ragged gasps. She’d just given this man permission to attach a collar around her neck and lead her around on a leash. She should be horrified. Instead, she was absolutely thrilled that it had come out.

Toffer4U: Good, Gracie. A collar denotes ownership, and you will belong to me. How are you feeling right now?

Graceful: Nervous. Very nervous.

Toffer4U: Are you wet?

Graceful: Yes.

Toffer4U: Come for me. Ride it out. Stroke that clit and pull on your nipples, and make noise. Think of me there, watching you come for me, watching the passion rip through your pussy.

Copyright © Melinda Barron


Customer Reviews

awsome Review by Erica
This was the first Melinda Barron book that i read a couple years ago, and since i have read it many times. This is a grat romantic story with a lot of loving discipline thrown in. hhe characters make you fall in love with them and when the book is finished you sad to see them go. (Posted on 12/14/2013)
Suprisiningly very sweet Review by Margaret
Grace agrees to help her friend plan a surprise birthday party for her friend's husband and starts talking the husband's friend, Toffer to get ideas. Toffer actually happens to be Drake Dawson, a famous movie star, but he doesn't tell that to Grace. Grace and Toffer start to flirt over the phone and over the web and things pick up from there. Unlike most books with phone sex or online stuff, the author did a fantastic job of making it realistic and made the reader totally forget that it actually was only just phone sex.
Eventually Grace agrees to meet Toffer at his home (which turns out to be a mansion). She does notice that there is a lot of pictures of Drake Dawson, but doesn't figure out who Toffer really is until after he has her in bed. Toffer does convince her to stay with him, but the world isn't happy about one of most eligible bachelors pairing up with an overweight nobody.

Fantastic read and while not the most conventional of relationships, it is one that makes every single girl say 'yeah, a girl can wish'. Once you read one book by this author, you have got to read them all, they are so addicting.
(Posted on 10/5/2013)
Good read Review by Taylor
A fun, sassy book about meeting online and starting a bdsm relationship. Hot and steamy parts (Posted on 8/28/2013)

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