Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Barbara Karmazin

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Twig and Sammy set out to sail the Bermuda Triangle. What's a little adventure between friends? Especially when they're fully stocked with chocolate. Then a freak accident dumps them on an uncharted island. Next thing they kn...
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Full Description

Twig and Sammy set out to sail the Bermuda Triangle. What's a little adventure between friends? Especially when they're fully stocked with chocolate. Then a freak accident dumps them on an uncharted island.

Next thing they know, they're fighting giant carnivorous rats. Can you say, "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore?

It's not just the rats that are different. The cats are huge too. When three nearly naked men join their fight against the rodents, their adventure's just getting started...

Stuck on an alternate Earth? Why not make the best of it? After all, girls just wanna have fun.

All’s fair in love and war, but sometimes girls just wanna have fun.

The dogs loped at a smooth gait that seemed slow but ate up the distance at a rapid pace. Jenner scooted sideways on the wagon seat while Tallent looped the reins over the side post. Bred for intelligence, the dogs knew the way home without direct guidance.

A cool breeze tousled Jenner's hair and face but did nothing to ease his erection. It was sheer torture having two lovely fem within arm's reach who he dared not touch for fear of frightening them away. Slow and careful would be the best way to woo these new fem and convince them to join their family.

Because he hadn't heard any talking or whispering for the last fifteen senmins, Jenner turned sideways and checked the back of the wagon. Twig and Sammy lay curled up side by side with their heads pillowed on their carry sacks. They'd donned thin white tunics that failed to conceal the lush contours of their breasts. Tight blue breeches displayed the charms of both fems' taut and well-rounded buttocks to their best advantage.

Dirt smudges and tangled hair only made them appear even more appealing. He savored the way his balls tightened at the thought of their soft hands upon his body. They were brave and strong as well as beautiful. He'd much rather have fem who weren't afraid to work and get their hands dirty than pampered beauties who expected mem and hem to service their every whim at a moment's notice. Oh, yes, taking the time to woo and tease Sammy and Twig into accepting his hem sexual talents should prove very stimulating.

Sammy and Twig. Short, simple names. Names that matched both fems' open friendliness and willingness to adapt to the strangeness of their new lives as Godsends.

If they had arrived a scant twenty or thirty senmins later, both Sammy and Twig might have been torn apart by the sandrats. A chill raced down Jenner's spine. He gulped and swallowed the bile souring his mouth at that thought. The fact that they were out hunting meat this day for their family was a lucky break. When Tallent had spotted the smoke from the fires the fem set while fighting off the sandrats, they'd aborted their hunt and rode there as fast as they could.

The touch of a hand on Jenner's arm brought his attention back to Teoh and Tallent.

Teoh flashed Jenner a shy smile. Tallent smiled even more broadly and brushed his hand against Jenner's crotch, sending a delicious jolt of pleasure that curled his toes. Jenner grinned at the thick bulges distorting the front of his co-spouses' breeches. They were just as aroused as he was by the two lovely fem sleeping in the wagon behind them.

Teoh and Tallent braced their feet on the footboard, leaned against the back of the seat, and loosened the front ties of their breeches. Their long, thick shafts jumped out, already primed for diligent attention and servicing.

Jenner licked his lips and grinned at his co-spouses. Teoh and Tallent always showed how much they loved and appreciated him with their constant attention and tender caresses. Joining this family two summers ago was the best thing that had ever happened to him. They didn't care if he wasn't one of the prettier hem, with large breasts and a small, finger-length rod. They loved him just the way he was, with his full-sized hem rod and small breasts.

Teoh and Tallent opened Jenner's vest. He leaned back in the seat and let them unfasten the ties on his breeches, then braced his feet and let his hands circle Teoh's and Tallent's eager erections on either side of him. Tallent reached over, slipped his long fingers into Jenner's hair, and leaned in for a tongue-tangling, demanding kiss.

Tallent's long, dreadlocked hair slid over Jenner's shoulder and raised goosebumps down his arms. He cupped Jenner's left breast with his callused hand and pinched the nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Jenner hazed on the swift arousal jolting through him from that single pinch. His rod jerked into hardness in sweet stabs of pleasure under Tallent's gentle tweaks of his nipple. At the same time, Teoh's hot mouth on Jenner's right breast combined with strong, easy strokes of his hand on Jenner's groin tilted him over into pure sensation.

He stroked his hands in a familiar rhythm, slipping and sliding the full length and rubbing callused thumbs over the soft tips of his co-spouses' shafts. Pre-seed from the rounded heads moistened his fingers. Teoh nipped Jenner's nipple between his teeth and sent another shock of pure sensation into Jenner's groin that made him feel like he was going to explode.

Tallent groaned and ended their kiss. He leaned down to fasten his mouth on Jenner's left nipple. More jolts of pure pleasure exploded through Jenner.

Would Sammy and Twig enjoy his hem breasts as much as he'd enjoy sucking, tweaking, and nipping at their fem breasts? He hoped so. How long would he have to wait before soft, small fem fingers touched his breasts? To feel their lovely mouths licking and nibbling at his nips, then swinging down to fasten upon his erection while giving him access to the sweet nectar of the small bud within their pubes.

Jenner moved his hands faster. Up and down, stroking, coaxing. Images of thrusting deep into the tight, wet heat of both fems' pubes, one after the other, filled his mind.

He knew the same images filled his co-spouses' minds. Teoh and Tallent sucked harder on his nips. Their hands stroked faster across his body. More pre-seed moistened Jenner's fingers. He pictured Sammy and Twig lying naked before him. They smiled and opened their legs eagerly to accept him and his co-spouses in their mouths, pubes, and asses.

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