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Cynnara Tregarth

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Astra Crysomark is a Class 10 Empath and CEO in absentia of Crysocorp. Despite her talents and elevated status, she’s also hated and feared by the members of her society -- even her own father, who lies to control her. N...
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Astra Crysomark is a Class 10 Empath and CEO in absentia of Crysocorp. Despite her talents and elevated status, she’s also hated and feared by the members of her society -- even her own father, who lies to control her.

Noah and Timeon Helspawn have heard plenty about Astra Crysomark, most of it troubling. Now, their company and hers are headed for a merger, and the two brothers are determined to find out the truth about the enigmatic young woman.

From the beginning, the threesome feels a powerful bond, but is it genetics or is it love? When their worlds turn inside out, and they have only each other to cling to, they’ll learn that desire and sex are more than just the Games Empaths Play.

The night sky sparkled with stars and the pale light of the dual moons, Tareth and Verun. Kissing the curled fingers of her left hand, she placed them on her heart and then her forehead before lifting her hand in a sign of respect to the moons and the gods they represented. Various groupings, couples, and singles meandered through the gardens of House Fulton, the House's power coming from the gardens and nurseries they owned.

Walking the labyrinth, though not simple, was worth the effort of gaining control of her emotions. She felt like she was being pulled so many ways, pleasing everyone but herself. Granted, sometimes her work was wonderful, especially in helping right wrongs, but in other ways, she felt so alone. Being one of only a handful of class-ten empaths meant she was never completely alone, or alone with anyone of her own choosing. Too many restrictions ruled her life -- including her sex life.

Taking a right turn, following the dimly lit path as it curved beneath a willow tree, she enjoyed the fragrances that filled the air, the scents of the night orchids, the jasmine, as well as the sounds of the insects scurrying to taste the sweet nectar of the night blooms. Astra smiled and let go of a bit of tension as she continued her walk through the spirals.

Voices carrying over the next set of tall hedges piqued her interest. It seemed to be a minor argument or something. Opening her shields, she directed her empathic ability toward the sounds and was stunned to feel a wash of lust, desire, and something else clinging to the words. Following the voices, she turned the corner; the sight before her had her clenching and unclenching her hands as emotions flooded through her.

She stood unmoving, her heart clamoring and the tingling sensation of desire pooling in her breasts and her pussy. What she was looking at was forbidden to those of her station, but it didn't stop the desire. Nor did it stop her from watching the scene before her. Her eyes widened as she watched twin males, Devon and Garth of the House Polgarde, tease a lady from House Geldar as she lay naked, tied down to ground stakes, her genitals exposed to any and all who walked the back path in the labyrinth. Astra shivered at the thought of her being in such an open position.

Devon pushed his hard cock deep into the woman's mouth. “Suck, Lady Innana. Perhaps you'll work off your family debt to House Polgarde quicker than most.” His brother, Garth, grinned as he knelt in front of the woman's spread legs and slipped two fingers deep inside her pussy, causing her to moan and buck her hips.

Astra's mouth went dry as she watched the twins work in tandem; one would push the woman one way, and then the other would follow. Unconsciously, Astra's curved hips swayed in time to the rhythm they set. When Garth stopped, lifted Innana to an almost sitting position so he could slide under her, and placed the tip of his engorged cock at her vagina, Astra bit back a gasp as the emotions and sensations washed over her. Damn my empathic ability! As Garth rammed himself in to the hilt, the woman screamed in pleasure before Devon slid himself back into her mouth. Lady Innana sucked him eagerly as Garth methodically pounded into her. Within moments, both twins climaxed with simultaneous groans of pleasure. Even the Lady Innana seemed happy as her body twitched with sated desire. And Astra felt it all, each emotion, each thrust, each sensation linked to the act of sex. Her body was alive with need and rising lust.

Astra swallowed hard as waves of emotional and sexual tension, desire, and completion enveloped her. As she fought for control, her hands began to steal toward the dampness between her thighs. The emotions flowed around her, through her, and increased in delicious ecstasy with each inhalation as she watched them. On Peruth, high-level empaths were forbidden to feed off or experience the sensual emotions of others. If she had been seen, she could've been banished from the city of Lurien.

Her breath came out in short pants, her body tingling for release. Astra knew that she couldn't do a thing about it. Empaths were forbidden the pleasures that others indulged in, told it was for the good of the people. They could have sex, but not the emotions and the passion that went with it. Too many people, including scientists, thought that the empaths' important skills would be nullified, though that research was hundreds of years old. Without those emotions, empaths couldn't be swayed by temptation, thus avoiding the pitfalls that surrounded non-empaths. Iji's balls! Technically, her even seeing and sensing such passion was illegal enough to get her sent to counseling by government-approved psychiatrists. The laws about empaths enjoying sexual release were specific. No emotions were to cloud an empath's mind, as that might affect the empath's ability to discern truth from fiction. But why do I feel that if I could just have that, I'd be so much happier?

Voices further down the path brought her out of her reverie. Quickly, Astra composed herself, straightened her dark green gown, and scurried further along so it wouldn't be obvious that she had watched and listened to something forbidden. Spotting a free bench, she sat down, the coldness of the stone seeping in through the gown's material. Her father had insisted that if she was going to be working for the company, she had to learn to mingle and associate with others. However, she doubted that watching a sex debt being paid would count as appropriate mingling in her father's eyes.

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