Gamer Love

Melissa Lopez

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After months of roleplay gaming online, Lindsey's finally meeting her cyber playmate and veteran gamer, Sandulf, in the flesh in Las Vegas. And what gorgeous flesh he is. He's everything the shy librarian dreamed of and more. A...
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After months of roleplay gaming online, Lindsey's finally meeting her cyber playmate and veteran gamer, Sandulf, in the flesh in Las Vegas. And what gorgeous flesh he is. He's everything the shy librarian dreamed of and more.

Abram has never met anyone like Lindsey. Her sweetness dulls aches he never knew he had, and her body fires his every desire. He longs to come to her as Abram, not Sandulf. Soon, they're having more than cyber sex, they're exploring their every fantasy and then some. In real life. And both of them discover they'd rather have a real relationship than cyber-love.

When tattooing makes the fantasy real, Lindsey begins to have second thoughts about their quick relationship, magnified by the prejudices of her family and friends. Bowing to her desires, Abram disappears from her life. And so does Sandulf. She finds herself missing them both. But it's Abram and the real closeness they shared that she longs for most of all. How can she show the gamer she wants to give him real love?

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse.
The witching hour had arrived.

It was truth or dare time. Did she run back to her hotel room and hide like she wanted? Or did she dare follow the game inside the ballroom?

The rock music of Def Leppard poured out into the hallway. Keys to Myths had a nice turnout of some two hundred members from around the states. Players, mostly women, came and went, while she stood there collecting her courage.

This was the wildest thing she’d ever done in her life. Well, the cybersex had been the absolute wildest thing to date, before this dance. She hadn’t even gone to her senior prom. Had no clue how to dance. No rhythm existed in her bones and she was about to seek a man out to dance. Maybe a man. The possibility existed that she was going to be seeking out a woman to dance.

Cynthia poked her head out from the ballroom doors. “There you are. I was ready to hunt you down.”

Nervousness had made Lindsey stop at the restroom before entering.

Her friend came out and took her hand. “Come on, you’re never going to believe what Sandulf looks like.” She winked. “Believe me, he’s all male. Oh, remember to call me Copper.”

Dragging her feet, Lindsey moved along. All male. Now, that made her just as nervous as the thought Sandulf might have been a female. She’d imagined some average looking, middle-aged man. That’d been her hope anyway. Those who fell into the all male category had never been interested in her. And Sandulf…she wanted him to be more than just interested.

Inside, Cynthia let her go.

The sponsors and moderators had gone all out on the eerie decorations. Spooky strobe lights flashed around the room. Cobwebs. Tombstones.

People in costumes of all sorts paraded around the room and filled the dance floor. Creatures of mythology. Those of legends and nightmares stalked around them. Still, others, like herself, had dressed more casually.

A short, dark-haired woman approached her. She leaned in close with a glass in hand. “Lindsey?”

Oh no. Had Cynthia been teasing about the “all male” comment?

“Yes.” She moistened her lips. “Sandulf?”

“I wish.” The woman nodded to the dance floor as the music slowed down. “I’m Tawny. My Alpha is out there. I’m to bring you to him.”

Lindsey’s knees trembled as she followed the pack’s Omega to the edge of the dance floor. It was strange that Tawny chose to play the Omega. Often times, the woman took grief and abuse from the others in the pack. Tawny could be used or ignored by any of the pack’s members. But apparently, she enjoyed the part of a submissive.

A craving stirred low in her belly. Raw sensations born of need awakened. She sometimes liked being submissive. Sandulf had discovered that about her from behind his computer screen.

A few men danced among dozens of women. Tawny didn’t point Sandulf out, but Lindsey’s gaze was drawn to a man dressed in black jeans and a T-shirt. Even his belt and boots were black. The cloth of the shirt stretched over rippled muscles.

Moisture pooled in her panties at the sight of his dark skin and dark hair cut in a military style. She’d guessed he’d been of Hispanic ethnicity because of the endearments he’d used for her on Instant Messenger. But that could’ve been a part of his character’s persona; she’d never been sure.

It was a good thing this was all role-play. Her mother would never ever approve of someone like him. She’d learned at an early age her mother was prejudiced. The fact both saddened and annoyed her. As hard as Lindsey had tried to talk sense into her, there was no changing her mother’s opinion.

An insatiable longing filled her as she watched him dance with a fairy of some sort. The fairy was beautifully showcased in a flowing costume of white. Dark red hair hung down her back. Her hands clung to his broad shoulders. His big hands provided dark contrast to the white of the dress.

He had a strong body with wide shoulders and a powerful neck. She loved the muscles that roped along his arms. His legs would be just as muscular.

She wanted him to leave his companion and come over to her. But he wouldn’t. She’d never seen him be rude before. Only courteous. And proud. Yes, he was a proud man.

Of course, she only knew him from role-play.

The yearning intensified as she waited for the song to end. Jealous, she looked away. She wanted to be that beautiful fairy with her gorgeous hair and tall, lean figure. Of course, she had no right to be jealous. Role-play. She only knew him in the game.

As the song faded away, her heart rate accelerated. Breath caught as she watched the dark-skinned man weave his way through the crowd in her direction. Once at her side, he dipped his head to be heard easily. “Lindsey?”

She met his brown gaze. “Sandulf?”

“Yes. I’m glad you made it.” The slightest hint of an accent slid along her nerve endings. He nodded to the floor. “You want to dance?”

“Oh.” She shook her head. “I can’t dance.”

“That’s all right.” He took her fingertips in his hand. “I can.”

Oh yeah, he could. She’d noticed the way he moved. So had the fairy he’d been dancing with.

“I really can’t.” She lowered her gaze.

His hand caressed her cheek. “After everything we’ve done…” The skin of his hand was rough against her skin. “Mujer hermosa, are you being shy?”

Helplessly, she nuzzled his palm. Sweet arousal fluttered at the contact. This was so different from what they’d shared online. This was far better.

On a groan, he took a step closer. She inhaled, enjoying his masculine scent. His touch kindled her desire to make the game real. So very real. His nearness provoked her to move even closer to his warm, hard body.

Dark. Delicious. And dangerous. She didn’t know a thing about this man. She quivered on a thrill. Only yesterday, she’d assured him she’d meet with him. Had promised to take their role-play one step further.

Releasing her, he reached into his pocket and withdrew a leather pouch. “For you. A token of my affection.”

“Oh.” Her hands trembled as she took the offering. “Thank you.”

Stay in role.

Stay in role.

“A treasure for your collection.” He helped her get the gift from the bag.

It was beautiful and intricate peace of Indian jewelry of some sort. “It’s lovely.” She fingered the bright centered jewel. A precious fire opal. Through research she’d learned a great many things about the Anahuac civilization, including Mexican gemstones. All because of her need to know what she could about the man who might be behind Sandulf. “It’s lovely.” She couldn’t think past the nice surprise he’d given her. Think what Lindsey in the game would say. But she couldn’t.

Sandulf took the necklace. When she piled the mass of her hair on her head, he slipped it on her neck. “You sure about the dancing?” Once done, he took her hand and backed onto the floor. The skin of his palm was rough. Liquid heat tingled between her thighs. Such a simple touch to arouse her so.

“Hm.” She snuggled against his hard body. “I think we already are.” The music was fast, but he kept her close. He kept his head near hers so they could hear one another. “When did you get here? Have you met everyone?” She lifted her head. Those questions probably hadn’t been in character.

“Around eight.” His brown gaze didn’t waver. “I met those of my pack that showed up. The mods. And you.”

She smiled. “You met a fairy too.”

“Met a few ladies while I waited for you.” He shifted them so they both faced toward the tables. “You want to get to know my pack?”

“Oh, sure. I’ve been looking forward to it.”

“If you’re still interested in a threesome, you need to pick your second now.”

Her breath caught. Surely, he hadn’t meant everything they’d talked about on Instant Messenger. Everything she’d agreed to…all for the game.

His lips brushed her ear. “Tomorrow night, I won’t be willing to share.”

Lindsey trembled, enjoying the possessiveness of the Alpha.

They only had two nights together, then the weekend would be over. Her heart pounded to the music thumping in the room. Her hand rested over his. “I’d rather it be just you and me tonight.” Probably tomorrow night, too. She wanted Sandulf. Wanted to know what his hands would feel like over her body. What he’d feel like in her body, filling her up. And his lips… It’d be so much better in person than over the Internet.

Sandulf groaned, his arms tightening around her. He rolled his hips to press his hard cock into her.

Gasping, she had to know. “Did…did you promise one of them?”

“No, though I doubt any of them would turn down a mujer hermosa.” His breath was hot against her skin under her ear. So hot. “What we did, what we discussed, remains between us. Always.” His lips brushed her skin. “What we’ll do won’t be shared.”

She moaned, her fingers clutching at his muscles. She turned her head in offering.

At the first pass of his lips, her body arched into his. Her breasts swelled as her nipples extended in an attempt to get closer to the hard expanse of his chest. He didn’t hesitate to claim her mouth.

A raw groan vibrated from him. Delicious sensations spiraled out of control as he explored her mouth. She savored each sip of him she was treated to. Relished each swipe of his tongue as he teased hers.

He was the first to lift his head for breath.

Ablaze in sexual heat, she rested her head on his shoulder.

It was the most sensual embrace she’d ever received. Yet his hands had never left her hips.

“I need to get out of here.” He clasped her hand. “Want to go somewhere for a drink?”

“Oh, a drink. Yeah, that’d be good.” Anticipation of what was to come tightened her clit. “I need to let Cynthia know my plan.”

“Who’s Cynthia?”

She winced. “Oops. I meant Copper.”

He smiled before he started looking around. “Let’s say good night.”

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