Fondest Desire

Michelle Hasker

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Kariana works too hard and takes too little time for herself. Even when she does, she can't find someone to please her sexually. Not even herself. A vacation to paradise sounds like the perfect place to scope out men and find one ...
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Full Description

Kariana works too hard and takes too little time for herself. Even when she does, she can't find someone to please her sexually. Not even herself. A vacation to paradise sounds like the perfect place to scope out men and find one to give her her first orgasm. No matter how many men she has to sleep with, Kariana is determined to have the 'Big O' before she goes back home.

Her only problem? Once she has one, she doesn't want to stop.

And Jason, the demigod who just so happens to be this rare creature's soul mate is perfectly happy to oblige. Even if it means he has to share to keep her satisfied.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, menage (m/f/m, m/m/m/f), voyeurism.
God, she needed an orgasm. A good, sweaty round of sex with a glorious orgasm. Was that too much to ask for? She needed a sign on her chest with an arrow pointing straight to her pussy. Orgasm needed. Inquire within.

“Business or pleasure?”

Kariana turned to the hunk seated next to the window. She’d seen the wedding band on his finger and had restrained herself from making small talk in case things got heated. She needed sex so bad she could taste it, and this man was quite the tempting morsel.

Maybe if just one of her ex-boyfriends had been able to give her an orgasm she wouldn’t look at a man and try to guess his sexual prowess from his looks and attitude. She didn’t need to waste more time with men who couldn’t please her, but this obsessing with sex wasn’t normally like her. Not until she’d laid eyes on the hunk next to her, and the twenty or so other sexy men on the flight. She was in testosterone heaven and it was getting the better of her self-control.

“Pleasure.” Jessica leaned in front of her and smiled at the hunk. “I’m Jess, and this is Kariana.”

Kari rolled her eyes and leaned back in her seat, trying not to inhale the delicious scent of male and cologne. Yeah, she had bypassed horny and gone straight into the realm of sex fiend. This was so unlike her that it frightened her. Hoping to end the chitchat before her unruly hormones made her attempt to ravish a married man, she met his inquiring gaze and grinned.

“We’d debated between Olympia and a sex resort, but Olympia won out because so many people are going to those high-priced sex resorts. We decided a nice trip to paradise with a bunch of half-dressed natives would suit us better.” Kari lowered her voice. “Less women chasing the men, if you know what I mean.”

She let out a yelp when Jess pinched her, and turned to glare at her friend. “What the hell was that for?”

“For trying to scare our seatmate. It’s not his fault he got stuck next to a sex freak like you.”

Even though she’d been thinking that same thing about herself, hearing her thoughts echoed in Jessica’s words scared her. “I’m not a freak, okay? Can I help it if I don’t find men as talented as you do? If I did, I wouldn’t have so many issues.”

“It’s not my fault you have issues.”

“You’re just jealous I won’t trade seats with you!”

“Ladies, please.” The hunk shifted in his seat and held out his hand. “My name is Damien. My brother is part owner of Olympia, and he’s invited me to stay for the month.”

“Must be nice.” Kariana shook his hand. “Where’s the wife? I can’t believe she didn’t want to spend a month in paradise.”

“There is no wife. I wear the ring to keep women from propositioning me.”

Kariana snickered. It had worked on her. “Happen often?”

“Often enough. And yes, I’ve had women try to pick me up on airplanes.”

“Why are you admitting this? Aren’t you afraid man-hungry me will hit on you?” Kariana held her breath while she waited for his answer.

“Bring it on, baby. I can handle you and then some.”

“Ooo. So you want to play.” Kari squealed and wiggled in her seat. This bantering was turning her on, and she’d already been antsy for some action. “Do you want to introduce me to the mile high club?”

Damien chuckled. “I would have loved to, but we’ll be landing in about fifteen minutes.”

“Don’t you only need two?” She fluttered her eyelashes.

“Geesh, Kari!” Jess made a noise of disgust.

“Hey!” Kari jumped at the sharp pain on her arm and glared at Jess. “Stop with the pinching already.”

“Some things are better enjoyed slowly.” Damien caressed her arm, sending shivers through her. “Like a fine wine or a good woman.”

“Oooo.” Kari crossed her legs even though she leaned closer to him. “You are good.”

“So you came to Olympia Island for some fun in the sun, emphasis on the fun?”

“Yes. Why? Are you interested in discussing this once we’re off the plane?”

“I just thought I’d point out a discreet service the Ambrosia Hotel offers its clients.”

“What’s that?” Jess leaned forward, interested in their conversation again.

“They have an escort service available to clients willing to pay top dollar.”

“You know, that’s not a bad idea.” Kariana turned and looked at Jess. “I mean, what better way to get” -- she looked at Damien and then back at Jess -- “what I want than to pay a professional? He’ll be clean and talented. If he’s not, I can demand a replacement. Satisfaction is guaranteed, right?”

“Yes.” Damien chuckled.

“I don’t know, Kari. There’s a lot to be said for emotional sex. I mean fun sex is great, but when you have an emotional commitment it’s usually ten times better.”

“You can say that, Jess. You have orgasms coming out your ears. I’ve never had great sex.” Kari ignored the sensation of heat on the back of her neck. Of course Damien would be staring at her. She really needed to keep her disappointing sex life quiet if she wanted to get laid. She closed her eyes and leaned back in the seat. “Wake me when we get there.”

“According to Damien, that’s in twelve minutes.”

Kari made a grunting sound and wriggled in her seat until she was comfortable. Jess sighed heavily, but she didn’t try to keep the conversation going, and for that Kariana was grateful. Maybe a nice, relaxing fantasy would keep her libido from getting out of hand.

Warm water caressed her feet and calves as the waves broke on the shore. Kari sighed and debated moving farther back on the beach. Before she could make her decision, someone shouted, “Look out!”

Kari looked up in time to see a large male body crash into her and tumble them both along the shore and into the water. Coughing as she surfaced, Kari struggled against the strong arms that pulled her out of the water.

“Are you okay, love?”

The deep tenor raced along her spine, sending her thoughts straight to the gutter. Not that they were out of the gutter very often, a fact that amused some of her colleagues. They often teased her that she helped them ferret out the husbands who were unfaithful with one glance. She couldn’t help it that men seemed to flock to her. She also couldn’t help that not one of her lovers had ever given her an orgasm.

The reminder that Mr. Sexy Voice would only disappoint her in bed kept her from leaning into his arms. She pushed herself upright and stared into Damien’s laughing face. To her chagrin, her gaze went down his chest to his swim trunks. The drenched material clung to his body, emphasizing a very large erection.

A sharp jab in her ribs ended her laughter and desire quickly enough.

“What the fuck?”

“Language, sweetheart.” Jess laughed when Kariana growled at her.

“You need to stop poking people in the ribs. Especially when they’re about to get laid.”

Jess laughed harder and gestured around the plane. “Kind of hard to get laid when we’re the last two on the flight. Unless you’ve decided to give women a try.”

Kariana snorted and jabbed Jess in the ribs with her elbow. “In your dreams, honey.” She rose and stretched her aching muscles. It wasn’t like she’d have had an orgasm anyway. Even in her dreams and fantasies she remained as unlucky as in real life. It was probably why she’d been so horny lately. Her body wanted an elusive O, and it wanted it now!

She grabbed her carry-on bag and followed Jessica off the plane. Kim and Aline would never let her hear the end of it if she didn’t live up this trip and come home satisfied.

Kariana licked her lips as she looked around the island. Handsome men were everywhere. There were men of various shapes, sizes, and colors. A literal smorgasbord. A man for any taste. And boy, were her taste buds going crazy at the thought of so many gorgeous men at her disposal. Though there were women hurrying about their work, and some who were drop-dead gorgeous, Kari focused on the hunks. Perhaps Jessica was right. This might be just the vacation she needed.

A tropical island paradise. Olympia, a place that could have only been made by the gods. At least that was what the brochures claimed, and so far it definitely lived up to her high expectations.

The weather was warm, but not humid, so while she was grateful for the tank top and wraparound skirt she was wearing, she wouldn’t need to worry about how messy her hair and makeup would get in the tropics. Besides, it wasn’t a sex resort, so there was no pressure to always look her best.

Lush vegetation seemed to spring up everywhere, even out of rocks on the ground, adding to the romantic environment of the island. With so many handsome men, beautiful women, and gorgeous surroundings, no wonder people who came here couldn’t wait to come back again.

When the most handsome man she’d ever seen walked past, she couldn’t help but follow him with her eyes and pray her vacation played out like her fantasies. He had thick black hair, clear blue eyes, and muscles that made her so wet and hot she had to fight not to whimper from desire. That he reminded her of Damien was a plus. Maybe he’d be as smooth a talker as that man.

Then he stopped next to Damien, and her jaw dropped open. Was that his brother? “I wonder if they’d be interested in a ménage.”

Jessica nudged her and gestured to the hunk. “What did I tell you? Dawn came here with Piper and Kim last month. They had the time of their lives. Dawn swears she will never be the same. All of them are already planning a return trip. Piper said every penny they spent here was well worth it.”

“I can see why.” Kariana watched the gorgeous man who had to be Damien’s brother.

They followed the men inside. They had to get their luggage, after all. It wasn’t as if she was stalking the man. Yet.

Copyright © Michelle Hasker


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