Fly Boys

Cheryl Dragon

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For Laura, dating Craig, an Air Force pilot, has been nothing but great. And bonding with Craig’s three housemates, who serve with him, has been an amazing experience in military closeness. So when she learns that they’ve shar...
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For Laura, dating Craig, an Air Force pilot, has been nothing but great. And bonding with Craig’s three housemates, who serve with him, has been an amazing experience in military closeness. So when she learns that they’ve shared everything, including women, she takes it as a bit of a challenge--an arousing one. She sees it as a chance to explore some of her own fantasies, ones she's chickened out on in the past.

The guys ease her into action, and soon, she can’t imagine life any other way….even if one of the guys is bi and crazy about another guy who is a lot more reserved than her guys. But Laura's biggest adjustment will be to their weird work schedule. Three months away on duty and three months with her!

Such is life for a woman and her fly boys.

  • Note:Fly Boys was previously released by another publisher, but has been out of print for some time and has been revised and re-edited in this version.
After Laura headed out to an early class, Craig went down to grab some breakfast. The other three were already down there.

Sean gave Craig an annoyed look. “I expected more of a marathon last night.”

Craig grabbed a bowl and filled it with cereal. “Roger had her thinking she’s not welcome.”

Roger held up a hand. “I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just hard. The schedule and the life aren’t for everyone. We’ve tried it in the past, and it didn’t work. Laura is very sweet, and I don’t want to see her get hurt. You two are deep into it already. Change it up, and she could run.”

Craig poured milk on the cereal and sat around the island with the guys as usual. “I’m not arguing it’s hard, but she’s not flaky. That woman’s grounded. She’s got friends and a job to keep her occupied. Sean’s girlfriend had just moved here, and your ex, that’s not a fair comparison. I think if we work our schedules right, it could be good.”

“Meaning?” Sean asked.

“Meaning she teaches. Summers off. So we try to change up our schedule to have those months off. A lot of time together. Vacation and time alone with good weather.” Craig had been thinking about this a lot.

“So we’re talking about the scheduling and not the sex?” Nick chimed in.

Craig felt the eyes on him. “The taping us for her entertainment while we’re gone, all her idea. She was thinking about the schedule and her high sex drive and that could be a solution. The sex thing could work.”

“Roger freaked her out. Now, she probably won’t come to the house or sleep over.” Nick gave Roger a glare that could cut glass. “I like her. She’s the one.”

“I like her too. We all want this. I’m too old to play games. It’s up to her.” Roger had to be the voice of reason.

Craig knew Roger was from a military family. He’d survived a lot and would rather take the hit himself than let his pals get hurt. Now, Laura was in the group. So no matter how moody Roger acted when his guard was down, Craig knew how much Roger cared.

“The schedule is a wait and see,” Nick pointed out. “You can give advice and prepare forever but, until she goes through it and sees how she reacts, you don’t know the future. A business trip here and there or a week on the road anyone can handle, but our schedule is a lot on a new relationship. Stop going in circles; she’ll be the judge.”

Craig nodded. “I agree, but I think she’ll manage. As for the sex…”

Spoons stopped, and there was silence. Craig forced back a chuckle. They were all disciplined and could wait forever in silence. Laura never had to worry about them getting out of control.

“She’s in to being watched by all and taped by Nick.”

“Why Nick?” Sean asked.

“The tape is for her. She wants lots of Craig in the action. You want to focus on him.” Nick winked.

“Stop. I get it.” Sean shook his head. “Fine. What about the rest?”

“She’s open. Laura wants to see where it goes.” Craig hadn’t made her elaborate on the details when she left that morning, but he had made sure it was no dream last night. “The approach is to let her take what she wants based on the fantasy.”

“Nothing pushy.” Roger nodded.

“Let her explore.” Sean grinned and put his empty bowl in the dishwasher.

Roger followed. “Okay. Just tell us when and where.”

“Three p.m. in the garage. Her classes are all early today.” Craig saw Nick’s mind whirling as Roger and Sean left. “What?”

“She’s into it?” Nick asked.

Nick was crazy about Laura. Craig had always thought he’d be jealous or territorial with the right woman. But he wanted them all to be attached and close. It felt right. A woman that special made Craig want to share more.

“When I asked what she wouldn’t want? She said no girls.”

Nick frowned. “That’s it?”

“That’s what she said. Now, I’m not saying there won’t be more. She’ll have a learning curve once she’s into it, but we’re not into fetish stuff. She surprises me. So sweet and smart and then passionate. Don’t worry. She won’t let anyone do anything she doesn’t like. I have no fear of that.”

Nick chuckled. “That’s Laura.”

“Let’s get the camera, make sure it’s charged, and pull the tarp off the GTO.”

“Car fantasy?” Nick punched Craig’s shoulder. “Sweet and don’t worry. Roger will relax, and she’ll know he’s mostly bark. He’s just concerned.”

“Yeah. I told her, but for all the bitching he did about the ex last night, when the divorce happened, I remember a lot of Roger just being relieved.”

“Oh no doubt, he was much happier. But that’s the martyr and leader complex. He’d rather be the one to suffer. Even for his ex. Damn. If I could get him alone with a blindfold, a vibrator, and some rope, I’d make him happy.” Nick grinned.

“Definitely need to tie him down.” Craig knew how Nick felt about Roger. Sean wasn’t the most observant guy, and Roger had no clue. Too bad for Nick, Roger didn’t play for his side. “But don’t try any of that on Laura. Okay? I’ve seen her toy collection. It’s big and battery operated but nothing too kinky.”

“No way. I only do that to men, one-on-one. I like taming all that muscle.” Nick seemed lost in his own daydream. “Making them beg.”

“You’d be good for interrogating POWs.” Craig cleared up his dishes.

“No, if they gave in, I’d be all about the sex, not the mission. It’s fun to pretend and practice.” Nick shook his head. “Today’s about your girl, not me. So let’s get to work.”

“I’ve got an idea about how to include the guys without pushing the sex. You’ll help set it up?” Craig wanted to give Laura this fantasy. They’d confessed the naughty scenarios that got them hot and agreed on several. The idea of including the GTO, Craig’s prized muscle car, made Laura especially hot.

“I’ll do anything. Let’s give her a wild time so she stays.” Nick turned on the dishwasher, and they went to work.

* * * *

Getting dressed for her fantasy video, Laura knew she should be more nervous. Not about Craig but about all four guys being there and watching. She wanted to do it. It felt right to try it. She’d always wanted to be the bad girl.

With her dad always away and Mom working, Laura had been responsible for her sisters—helping them to get ready and do their homework, even getting them to and from after school activities. She hadn’t had time to be even a little bad in high school. She was never alone with friends or boys. Little sisters were the best chaperones.

Finally, she’d gotten free in college, but even then, her mom had tried to convince her to go local. But the state college had the best scholarships and hours of buffer from home. Laura loved college and kept going. She’d never wanted it to end. The sense of freedom and potential she saw in her students made her feel anything was possible.

She applied red lipstick and mascara—much more than she’d normally wear. The short denim skirt showed off her curves, the white top was tight and revealed her lack of bra underneath. Totally trashy. Free to be bad and explore all the men in the world! Okay, four men she trusted but who really turned her on! The very idea was freeing. Was it really happening?

Maybe that’s why she loved Craig so much. What could be more freeing than going around the world and fighting terrorists? No wonder she loved all the military guys. They kept her free.

Now, she’d be bad, but unlike a dumb teenager, she’d be totally safe in their hands. Naughty and eager to please worked in both scenarios.

A loud engine roared into the parking lot, and Laura shivered with anticipation and checked the mirror one last time. She’d used a lot of gel and hairspray to give her hair that made up look. Perfect.

Stepping into her black heels—her only heels really—she pulled on her long leather trench coat. It was ideal for blustery winters and would hide her outfit from the nosy neighbors.

Dashing downstairs, she saw Craig who wore a T-shirt proclaiming the Air Force. He sat behind the wheel of the vintage muscle car. He nodded her over, and she leaned on the door like a hooker in a movie.

“Need a ride?” he asked.

She looked around. “Yeah, my friends bailed on me. I don’t have cab fare or anything.” Laura opened the coat quickly and closed it. “I love muscle cars and military men.”

Craig shifted in his seat, and she was almost sure his jeans got a bit snugger across his lap. “Rides aren’t free. You need to come by my place, meet my friends and hang a bit. Be nice.”

“Sounds like fun.” She got in the passenger seat, ignoring Nick in the backseat.

Craig pulled her to him and planted a deep kiss on her. Shivering, Laura tried to be naughty but it felt natural. Pulling back, she wiped her lipstick off his face.

As he drove to his place, Laura relaxed and shrugged out of her coat. “Hot in here.”

Craig glanced and focused his eyes firmly on the road. “Very nice.”

He rested a hand on her knee and slid it up to her thigh. She rested her head on his shoulder. Dressed or naked, she loved him and that strong shoulder would always be there.

If she wasn’t already wet, his feeling her during the drive certainly would’ve done it. But when he pushed the button and the garage door lifted, she moaned. Roger and Sean were both standing there in nothing but jeans.

Craig pulled in and cut the engine. As the big door lowered, Laura tried to exit, but Roger and Sean each stood against a door, crotches at window level. Their arms crossed.

Laura turned to Craig and looked back at Nick. They’d agreed on the guys watching, but apparently, they were involved a little now. “What’s going on? Your friends don’t like me?”

“They just want to make sure you’re not going to run or be a tease.” Craig rubbed her breasts through her shirt. “They like to watch.”

She licked her lips and smiled. “I’m not going anywhere. Just don’t go too fast. I used to be a really good girl. I’m new at being bad.” She curled her hand over his cock.

Copyright © Cheryl Dragon


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