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Product Review (submitted on March 18, 2014):

'Fight' is an exciting, passionate and action-packed story about the struggle to be true to oneself.

Everyone in the world will recognize the times where you act different than you'd want to, just to make sure that you'll fit in and be accepted by the people around you. Well, Nathan Hunt brings that to a whole new level.

And the worst thing is that, as a reader, you understand why he lies. You can see just how caught up he gets in his own world of pretense, making it more and more difficult to come clean and be true to himself. Kelly Wyre beautifully describes the way it is slowly killing him inside and how, when Nathan meets Fury, Nathan start to realize just how empty his existence has been. Being together allows them to be themselves and seeing the two of them so much more happy and alive makes you ache for them to have the opportunity to start over and get rid of the facades they are both struggling to keep up.

Fury becomes the turning point in Nathan's life, a goal to be true for, and in turn, Nathan becomes the reason Fury needs to face up to the past he would love to leave behind.

'Fight' has a cast of interesting, fascinating and relatable characters. As always, Kelly Wyre manages to make them jump off the page with her vivid descriptions, humor and down-to-earth dialogue that make these characters just that little more real in your head.

All in all, 'Fight' is an amazing story where scenes of fast paced action and loving passion follow each other in a compelling quest for truth and honesty.

Definitely worth a place on your (electronic) book shelve.