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Battle of the Sexes

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  • A Silver Lining

    A Silver Lining

    Beth D. Carter
    When Heather Hart was fifteen, her parents brought her to Wyoming to visit her grandfather’s ranch where she met cowboy Tristan Rogers when he helped patch her twisted ankle. Young, sw...
  • Dom and Domme

    Dom and Domme

    Sindra van Yssel
    Master Gray Merritt is looking for a sub one night at Excess, a BDSM night club, but instead he finds Betsy Castle, the college lover that still haunts his fantasies. Betsy is now Mistress E...
  • Enemies


    Vonna Harper
    Loyalty to her lord compels the Otu woman-warrior Sora to risk her life trying to find her tribe's hated enemy, the Waban. Her mission: to kill their leader. Instead, she becomes the prisone...
  • Necessary Roughness

    Necessary Roughness

    G.G. Royale
    Denise has wanted her own professional football team since she was six years old. Now, she’s finally got it, but it comes with one problem: recovering alcoholic and notorious lecher Le...
  • Silver Tongue: A Power Up! Story

    Silver Tongue: A Power Up! Story

    Marie Harte
    Kitty Nelson works for the PowerUp! gym as the day manager. But the empath does a lot more than run the gym. She keeps the team in shape, tempering emotions in a high strung group of psychic...
  • The Coven: Unus

    The Coven: Unus

    Stephanie Burke
    Emerging from the cocoon, the last thing Cyprus expected was to be female. But there she was, the only female born of the Clan Equlestraa Untitalis, the most important family in their clan. ...
  • Velvet Steel

    Velvet Steel

    Suzanne Rock
    Shane and Noah set out to seduce Kitty Velvet into selling them her family’s struggling steel company at a deep discount. They plan a weekend of deception and sexual adventure to convi...

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