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  • Bodies and Souls 1: Flesh Market

    Regular Price: $6.99

    Special Price $4.99

    Bodies and Souls 1: Flesh Market

    Kate Lowell
    Special Agent Leo Gale is up a creek. A year and a half of deep cover is about to go up in flames. He needs help – something, someone to salvage the operation and save the lives of untold ...
  • Both Sides Now

    Both Sides Now

    Megan Slayer
    Can the geeky teacher moonlighting as a rock and roll metal god find the one man to see both sides and want it all with him? Ever since Michael Jepsen walked into Cedarwood Elementary and s...
  • Catching Dragos

    Catching Dragos

    Gail Koger
    Everyone calls Mariah Smith the Judge. No, she doesn't wear a black robe or sit on a bench. She provides a unique service to those who have been wronged. She's an expert in paybacks both psy...
  • Master Charming

    Master Charming

    Jennifer Leeland
    For her birthday, Beth Jones was given a Newbie Package from the local BDSM club, The Iron Bar.  Her so-called friends had spotted her submissive side and decided it was time she quit hidin...
  • Sex Ed

    Regular Price: $4.99

    Special Price $2.99

    Sex Ed

    Lilac James
    Edwin Rockwell is a mild-mannered admin by day. At night, he morphs into a steamy dom known to enthusiastic BDSM clubbers as Sex Ed. He’s got it made, with a perfect present and plans for...
  • SPECTRUM: Her Kind of Man

    SPECTRUM: Her Kind of Man

    Nona Raines
    During the day, Roy Girard works with truckers. It's a macho environment where a man is judged by how tough he is. And everyone knows Roy as one of the toughest. On his own time Roy helps me...
  • Stealing Her Heart

    Stealing Her Heart

    Sindra van Yssel
    After years of trying to become a police detective, Vanessa gets her chance to work undercover. Posing as Mistress Lizabet’s submissive, Vanessa goes to the Barony, DC’s most exclusive B...
  • Stronger, Better, Faster, More

    Regular Price: $5.99

    Special Price $4.99

    Stronger, Better, Faster, More

    Katey Hawthorne & Carlin Grant
    When he gets super-endurance powers out of nowhere, being a culinary student and kids’ soccer coach isn’t enough for Beau Warren--he has to be a superhero too. A sweet, hardworking trans...
  • The Mysterious Mr. Heath

    The Mysterious Mr. Heath

    Ariel Atwell
    Who is Laurence Heath? London solicitor Laurence Heath protects the secrets of the realm’s most powerful lords and ladies. But Heath is living a life of dangerous deceit, and now the myst...
  • The Sinful Chocolatier

    The Sinful Chocolatier

    Bobbi Romans
    Palm and her best friend Trixie had a happy routine. Whenever time allowed, they hit their favorite mom and pop shop, namely The Chipper Chocolatier; a few times a month, hit the Ferocious F...
  • Top Dog

    Top Dog

    Amy Lee Burgess
    Nick Vincenzo and Daphne Moss are arch-rivals at Masterson Oil in Houston. By day, they trade insults and innuendos, but by night they fantasize about each other.   When Daphne decides to...

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