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    Doreen DeSalvo
    Sparks fly when a trendy bike messenger meets a corporate attorney. Can this mismatched couple find their way to mutual understanding...and mutual pleasure?…
  • A Heart Concealed

    A Heart Concealed

    Kate Steele
    A hidden secret, a heart concealed. Rafe Kutter is cursed...or so he believes. His ability to shape-shift into a bear brings isolation and the determination to never pass the curse to a chi…
  • Aching for Annabell

    Aching for Annabell

    Josie Jax
    Young Amish widow Annabell Kranz wants one thing for Christmas—to satisfy her secret desires before she remarries a man from her community. When she sneaks from her village and gets lost o…
  • Any Ordinary Day

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    Any Ordinary Day

    Laura Bacchi
    On any ordinary day, a guy like Paul Murray expects more shit from his boss, a new car repair bill, and another lonely night at home. But when his car dies during rush hour, he's rescued by …
  • Because It's True

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    Because It's True

    Willa Okati
    Believing in love and in luck is something Gavin swore he’d never do again -- until he meets Ford. After being left at the altar by his former fiance, he's a firm disbeliever in good f…
  • Desert Ice

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    Desert Ice

    Rose Maefair
    Standing under the hot sun in the slave market, Wyl thought his fate couldn’t get worse. He’d been betrayed by his family, exiled, and sentenced to slavery in the desert lands where he d…
  • Seasons of Change 2: Rockin' the Nog

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    Seasons of Change 2: Rockin' the Nog

    Michelle King
    Kyle had been riding in the back of Logan’s cab for months—so he could become a familiar face among Portland’s rent boy culture for his case. His job as a county prosecutor often made …
  • Wolf-bound: Unfamiliar Territory

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    Wolf-bound: Unfamiliar Territory

    Rachel Bo
    Bonded to Damien and Devlin Blake -- two hot alpha wolves whose home in Wyoming spans acres of wilderness -- and pregnant with twins, Jenny Blake is perfectly content. The sex is fantastic, …

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