Fallen Angels

Marty Rayne

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Adam Hardy's assignment was clear: Infiltrate the pseudo-biker gang Fallen Angels and bring back the dirt on their big boss, Lucifer. Nowhere in the mission statement did it tell him to fall for the local leader, Mammon, named aft...
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Adam Hardy's assignment was clear: Infiltrate the pseudo-biker gang Fallen Angels and bring back the dirt on their big boss, Lucifer. Nowhere in the mission statement did it tell him to fall for the local leader, Mammon, named after the fallen angel of greed.

Marc, aka Mammon, thought that a quick dip would sate the lust he held for the newest Fallen Angel. After all, Adam would never be his now that Lucifer had taken an interest in the pretty boy. Was intent on making him a golden boy.

Who knew sex and an unexpected bond of trust would bring Adam and Marc together while they tried to take Lucifer down and out of their lives forever?

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual situations.
Mammon (Marc)

I watched Adam’s eyes widen slightly, showing his surprise. I managed to bite back a laugh and raised a brow in question instead.

“Cat got your tongue?”

Adam shook his head. This was the first time, since he came to the Fallen Angels, that I’d seen him without an immediate response to a question. He had a sharp mind, was great with strategy, and good-looking to boot. His dark auburn hair was plastered to his head with sweat, its length clinging to his neck. If I wasn’t mistaken, color rose under those adorable freckles across his cheeks. Adam was twenty-eight years old, but he could easily pass for twenty with his youthful, boyish looks. Ice and T called him a pretty boy. It fit.

“What makes you think --”

“Adam.” I interrupted him, pushed away from the couch, and approached. His gaze shifted erratically, obviously nervous. This was intriguing, for he’d always been cool and collected. Little rattled his control. Even when Hammer came down hard on him for being the newbie.

He smelled of sweat and remnants of his cologne. Spicy, masculine, sexy.

“I’m an observant man.” I was within two inches of him. He’d backed up a couple of steps on my approach until his back pressed against the refrigerator. Not too smart.

Adam tried to slide sideways, away from me, but I easily blocked his path with an arm. “I think I should -- um, well, we need to get our things from the bikes.”

“They aren’t going anywhere.” I caged him by planting my other hand against the refrigerator, bracing myself on either side of him. He was looking a little spooked now, but I wouldn’t relent. Looking into his deep green eyes, I silently questioned the sanity of doing this. “As I was saying, I’ve been watching you, pretty boy. You are more than you appear.”

His eyes narrowed, and I witnessed the hardness he’d exuded since joining the Fallen Angels return. “What do you mean? What you see is what you get.”

A chuckle escaped, not that it needed to be stopped. If he only knew. Not only had I watched him, I’d caught him watching me. The feeling, it was more than just curiosity, intrigued me. It was about time to discover if my instincts were correct.

“I think there’s a lot more under the calm cool you show others.” Quickly closing the existing distance between us, my mouth lowered to his, and my hands moved from the refrigerator to his face. If I’m wrong, I’ll be anticipating a punch. If I’m right, however, I’ll be expecting--well, we’ll have to see.

Adam was stiff and resistant at first. I pressed my body against his and trapped him, while my hands kept him from jerking away. In the next breath, he practically melted against me. His mouth opened, granting me entrance. Never once hesitating, I took full opportunity of what was offered. Like much in my life.

The kiss easily escalated. My hands slipped from his face, over his tense throat, down muscled arms, until they rested on his waist. Adam’s fingers threaded through my hair, almost massaging my scalp, before taking hold with his fists. He used the leverage to pull me closer. I didn’t resist. Hell, I showed him what close meant by grinding my pelvis against his, revealing my arousal.

After several minutes of vehement making out, I tore my mouth away, taking in gasping breaths. I wasn’t the only one affected.

“Food has nothing to do with what you want.” I gave him a shit-eating smirk.

His head fell back against the fridge. “How did you know?”

“It’s my job to observe, to know who I take into the fold.” His body trembled under mine, and he stilled. It only lasted a second, but I made note of it. There was a chance Adam wasn’t out, which would explain his reaction.

“So, now what?” His question came out breathlessly.

“Now we fuck, pretty boy.” Before Adam could protest, I grabbed hold of the bottom of his T-shirt and pulled it up over his head, effectively trapping his arms up in the material. He could have freed himself with just a small amount of struggle; instead, he stood there, chest heaving with his panting breath. Adam looked too hot, with his cheeks flushed and lips parted. Evidence of my need to shave had made the skin around those lickable lips irritated to match his rosy face.

Using one hand to hold his arms up, I bent my head and took a nibble at the closest nipple. He gasped, his head falling back and eyes closing. I sucked it between my teeth and bit harder. Adam’s body jerked, and a moan tore from his throat.

“Like that?” I asked, licking soothingly around the nipple.

There was a hesitation before his answer. “Yes.” It was spoken softly, as if he was reluctant to tell me. It made me wonder. Having had my share of lovers, not too many of the real pretty ones were into pain, afraid of marring their beauty. Most wanted the tender, soft touches of a gentle lover. But not all, as Adam was proof.

I left the straining nipple and trailed light kisses up his broad chest and then shifted over to his collarbone. Adam sighed in response; his body relaxed further into mine. I licked his neck; the salty flavor of sweat invaded my mouth. I licked again, then quickly sucked in flesh and bit. It wasn’t hard enough to break the skin, just enough to leave a mark. Adam’s hips jerked forward against me, and a cross between a cry of pain and moan of pleasure rocketed from his mouth.

I nearly spent my load right there. Iron-clad control was the only thing that kept it from happening. How long it would actually last was another story.

I stepped back abruptly, releasing Adam. He blinked at me, dazed and confused.


“Don’t talk. Bedroom. Now.” I spoke between clenched teeth. I turned and started to the bedroom, yanking at the buttons of my jeans. I didn’t have to look back to see if Adam followed. Could hear him hurrying behind a moment after leaving him in the kitchen.

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