The Faire Folk 4: Faire Secrets

Madeleine Ribbon

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Zion's life is falling apart. His home burned down, his obnoxious ex-boyfriend is scheduled to get out of jail, the managers of the magical Renaissance Faire expect him to do a month's worth of work in days, he hasn't seen his sic...
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Regular Price: $6.99

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Zion's life is falling apart. His home burned down, his obnoxious ex-boyfriend is scheduled to get out of jail, the managers of the magical Renaissance Faire expect him to do a month's worth of work in days, he hasn't seen his sick sister in nine months, and he's discovered a hidden room filled with secrets in the rubble of his library.

Usually, spending a few hours practicing rope bondage would be enough to clear Zion's head, but not this time. This time there's too much going wrong, and none of his problems are going away. In fact, life is throwing him yet another curve ball in the form of a handsome architect named Vin—the same Vin who spent all of last year trying to climb into Zion's pants. Zion resisted then, but he's not so sure he can do it again. He's not so sure he even wants to.

Zion's mountain of problems just keeps growing, and it's only a matter of time until he gets buried beneath them.

He sucked in a slow breath, held it for a few moments, and then let it out. His heart couldn’t be shattering again. It just couldn’t. He’d only found out three weeks ago, but—no. He didn’t think it would ever get easier.

He looked around. He could always watch another TV show.

His bedside table was empty. His laptop wasn’t in here. It was in the living room, where he’d just literally run away from Vin. Zion wanted to kick himself. Or cry. Or scream. Maybe a combination of all three, because he was feeling like a strung-out, overstressed idiot.

He could always go get it. He could always just walk out of his bedroom, grab the laptop off the couch, and walk right back in. Vin was in the shower, so it wasn’t like Zion would run into him. It was Zion’s trailer, after all. His.

Down the hall, the noise of water cut off.

Zion grimaced. He’d have to try for sleep.

He stripped off his shirt and jeans and climbed into bed in his boxer briefs. He was going to sleep, and he wasn’t going to let the overwhelming sadness still lingering in the back of his mind take over.

He was reaching up to turn the bedside lamp off when he heard more footsteps coming down the hall. Perhaps Vin was just getting another glass of water. Or maybe he wanted to watch TV awhile to unwind. Or maybe—

The footsteps came all the way to Zion’s bedroom door.

Zion lay still in his bed, hoping that his own lack of noise would send Vin away.

He had no such luck. The knock came after a few seconds of silence. It was quiet enough that Zion could easily pretend to sleep through it.

He eyed the narrow gap below his door. Could Vin see his light was still on?

“Hey,” Vin said softly. “I’m sorry for spooking you, or whatever I did. It’s your house; you shouldn’t feel like I’m pushing you out. I’m really sorry.”

Zion scrounged for his courage and slipped out of bed. Vin’s apology sounded so goddamned serious. Zion figured he should try to clear the air, to tell Vin it wasn’t his fault.

“I won’t come over here again,” Vin continued. “I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. That was never my intention. And I’ve been trying so hard to keep from doing the things I did last year, you know?”

Zion opened the door a crack. The living room behind Vin was dark, and Vin’s slim figure was barely more than a dim outline in the light of Zion’s own bedside lamp. But it was enough for Zion to get an eyeful of a nicely defined chest, a decently toned stomach, and the low-hanging pair of blue pajama pants with tiny superhero symbols all over the flannel.

It was certainly a welcome sight.

Zion dragged his eyes back to Vin’s face. Vin’s gaze was nowhere near Zion’s eyes, either, and Zion felt his skin flush hot.

He’d just answered the door in his boxer briefs, and his cock certainly wasn’t completely soft after getting a good look at Vin. And Vin didn’t seem to mind at all. Zion couldn’t resist tensing his muscles—just to show off what he had.

Vin’s mouth was half-open, and he blinked rapidly as Zion opened the door just a little farther.

“You don’t have to stop coming here.” Zion tried to smile. “That’s not what set me off at all. I was just feeling weird tonight. I’ve been feeling weird a lot lately, and I never know quite how to react to things anymore. I’m sorry I made you feel like it was your fault.”

Vin’s gaze jerked back to Zion’s. The man was turning positively pink. “Oh. You just ran off so fast, I assumed—”

“That I’m prickly and don’t want anything to do with anyone. I know.” Zion closed his eyes. “It’s not that I was uncomfortable with you last year either; I just wasn’t very trusting. After Perry, you know? I didn’t want to use or be used by someone else in the same way, and it took me a while to realize you wouldn’t. So you don’t have to try and tiptoe around me.”

“Is that an invitation?” Vin’s voice sounded just a little deeper. Zion’s cock started filling faster at the faint scraping note of it. When he opened his eyes again, Vin was looking at him with a gaze that sent a zap right down to his toes.

“Well, it certainly isn’t a rejection,” Zion said. He bit his lip. The fire Vin lit up inside him was the first real, solid, positive emotion he’d had in a while, and it made him feel alive.

It made him bold. He pushed the door open all the way and took a single step back.

Vin was on him in seconds. His hands landed on Zion’s shoulders and pulled their bare chests together in a hot, tingling sear of skin on skin. Zion’s nipples hardened up at the contact, and Vin drew in a sharp breath.

And then Vin kissed him. Rough, chapped lips slammed into Zion’s, whisking his rational thought away. He kissed back, surging forward into the intimacy with just as much force as Vin used. It felt a little like he was throwing himself out of an airplane, and his heart leaped into overdrive as the adrenaline of the encounter rushed through his veins.

Vin slid his hands from Zion’s shoulders to his back and pulled them even more tightly together. His hips thrust forward into Zion’s, and Zion shuddered as the pressure of Vin’s hard cock met his thigh.

It’d been so goddamned long, and Vin seemed to know exactly how to touch him in the way that turned Zion into a gasping, melting mess.

Vin pulled back a hairbreadth and ran the tip of his nose up along Zion’s. “I’ve wanted to do that since I saw you the very first time,” he said, voice ragged and harsh.

Zion was going to answer, but the only thing that left his mouth was a quiet groan.

“Goddamn. I want to eat you alive right now.” Vin rested his forehead against Zion’s. Their noses touched, and Vin rested a hand on the small of Zion’s back, still holding their hips together. Each breath Vin let out bloomed moist across Zion’s lips.

“I’m not going to say no if you do,” Zion said.

“You’re going to have to get a little more positive if you’re giving me consent to have my wicked way with you.” Vin looked into Zion’s eyes. “Seriously. May I?”

Zion let out a faint laugh. Nobody had ever made him spell it out before. And he felt so grounded with Vin. He didn’t want it to stop yet. “Yes. You may.”

“Fuck.” Vin reached behind him and closed the door. Then he walked them toward the bed, guiding Zion backward through the bedroom. “Tell me if and when you need this to stop, okay? And tell me what you want. I need to know what you want. I suck at the guessing game.”

Zion groaned as the back of one calf hit the edge of the mattress. “You can always suck something else. Sucking is a good thing.”

“What about licking?”



“God, yes. Biting. Biting is good.”


“Yeah, but it’s been a while, so you’re going to have to ease me into it.” Zion sat down and leaned back on his elbows. Vin stood tall in front of him, pajama pants tenting quite nicely right at Zion’s eye level.

“I wasn’t talking about you being fucked.” Vin chuckled. “I was thinking about having you inside me. God, tell me you’ll top me. Please.”

Zion ran a hand over his cloth-covered cock and made a rather undignified sound. “Oh yeah. I’d like that. Very much. But it’s been a while, so I might be a bit rusty.”

“I have no problem with rusty. The more we practice, the less rusty you get.” Vin crawled onto the bed, knees on either side of Zion’s hips, and straddled him right over the hard cock trapped in his underwear.

Zion sucked in a deep breath and reached for the elastic waist of Vin’s pants.

Vin swatted his hand away and pushed him back until he lay flat on the bed. Then Vin leaned down, rested his elbows on either end of Zion’s head, and kissed him like the world was ending.

Zion thought about trying to get a word in edgewise—he wasn’t quite sure what more practice meant—but the faintly minty taste of Vin’s toothpaste on Zion’s tongue silenced him.

This was good. This was so good. They kissed and kissed and kissed until Zion had to push Vin away for a solid breath. He hadn’t made out with someone like that since he was a teenager.

Vin leaned back on his haunches and shuffled around until Zion’s cock was right up against his ass. Zion groaned and rotated his hips, feeling the heat through their clothing.

Zion was hard as a rock and trapped in his underwear. Vin was hard too, though Zion only got hints of pressure here and there as his soon-to-be lover straddled him.

“Please? I want you.” Zion writhed beneath Vin, trying to get more friction on his cock.

Vin laughed, bright-eyed like he’d just seen the most wondrous thing, and backed off the bed. “Fine. You wanted sucking. Let’s do some of that.”

“It’s difficult with clothes on.”

“Then we strip.” Vin stuck his thumbs into his waistband and shoved the superhero-print flannel down.

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