Every Road Leads Back to You

Kori Roberts

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When Clarke, chef and co-owner of a family restaurant, met hotass tough-cop Jack, it was love at first sight. Despite their ten-year age difference, she's determined to have him. She's not above shaking her tail, and her toys, to ...
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When Clarke, chef and co-owner of a family restaurant, met hotass tough-cop Jack, it was love at first sight. Despite their ten-year age difference, she's determined to have him. She's not above shaking her tail, and her toys, to get him.

Jack has been fighting his growing attraction to Clarke since they met, but the more he tries to resist her, the more he craves her. Unfortunately for him, Clarke seems to sense his weakness and keeps moving right on in for the kiss, if not the kill.

Just when Jack thinks he'll give it up, give in to Clarke and how they feel, an enemy from his past throws up roadblocks. Fortunately, when it comes to love, age is just a number and even the worst revelations can be overcome, because the roads of the heart all lead the same place.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Bondage, spanking, violence (including attempted rape)
Jack was hallucinating. There was no other explanation for what he was seeing. It was either that or admit that she had finally made him lose his fucking mind.

He’d spent the last few hours suffering through a party and trying to ignore the guest of honor, who happened to be the hot little piece of ass currently in his bed. She’d been haunting his dreams and waking thoughts for what seemed like forever. And he’d been trying for equally as long to ignore the looks, the not-so-innocent touches, and those fucking killer smiles that always made him hard. Made him melt. Made him want things a twenty-eight-year-old man had no business wanting from an eighteen-year-old, barely legal jailbait girl.

Which is why he’d gone so far as to hook up with Amber, who he knew from experience would be up for giving him the nice hard ride he needed to help get him through the night without ending up in jail or dead. Or both.

It just wasn’t fair. Jack had been fighting a losing battle against the growing attraction he’d felt for Clarke, knowing he had no business looking at her as anything other than a little sister.

Yeah, right. Tell that to his cock, which got rock hard each time Clarke strutted through the restaurant, her tight shorts cupping that perfect ass, fitted T-shirts molding against her firm round breasts. No, Jack didn’t have any business wanting her, but it didn’t change the fact that he practically ached with the need to have her. Christ.

He still didn’t know what happened. It was like she’d transformed overnight. One minute she was this sweet, young, innocent girl, and the next thing he knew, she’d turned into a walking wet dream. And he wasn’t the only one to notice, either. Tony was going crazy, too, working overtime, trying to keep the boys and grown-ass men who should know better away from her. Men like him.

And, it didn’t help that Clarke never seemed to have gotten over her childhood crush for him. The older she got, the bolder she’d become with her flirtations. It was taking all of Jack’s willpower not to grab her, rip off her clothes, and sink his cock into that young, sweet pussy.

Tony would kick his ass if he knew even half the things going through his mind about Clarke. And he couldn’t blame him. Hell, he needed to kick his own ass. But he couldn’t seem to control it. The older Clarke got, the more he craved her. And now here she was, gloriously naked in his bed, looking good enough to eat. God knows, Jack had envisioned her just like this on more occasions than he cared to admit.

Oh man, he was so fucked.

“What the hell is going on here, Jack?” Amber’s voice rang in his ear. “And, who is this…child in your bed?” she demanded. “I’m not into group sessions, Jack. I don’t share what’s mine.” Jack was so distracted by the sight of Clarke in his bed, he’d forgotten for a moment that Amber was there. He’d told her to wait for him downstairs. She obviously hadn’t listened and followed him upstairs anyway. She peered over his shoulder and glared at Clarke, who cowered in his bed, clutching the sheets in front of her with that deer-in-the-headlights look on her face.

“And since when did you start liking chocolate?” She looked at Clarke with contempt. “I thought you had better taste than that. You always seemed to prefer vanilla when you needed to satisfy your sweet tooth.”

Jack heard Clarke’s sharp intake of breath and watched her body suddenly became very tense. He saw the tears shining in her eyes.

“Shut up, Amber!” he barked, turning towards her, blocking her view of Clarke. “Get back downstairs and wait for me like I told you to.”

Amber’s face reddened, her green eyes flashed with anger. “No, I will not shut up, and I will not go back downstairs,” she hissed. “What? You think I’m just going to stand around and wait for you to finish up with this bitch? How dare you try and throw me to the side in favor of some fucking little nig --”

The look on his face stopped her in mid-sentence. “I have never hit a woman in my life,” Jack spoke with deadly calm, his voice as hard as steel, “but I promise you this; if you finish that sentence, it will happen. Right here. Right now.”

His nostrils flared, his jaw clenched in barely contained anger. “And you’re right. You’re not going to wait for me downstairs. You’re going to get the hell out of my house. Now!” he bellowed, and without a word, Amber turned and practically ran down the stairs. A few moments later, he heard the door slam.

Jack took a deep breath to calm his turbulent emotions -- not to mention his raging hard-on. He saw movement behind him and turned around in time to see Clarke’s dress go over her head and slither down her body. His view was brief, but he saw enough to know she wasn’t wearing anything else underneath. Jack bit back a moan, his cock throbbing like a toothache. He was so hard he felt like it would burst through his zipper at any moment.

“Jesus, Clarke! What in the hell are you doing here? Like this? What were you thinking, huh? I could have shot you!” He paced around the room, frustration and anger rolling off of him. “And how did you even get in here? You take up breaking and entering as a new hobby these days?”

He was being an asshole, and he knew it, but at the moment Jack didn’t give a shit. He was pissed off with her for coming here and tempting him like this. And, more importantly, he was pissed off with himself for his inability to control his body’s reaction to her.

Her head snapped up, and he saw her hazel eyes, a beautiful mixture of green, light brown, and gray, glaring back at him. Right now they were as gray as thunderclouds, flashing sparks of hurt and anger at him.

Still staring at him, she reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of keys. “Remember these, Jackson?” Clarke dangled the keys in the air. “You gave them to me. You told me I could use them whenever I wanted. You said I was always welcome here,” she choked, her voice thick with emotion, her eyes shining with unshed tears. She threw the keys across the room. Jack caught them in midair.

Damn. How in the hell did he forget that? And he’d accused her of breaking in. God, he was such an asshole. Running a hand through his hair, Jack sighed. “Clarke, honey, listen --”

“And,” she continued, cutting him off, “you don’t have to worry. This will be our little secret. Trust me,” she forced a laugh, “the last thing I want is for anyone to know what a fool I am for trying to give myself to someone who has no interest in me whatsoever.”

Jack stared at her for a moment in amazement. If only she knew just how badly he wanted her, if she knew the ways that he wanted her, she’d probably run from the room screaming and never look back.

Before his brain could talk him out of it, he moved. Three long strides across the room and he grasped her by her upper arms, pulling her body tightly against his. He was only going to shake a little sense into her, he told himself. He wanted to make her understand that a man would have to be crazy to not want her. Someone as beautiful as Clarke could have any man she chose. She was still young and should be focused on enjoying herself. Right now she should be at home, packing to leave for college tomorrow and thinking about meeting a young man her own age instead of tying to get involved with someone as old as he.

Yeah, that’s what his brain said. His body had different plans.

“Is that what you think? That I have no interest in you?” Jack’s voice was hard, strained. He looked into her startled eyes and saw the fear, the confusion, and the excitement there.

“You feel that?” He ground his erection into her stomach. “Does that feel like I’m not interested in you?” he rasped in her ear. His lips trailed from her earlobe up to her temple.

Jack felt her tremble in his arms. He couldn’t tell if it was from fear or arousal. Jack hoped it was fear. She needed to be afraid. Needed to know this wasn’t a game. Clarke wasn’t dealing with some inexperienced kid who barely knew what to do with his dick. Jack was a grown man with very few sexual boundaries. His appetite for sex was so intense that it scared grown women -- let alone some young girl trying to act more experienced than she was.

“Is this what you want, huh?” He moved his hands down her back, caressing her slender frame through the silky material of her dress, continuing until he reached her rounded ass, where he grabbed a cheek in each hand and lifted her slight weight in his arms, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist and clutch his shoulders in order to keep her balance.

“You think you can handle this, little girl?” Jack ground his cock against her pussy, made her whimper.

Using one hand to support her, he slid his other hand under her dress and cupped her mound. Jack felt her wetness on his fingers. He used the palm of his hand to massage her clit, while his middle finger teased her opening.

Clarke panted for breath. Her head fell back as she moaned and gyrated her hips against him.

Jack buried his face against her collarbone, inhaled the scent of her, the feel of her in his arms. He was losing his mind, knowing he had no business being here with her like this. But goddamn, it felt too good -- she felt too good -- to stop.

He backed her up against the wall, spreading her legs and holding them apart with his hands, allowing him to fully position himself between them. Her dress was bunched above her waist, exposing her pussy. He continued to rub his hardened shaft against her, her juices soaking the front of his jeans.

“Look at me,” he demanded, as he continued to torture her with his hands. Clarke raised her head and peered at him, her eyes half closed, her lids heavy with desire.

His eyes lowered, watching how she bit down on her bottom lip. Clarke had the sexiest lips he’d ever seen. He imagined all of the things he wanted her to do with those full, sensuous lips. Suddenly, Jack needed to know if they were as soft as they looked. Lowering his head, he nipped at her bottom lip before taking it into his mouth and gently sucking on it. He repeated it with her top lip, before tracing an outline of her lips with his tongue. Her lips parted in an open invitation, and unable to resist, his tongue darted inside to taste her.

Her tongue hesitantly met his before she began to explore his mouth with more confidence. Their tongues tangled against each other. He deepened the kiss, and his deep-throated moans intermingled with Clarke’s whimpers of pleasure.

She tasted so good, felt so good that he had to force himself to withdraw from the kiss and ignore her whimpers of displeasure. Trailing his lips down her throat, Jack continued until he reached her breast, where he sucked the hardened nipple into his mouth through her dress.

Clarke cried out, and her body trembled a little more with every lick, every suck, and every bite Jack inflicted on her nipple.


“Say it.”

“I…I need…”

“Tell me, baby. I wanna hear you say what you need.” He continued his assault on her nipples while his hands on her ass began to play with her back hole, the tight ring of muscles gripping the tip of one finger.

“Aahhh…Jackson!” she cried out. “Please, I…oh, God…please…make me c-come…” she whimpered in a trembling voice.

Releasing her nipple, Jack nibbled up her throat and along her jawline before returning to her lips. “That’s all I needed to hear,” he murmured, his voice husky and rough with desire.

She yelped in surprise, frantically clutching at him as she suddenly began to rise. “Shh, relax baby. I got you,” Jack told her, his voice soothing. Using his body to hold her steady, Jack slowly lifted her, sliding her up the wall, until her pussy was even with his face, her legs resting on his shoulders.

His mouth watered as he stared at her velvety-smooth mound. Her dusky pink lips were swollen and glistened with her cream. Inhaling deeply, he breathed in the scent of her. Jack needed to taste her. Now. Using his thumbs to hold her folds open, his tongue darted out and licked her. Her sweet, tangy taste exploded on his tongue. He closed his eyes and moaned. She tasted so much better than he could ever have imagined. And he wanted more.

Holding her by the rounded globes of her ass, Jack buried his face in her cunt. He was like a man possessed. He couldn’t get enough of her. Clarke’s harsh breaths and throaty moans told him she didn’t want him to either. She clutched him by the hair and smashed her pussy against his face. He felt her body began to tremble. She was so hot…so close…so ready to come. Jack sucked hard on her clit and inserted a fingertip back into the tight rosette of her ass, pushing her over the edge.

“Oh, God…I’m…oh…oh…Jackson…aahhh!!!”

Her scream of release echoed throughout the room. Jack tasted the warm wetness of her cum as it flooded into his mouth. He continued licking and sucking, holding on tightly as her body shuddered through her climax, not stopping until he got every drop.

He held her limp body as she slid down the wall. With her straddling his waist once again, he stumbled over toward the bed and sat down on the edge. He couldn’t wait any longer. Reaching a hand between them, Jack unzipped his jeans and pulled his hard cock free. She looked between them, and her eyes bulged, her mouth hanging open in surprise.

Jack couldn’t help the purely masculine smile that spread across his face as he watched her stare at his long, thick erection. He knew women were impressed when they saw the size of his dick, but for some reason it had never been that important to him until the moment he saw the look of awe on Clarke’s face.

He rubbed his thumb across the large, purple head before pumping up and down the thick, veined shaft. Clarke watched, seemingly mesmerized, as the tip began to leak pre-cum. His eyes followed her gaze. He wiped his thumb across the tip and brought his thumb to her lips, tracing their outline before placing it in her mouth. Clarke sucked eagerly, nearly causing him to blow his load before he’d even begun.

Christ, she was so fucking sexy.

Taking his cock in his hand, he rubbed it up and down the entrance of her wet pussy. “Think you can handle this?” Thick desire laced his voice.

“Yes…oh please, yesss!” she begged, thrusting her cunt toward the bulbous head of his cock.

Jack fumbled in his drawer for a condom. Finding a strip of three, he ripped off one and tossed the rest on the bed.

Wrapping his hand in her hair, Jack pulled her mouth to his in a hard, deep kiss, tasting all of the flavors that were her. Breaking away from the kiss for a moment, he opened the packet, removed the condom, and began rolling it down his stiff cock.

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