Eve's Spawn

Tuesday Morrigan

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Eve’s just looking to shed some of her good girl image. One night at a nightclub in a tight, short, sexy bustier dress ought to do it, she figures. But then she lays her eyes on Kiros; then her image isn’t all she want...
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Eve’s just looking to shed some of her good girl image. One night at a nightclub in a tight, short, sexy bustier dress ought to do it, she figures. But then she lays her eyes on Kiros; then her image isn’t all she wants to shed. Bad girl sex never looked so good.

For Kiros, Eve’s willing to ruin that image, and get down and dirty for real. If he can live up to the promise of his looks. Thankfully, Kiros is no ordinary man. Yet the very thing that makes him special may also cost him his life.

And hers.

Because an entire people want to see Kiros dead, and they’ve got no qualms about taking out one insignificant human woman to reach their goal.

He felt good. As much as Eve hated to admit it, dancing with Kiros felt so right. There was no other way to describe the feeling. The man knew how to move. His hips followed the rhythm set out by hers. She could feel his hips moving against hers in the same sensual patterns. And it felt heavenly. It had been a long time since she had danced with a man, even longer since she had danced with a man who could not only keep up with her, but flow at her pace.

And he knew how to make her feel like that night, that moment was all about her. In his arms Eve forgot about the crowd that circled them. She forgot about her friends. She even forgot about the endless amount of work she left piled at home. The only thing she could seem to remember was how enjoyable it felt to have the sole attention of a handsome man.

Kiros’s long arms reached around Eve to pull her closer to him. She gasped at the feeling of intimacy. They were thigh to thigh, chest to breast, groin to groin. It was decadent, sinful, and exhilarating. She could feel heat coursing through her veins, sensations flowing through her lower abdomen. She was getting aroused by his body.

Sensing the danger in being so near a man that exuded that much sexuality, Eve took a step back. Kiros’s arms immediately snaked out, his long, nimble fingers grasped her waist and pulled her back to him.

She stared up at his sizzling, violet gaze, wide-eyed. “I feel it too,” he said before pulling her even closer to him. That was all Eve needed to hear.

Plus you’re just dancing, her mind chided.

She subsided, sliding her body against his, seeking the heat in his arms. And still they danced, moving in the same sensual, sexual rhythm, allowing the music to pump through their veins as they indulged in the burning allure of two bodies, moving, sliding, caressing one another.

Kiros bent his head to touch his lips to hers. Eve could feel in it in his touch. The kiss was meant to be a slow, slight brush of lips against lips, flesh against flesh, but before she knew it, the kiss became something else, something stronger, something more demanding. He slid his mouth against hers, back and forth, before nipping the plump, firm flesh with a teasing bite.

Eve groaned in response before tightening her hold on Kiros. His firm lips pressed against hers demanding access to the moist, inner cavern of her mouth. She complied, opening her mouth to his questing tongue, and he licked the roof of her mouth before sweeping into the hot cave to slide his tongue against hers.

“Oh god,” Eve moaned into his mouth as she clenched her fingers in his hair, bringing Kiros closer yet to her heated body.

He was setting her on fire.

His lips left her mouth to dance along her face, placing kisses against her cheeks, her eyelids, before venturing south, to the column of her neck.

“Stop. Please,” she begged as he placed kiss upon kiss against the wildly beating pulse at her neck. Although his touch, his lips felt so good, they were getting it on in public. That was not something she had ever done before.

“Yes,” Kiros groaned before wrapping his lips around her sensitive flesh and sucking hard. Eve immediately felt her knees buckle as she threw her head back to enjoy his ruthless caresses. Thankfully he was holding her so tightly against his body that she didn’t fall to her knees.

He was devastating to her senses and he was demolishing her carefully crafted guard.

Pressed against his body as she was, she could feel that she wasn’t the only one getting aroused by the dance floor foreplay. The proof pressed against her abdomen. He was hard and, by her guess, long, very long.

Eve shuddered as Kiros licked the long column of her neck. Two can play that game, she thought before bending her knees a little and sliding her way up, pressing herself against his hard body. The move made it so that every inch of her body caressed his as she slid against him.

Satin against leather.

Woman against man.

Need against desire.

“Minx,” he growled against her lips before grasping her shoulders and turning her around so that her back was to him. He immediately stepped behind her so that his groin was blanketed by her firm, round ass. Then his hands came around to cage her in his tight embrace, but the most devilish part of the embrace was where Kiros’s large, callused hands ended up: at the top of both of her thighs, bracketing the burning flesh between her legs.

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