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Eostre's Baskets: Rabbit Wars

Eostre's Baskets: Rabbit Wars

Product Review (submitted on April 11, 2014):

"Jeff, it's not what you think." Why are those the words that always come out of a cheating SOB's mouth right when they've been caught, literally, in the act with their pants down? Presumably there isn't always a Jeff...I mean, it could just as easily be Tom, Dick or Harry, but the other five words? Oh yeah, that's a given. Nice way for Jeff to come home after being overseas in Dubai for the past seven months. Nothing says I love you quite like watching your boyfriend screwing the dog walker over the weight bench. Craptastic homecoming. I figured it could only go up from there, right? Jeff and I were both wrong about that.

Jeff hasn't been home to Crooked Creek, Colorado, much since he left fifteen years ago for college. He wasn't able to make it when his father finally passed three months before from Huntington's, a degenerative and hereditary neurological disease. Now he's returned when he and Ash, Jeff's previous best friend and boyfriend, are given the old Rabbit house and have eleven months to agree to a repurpose of the home and to use the money provided for restoration. Jeff has no clue why the last living Rabbit would leave the estate to Ash and him, and Jeff can't exactly express his happiness. Particularly since it appears Ash is still angry with Jeff even though it's been fifteen long years since that fight. It seems that Ash moved home and opened a gourmet chocolate shop and still, pretty much, wants nothing to do with Jeff. Well, boys, you've got eleven months to get it right, or the Rabbit estate becomes the property of the town. Along with the house, the will assigned Jeff and Ash three tasks they have to complete, together. Oh, joy.

Being back where Jeff grew up and seeing Ash brings so many memories to the surface, and some undeniable sparks that still fly between them. It doesn't take long for Jeff to realize Ash is the only man he's ever loved and being with him back home is where Jeff belongs. Unfortunately, the firm Jeff works for in Chicago as an architect, has a new assignment for him which will send him to Northern Iceland for the next twelve to fifteen months. Really? Seriously? On top of that, Jeff's ex-dog walker screwing boyfriend plagiarized a house plan of Jeff's and is passing it off as his own work. Wow.

I so enjoyed this book from an author I'm keeping my eye on. Jeff and Ash are good together and watching them become a team again after so many years was enriching. This is a sweet and loving story with a little drama but nothing seriously over the top. I also enjoyed the little bit of Swedish the author included as that is my second language and I don't often see it referenced in books. It's a good book about home, family, and remembering what's most important in your life. A good read that I can easily recommend.

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