Matched by Magic 3: Elf Struck

Jenna Castille

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Kidnapped at the age of eleven and raised in the Kitsune Court, Takeshi was surrounded by violence and deceit. A romantic relationship wasn’t safe to even consider. Now he’s free to make a life for himself. But Takeshi doesn...
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Kidnapped at the age of eleven and raised in the Kitsune Court, Takeshi was surrounded by violence and deceit. A romantic relationship wasn’t safe to even consider. Now he’s free to make a life for himself. But Takeshi doesn’t have the first clue about love or desire. Can Divine Intervention be able to find a soulmate for a man whose biggest fear is the possibility of being asexual?

Many things can be said about Aindreas. He’s flighty. He’s serious. He’s bi-sexual. He’s a submissive. He’s a dominant. He loves it all but he can’t seem to find the one person who can love him for all his contradictions. Is Divine Intervention his answer or is he just too much of a duality for any sane person to deal with?

When the BDSM club slut is matched with the warrior virgin, both tempers and desires flare.

How could a man live to be in his thirties and not even know if he was straight, bi or homosexual? He left all the sexual preference questions blank after writing “not certain” once. Even the answers to the list of general questions about a partner were sketchy at best. Honor, loyalty, and honesty seemed to rank high. But nothing else stood out.

He wasn’t making her job easy. Renee closed her eyes and sighed, not sure where to start for once.

“That bad?” a deep voice behind her asked before strong hands began massaging her shoulders.

Renee almost purred as she leaned back into the caress. “I want to help this one, but he hasn’t given me much to work with.”

Zachary kissed her neck and then continued to rub. “You can do it. If he hasn’t given you enough to let the computer sort through the options just let the magic work. Close your eyes, pick one of the decks, and see what happens.”

Her stomach tightened at the thought. She trusted her magic to an extent but hated relying solely on it. “But what if I’m wrong? What if I screw things up?”

“The God and Goddess wouldn’t let that happen. You have to trust them for this one.” Her husband looked over her shoulder at the computer screen. He tilted his head to shoot her a quick leer plus a wink. “He seems handsome, strong. Hot too. He also has a kind look. Is he?”

“He’s very kind.” She reached out to touch Zachary’s cheek. “That is Nora Dimorus’s brother. He’s spent the last few years working with Faolan and Garrick to free women held prisoner in Otherworld. He’s a good man.”

Zachary held her palm against his face for a second before pulling it away to kiss her knuckles. “Then the God and Goddess won’t allow you to go wrong.”

Renee closed her eyes and sent up a little prayer. “I hope you’re right.”

“Delaying is just going to drive you mad, hmm?”

“Go open the wardrobe where I keep the client cards. I don’t want to touch anything until I’m ready.”

Her husband gave a mock salute. As he turned from her Renee took a deep breath. She didn’t get anxious often and didn’t like the feeling. She was working out of her comfort zone. But this case called for faith. She stood still for several moments, centering herself. When she felt grounded enough she went to the open wardrobe.

She refused to give herself time to think. She reached out, without looking, and grabbed the first deck that felt…right.

She opened her eyes to her husband’s customary smirk. He chuckled, waving toward the red- and black-colored deck. “Mmm, kinky. I love these kinds of matches.”

She glanced down, feeling her own lips twitch. It was the deck she separated out for her clients with BDSM leanings. Now that’s a surprise. With any luck I’m not completely wrong here. “I have to say, I certainly hope the God and Goddess are guiding my hands today. Otherwise our first failure as matchmakers will be monumental.”

“It’ll be fine. You get yourself all ready, and I’ll light the candles in the other room.” He looked down at the deck again, his eyes glittering. “I have to say, I can’t wait to see the results now. The anticipation is killing me.”

Renee stood still, clutching the deck to her chest and giving herself time to center again as Zachary prepared her work space. She trusted him to set everything correctly, and she needed time to let herself come to terms with the direction the God and Goddess seemed to be leading her. It wouldn’t do for her conscious mind to interfere with what fate was telling her.

After a few minutes she went to the small room set off to the side of her office. The lights had been dimmed, the customary candles and incense lit. The only difference from her normal readings was the fact that Zachary sat at the table as well.

He shot her a glance more reminiscent of an eager puppy than that of the randy goat he truly was. “I’m hoping me being so close won’t skew the results, but I’m dying to know.”

Renee took the seat opposite him and gave him a reassuring grin. “I should think I’m used to your presence by now. I’m just surprised you haven’t asked to sit with me before.”

“I didn’t want to mess with your mojo. But this is a different situation so I thought it wouldn’t hurt.”

She reached under the small table and gave his knee a quick squeeze. “You being near can never hurt. I love you. That can only help with a reading like this.”

She leaned forward for a soft kiss, taking a moment to savor the wild, lush flavor she would always associate with her husband.

His eyes glowed for a few seconds after they parted. “You know, that wasn’t the smartest thing you could’ve done. We’ve never had sex in here. I kind of thought it was off-limits. But if you kiss me again I’ll have to assume it’s all good.”

“Oh it’s always good,” she purred, letting her hand slide up his thigh before she sat back in her chair, “but let’s finish this first.”

Shaking off the cloud of lust that threatened to swamp her mind, Renee fanned out the cards in front of her. Keeping her own thoughts and desires at bay, she ran her fingertips over each card. As she focused on the image of Takeshi one of the cards on the left caused her fingers to tingle.

She separated that half of the deck, putting the rest of the cards to the side. She fanned the remaining half out again. There was the tingly card, more to the center now. She carefully pulled it out. Not until she started to flip it over did she notice another card stuck solidly to the back.

“Oh two again,” Zachary growled, wiggling his eyebrows. “I just love a threesome.”

“Not too much, I hope, as you’re stuck with just me now.”

“Just because I don’t participate anymore doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to watch.” He leaned in and licked his lips. “Maybe we could rent some porn later tonight.”

Renee just laughed. “Horndog.”

“Hello, satyr here.” He waved his hands at the top of his head, where two little buds peeked out from his mass of curls. “Horns do come with the package.”

“And a wonderful package it is.”

Zachary looked down at the cards, still facedown on the table. “Aren’t you going to turn them over?”

Renee took a deep breath and then flipped the card. Her jaw dropped as Zachary burst out laughing.

“Praise be to the God and Goddess! I never thought we’d match the elf. That poor, poor man. What about the other card?”

Renee peeled it back. “Blank.”

“Blank?” Zachary peered over her shoulder. “What does blank mean?”

She shrugged, puzzled. “I’m not sure. Maybe he has a blank option, another choice? Perhaps the elf’s not his only possible love, or maybe he doesn’t need to find his soul mate to be complete? It could signify his own sexual preferences, him being a blank slate. Hell, it could even signify my insecurities about making a match with so little information. I’m just not certain.”

“You’re not going to tell him that, are you?”

“All my clients have the choice to listen to our advice or not, to believe the God and Goddess or not. That hasn’t changed.” She tapped her fingers across both cards, back and forth. “I don’t think it would be productive to tell him, especially considering how far from the realm of normal this reading has been. We’ll give him the match and allow the God and Goddess to guide him down the path they choose for him.”

Copyright © Jenna Castille


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