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Christmas in Dreamland Dr. Meg Lyle is a classic geek working on a top secret project deep in a military research base. Being stuck over the holidays sucks but when three hot friends make her dreams come true, she knows there is ...
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Christmas in Dreamland
Dr. Meg Lyle is a classic geek working on a top secret project deep in a military research base. Being stuck over the holidays sucks but when three hot friends make her dreams come true, she knows there is more to their story. These sexy military studs are on her side but are they men in black or aliens? The truth will out, but either way Meg’s sex life is now out of the world!

Back in Dreamland
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  • Note:Dreamland was previously released as multiple separate stories.
Dorian and the other men were herded into a conference room. Sammie wasn’t with them. The one thing the military could do was keep them together, but no. She’d been taken elsewhere, and the men all needed to see her.

“What the hell are they doing with her?” Dorian raged.

A large, portly man entered with a couple of lackeys. “I’m Commander Hastings of the US Air Force. You are at the location code-named Dreamland. You are?”

The men saluted.

Mason nodded. “Sir. I’m Captain Mason Nowland. This is Lieutenant Dorian Kerley, and this is Lieutenant Jonah Frigo. We’re missing one. Lieutenant Samantha Montgomery. Where is she?”

“Getting checked out. Her vitals were a bit iffy. You boys feel okay?” Hastings sat and stared at them.

“Yes, sir,” they replied.

“Good. We rescued you from an alien attack. I know what you boys are, and you know what those aliens were. So let’s not play games. Keelons are acting up pretty bad. You’re testing something that got their attention. Our guys are checking it out now.”

“Where is Sammie?” Dorian normally remained quiet, but the idea of her scared and alone gnawed at him.

“Your human squad member is safe. She’s undergoing some tests with our medical staff. Do you think we’re in the business of hurting our own soldiers? Especially the humans? Whatever they did, she got the worst of it.”

“But she’s alive and safe?” Mason asked.

“Of course. You’ll all be checked out for anything they might’ve done, but it looks more like they scanned you boys and the technology. Played with your heads a little bit. Could’ve been worse.” Hastings shrugged.

“They’re getting very aggressive?” Jonah asked.

“Damn right. We’re getting reports every day. Abductions. Probes. Returns. We’ll have all four of you checked for repressed memories. See if we can figure out what they’re after.” Hastings sighed. “Sorry to say but you’re stuck here for now. I’ll have you assigned to me until we can sort out the need-to-know information and what the Keelons liked or didn’t about those new aircraft. Hopefully they just liked the new technology.”

“I’m sorry, sir, but aren’t you and the other bases coordinating?” Mason asked.

“Sure, most of the time. We’re so busy trying to contain the problem now that we’re not looking at every jet fighter design that you boys might be testing. When it’s worth taking, we’ll use them. I’m not risking war of the worlds on a new jet that might not work.” Hastings leaned back. “You liked those planes?”

“They were fast and precise. Not very well armed.” Dorian nodded.

“No, barely armed at all. Tells me there’s room to add. They survived the Keelon tractor beams damn well enough. I’ll let the engineers go over your ships first. My guys here will get you some rooms, clothes, and food. After you’re medically cleared, of course. We’ve got a few docs who specialize in your kind.”

Dorian needed one question answered. “You don’t think we’re traitors, sir?”

“Hell no, I’ve got plenty of you boys working for me here. We’ll check out your memories and see. To be sure the Keelons didn’t plant anything. I hate the idea of a sleeper agent. Normally they’ve been snatching up humans. Women who’ve had a lot of contact with aliens on Earth. So maybe you guys got snagged in the net this time.” Hastings drummed his fingers on the desk.

Dorian thought the lack of urgency was odd. “I don’t remember anything unusual. The beam held us for a few minutes, and then your fighters attacked. We were freed and brought here.”

“It was almost half an hour by the time we got to your location. You lost some time there, Lieutenant. Don’t worry. Alien crap is like that. You three crashed as kids but chose the regular air force, so you’re not really up on everything. We’ll get to the bottom of it. Until we do, you’re relieved of duty pending medical and psych evals. Don’t push it. I’ll let your commander know what happened. No black marks on your records.” Hastings pointed.

“Thank you, sir.” Mason nodded. “About Samantha.”

“She’s in the same boat. We’re just isolating her from you right now. Obviously, she needs more alien education. Unless you boys have illegally informed her of your nonhuman status?” Hastings’s voice grew louder and harsh.

“No, sir. We simply want to see her. Make sure she’s fine.” Dorian tried to keep his feelings under wraps.

“Because our docs are all morons. Relax; you boys get your checkup. She’ll get hers. Then we’ll let you four rest and chat. You can break the news to her about the aliens, but don’t try and mess with her memory too much. We’ll have the expert in tomorrow. Memories are really tricky, so don’t expect much.” He nodded to the underlings.

“We’d like to request joint accommodations,” Jonah said.

“With each other or adding in her?” Hastings asked. “You want me to break the rules?”

“She’ll be scared. She’s an amazing soldier, but anyone would be shocked to deal with this. Assign her separate quarters, but if she stays with us at times, for sanity or safety…I’m sure you’ll understand. Given the unusual circumstances.”

“Especially if you have many groups of Keelons working for you here. We’re ready to help defeat the enemy and fight for Earth,” Dorian said.

“Fine. If you try to go back into the regular air force, don’t blame me for what they’ll do to you. Special projects get special rules. That includes civilian clothes until you’re approved for duty again. No arguments.” Hastings left.

* * * *

Sammie sat on the medical table in a paper gown. They’d tested and swabbed every bit of her, and she really wanted her uniform back. The doctors were nice, but there was nothing wrong with her.

“You remember having sex with them?” Meg asked.

“I do. Vividly. There’s a haze around the entire event, but it felt real.” Sammie knew Meg wasn’t a doctor, but she seemed intimately involved in the alien research.

“It might be a false memory. They’re good at that. Something you want, something that keeps your mind and body busy so they can scan whatever they’re after. We’re not sure why the abductions are up. The big brass thinks they were after your ships.” Meg shrugged.

“They grabbed me first.” Sammie rubbed her head as they waited for the results.

Liz walked up, clearly showing her pregnancy. Sammie liked the feel here. A little less intense military and more focused on the bigger goals. She loved the order and discipline the military gave her, but now she longed for more real-world input.

“Well, the good news is you’re not pregnant. There’s no sign of actual sexual interaction. Odds are, it was a planted memory,” Liz said.

“So if they were after the ships, they just got to you first. Looking at one is easier than grabbing all four.” Meg smiled.

“Then the guys came to my defense, and the aliens snatched all of us up.” Sammie still had trouble saying it so casually. “I always thought there had to be alien life out there, but to see it. To know it. To talk about it like it’s nothing.”

“You’ll get used to it.” Liz nodded. “Odds are the big boss already has called in the memory expert. He’ll try to push beyond the fake memories and access the authentic ones. Not a lot of success; the Keelons are good at their memory games. But if any of you have a blip of reality come through, it could help.”

“If they’re just scanning the new technology, we’ll probably get zip. Maybe the new designs will be good for fighting the Keelons though?” Meg debated out loud.

“I remember they talked about breeding. My guys, my squad said that’s what they wanted us to do. They used no protection. It was hot but very odd.”

“Have you had any sexual contact with any members of your squad before?” Liz asked.

“No. Of course not. That’d be against every regulation.” Sammie could swear on a stack of Bibles and take ten polygraph tests to prove it. Whether she wanted to have sexual contact with them was an entirely different question.

“Okay, well, don’t let the false ideas get to you. You did nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of abduction victims have sexual memories.” Meg patted Sammie’s arm.

“Can I get some birth control and protection? Just in case. I’ll feel a lot better.” Sammie couldn’t shake the lingering sensations.

Liz smiled. “Sure. I’ll get you a packet of necessities too.”

“Thanks. Now what?” Sammie asked.

“Well, you’ve been assigned quarters, as have the rest of your squad. You’re relieved from duty until you’re medically and psychologically cleared. That might take a day or two. We’ll get you some clothes to wear and your phone.” Liz nodded to an aide.

“Phone?” Sammie asked.

“It’s our form of identification. You can buy what you need from any store. The phone will let you access rooms as permitted, and not allow you into restricted sections. It also has a map of Dreamland and a list of what’s available as far as food and distractions. Plus all the standard communication stuff.” Liz handed it over.

“Dreamland. Area 51. My dad always said it was a bunch of crap. People making up stories to get attention. I mean, I knew there was a base of some sort here. Everyone did. But I never believed the alien research and contact stuff happened here.”

“Believe it. They’re real.” Meg smiled.

“And evil, apparently. We’re going to be at war. This isn’t anything I’ve been trained for.” Sammie slid the civilian clothes on under her huge paper smock. Modesty wasn’t something the military tolerated, and it was just the girls here, at least.

“Not all aliens are bad. The Keelons, the ones you had the close encounter with, they are the worst. But even then, they aren’t all bad,” Liz said.

“We’re getting help from a resistance?” Sammie asked.

“Sorry, we can’t really say any more on the matter. Right now, you need food and rest. Your phone will show you the locations of your other squad members as well. I’d recommend meeting up with them and getting dinner.” Meg showed her how to use the phone.

Half an hour later, Sammie left the medical lab, wearing civilian clothes: jeans and a T-shirt with gym shoes and boring white underwear that a grandmother would approve. It felt wrong. Being on a military base and dressed like that was just weird.

Heading toward the men, she tucked her blonde hair behind her ears. The bobbed style was easier to handle, but when it was not pinned back, it kept flying in her face and bugging her. She knew that was an excuse. Her frustrations were sexual. Sammie had been so certain about what happened while she was taken that her pussy still throbbed.

However, she could now tell the difference. Clear-headed, Sammie knew she wanted things to happen, but nothing actually had. The computer in her aircraft showed her weight had been in the seat the entire time. The aliens never took her out of her craft. Whatever they had done, they did it with that beam of light.

The men spotted her. She was immediately surrounded and hugged. Technically, she should have saluted Mason, but they were relieved of duty for now. She hugged them all tight.

“You’re okay?” Jonah held her longer than necessary.

“Fine. You guys look good too.” She loved the feel of their hard bodies. Seeing them in civilian clothes made her pussy moist. No rules, no restrictions for now. No doubt the aliens had given her a memory she wanted in order to distract her. Had they done the same to the men?

“Let’s get some food. We can talk in private later,” Mason suggested.

After chow, they went to the men’s quarters, and Sammie sat between Dorian and Jonah. The attraction made her crazy, but the men hadn’t done anything to hint it was returned. Friends and soldiers, that’s all it ever could be, and now it hurt a little. Was it all in her head?

“So do you remember anything?” Mason asked.

She shook her head. “I had a false memory.”

“False? How do you know?” Jonah put an arm around her shoulders.

“It was sexual. They did tests and I’d had no sex. Plus the ship records indicate I was in the aircraft the entire time. Never taken on the alien vessel. What about you guys? Any weird memories?”

“We’re just a blank.” Dorian put a hand on her knee.

“Great. Nothing. So we wait and have our memories checked or scrubbed or whatever they’re going to do to us.” Sammie buried her face in her hands. She wanted to explore things with the men, and they had no clue. No idea what she’d dreamed or imagined while under alien influence.

“Don’t worry. If it helps fight the aliens, we’re in. We’ve all sacrificed portions of our lives for the greater good. That’s part of the deal.” Mason knelt before her.

Her mind went to filthy places. Pulling his face between her legs and living out her fantasy. Now that she’d explored it, willingly or not, consciously or not, she wanted it!

“What’s wrong? You’re all flushed.” Jonah touched her cheek.

She jumped up and moved away from the group. Flopping into an armchair, she studied the trio. So sexy and powerful. Yet they treated her most of the time just like one of the guys. That was how she’d wanted to be treated as a soldier. No special treatment because she was a female. Now it was different, and she couldn’t explain how or why.

“I’m fine. Just embarrassed.” Sammie knew she had her own private quarters, but being alone would only make her relive the fantasy. She’d be masturbating all night. She’d much rather be with the men, see them, even if she couldn’t really have them.

Mason walked over and leaned down. He looked her square in the eyes. “Who did you have sex with in that false memory?”

She squirmed in the seat. Lying to each other was something they never did. She’d always been honest with her guys and trusted them. “It doesn’t matter. It wasn’t real.”

The other men came close. She was surrounded, and it felt just like her otherworldly encounter. Real or not, she wanted it now. They didn’t intimidate her. It was safe and oddly intimate.

“It may not have been real, but I’m sure it felt very real. It’s okay. You can tell us. We’re not going to judge you.” Jonah held her hand.

“Damn it, I’m a pilot, not a child. This whole situation is insane. Whatever happened, it was temporary.” She tried to escape but the men held her.

“This isn’t normal. Not for any of us. You’re acting odd, Sammie. Tell us about it so we can help.” Dorian hugged her tight.

“You’re that interested in who I had false-memory sex with? Fine. You, okay? All three of you. It was some alien breeding thing. Makes no sense. I know nothing about the aliens, still don’t. I have no idea why it’s what I remember, but that’s it. Sex, unprotected and intense. I should’ve known it was a dream. You’d never break the rules.” She fell back in the chair and sighed.

“We’d never do it without protection,” Mason said.

“Did you enjoy it?” Dorian asked.

“Oh God, we are not having this conversation.” Sammie closed her eyes.

“We were only with you, or did we screw each other too?” Jonah asked.

Her mouth fell open. “What?”

“We have a confession to make. We break some of the rules a lot.” Mason nodded.

“I’d remember if we had sex.” Sammie chuckled. If they were trying to take her mind off the situation, they’d have to work a little harder.

“No, the three of us use each other to work off the sexual needs.” Dorian smiled. “We know what a rule follower you are.”

Frowning, she tried to picture it, and her cunt tightened. Of course her brain saw the flaw in her arousal immediately. “All three of you screw each other? You left me out because you’re gay, obviously. I understand. My mixed-up memory means nothing.”

“No, we’re not strictly into men. We’re bisexual. In the military, you take what you can get,” Mason said.

“Flattering to the guys. Sort of an insult to me.” Sammie closed her eyes. “This has to be a dream.”

“No, being with you is our dream. Mason said it all wrong, but it’s true. We’ve wanted you forever. It’s only the rules that kept us from bringing you into the group.” Dorian leaned in and kissed her.

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