Doms of Dark Haven: My Liege of Dark Haven

Cherise Sinclair

Threatened by university cutbacks, Professor Abigail Bern’s only hope is to publish a provocative research paper—soon. Planning to covertly observe behavior in the notorious Dark Haven BDSM club, she takes a receptionist job. ...
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Threatened by university cutbacks, Professor Abigail Bern’s only hope is to publish a provocative research paper—soon. Planning to covertly observe behavior in the notorious Dark Haven BDSM club, she takes a receptionist job. When the owner calls upon her to assist in a demonstration, she’s appalled. Then fascinated. Under the unyielding hands of the master known as my Liege, she discovers a need to be more than an observer.

His late wife had been the center of his life, and Xavier Leduc wants no other. But when his new receptionist does her utmost to keep an emotional distance from him, he’s intrigued and digs deeper. She’s adorable. Intriguingly intelligent, beautifully submissive, sweetly vulnerable. He soon realizes her defenses are keeping her on the fringe of her sexuality—and her life. As he draws her into fuller participation, she unconsciously does the same for him. She begins to fill his world.

Ever since the night she met my Liege Xavier, Abby has questioned everything she believes about herself. She’s falling for the stern owner of Dark Haven and thinks he’s beginning to care for her...until the day he learns why she’s in his club.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play, BDSM theme and elements.
The thick fog swathed the streetlight, preventing the dim yellow glow from reaching the ground. On the dark San Francisco street, Professor Abigail Bern watched the red taillights of the taxi disappear into the mist. With the enthusiasm of a convict facing a firing squad, she turned toward the infamous Dark Haven BDSM club.

In contrast to the flashing display of the nightclub down the street, this place didn’t exactly set out the welcome mat. To the right of the heavy black door, only a small, discreet sign proclaimed DARK HAVEN. She understood the lack of advertising. The BDSM community was in the same position as the gay population in the past. People weren’t “out.”

They certainly wouldn’t like being studied.

She didn’t plan to tell them. Covert participant observation, it was called, in which the subject never knew a sociologist was present. And it makes me uncomfortable. But she wouldn’t gather anything that could identify a member. And really, her research on the culture might even help the community—it certainly couldn’t do any harm.

She didn’t have a choice. Publish or perish was no longer a cute phrase—not with the proposed cutbacks at her university.

It had been a ghastly week. She might lose her job, and she’d definitely lost Nathan. Although she would drive him to the airport tomorrow, he was already gone from her life. Her breathing hitched at the emptiness in her chest.

She hadn’t been meeting his needs, he’d said. His need to tie her up, call her names, order her around. His need to have his precious BDSM in the bedroom. Hopefully, during her fieldwork, she’d grow to understand the appeal of such things. Maybe she’d even be able to indulge him by the time he returned in August. They could try again.

I don’t want to lose him. Her attempt to take a deep, calming breath failed, and she realized she’d laced her corset far too tightly. Shaking her head, she looked down at herself, and her spirits lifted. I look hot. After researching BDSM styles, she’d bought a calf-length skirt, a fancy corset, and tall vinyl boots. All in black. The corset pushed up her ample breasts and yanked in her thick waist; the skirt hid her wide hips, creating a Barbie figure—well, if Barbie were a size sixteen and a Domme. The don’t-mess-with-me effect was amazing.

Nathan called her a submissive—or maybe he simply hoped she was—but she wasn’t convinced. Given the choice, she’d dress as a Dominant. Besides, going into a BDSM club looking like a…a victim would be stupid. I might not be gorgeous, but smart? Oh yeah.

She headed for the building, anxiety mingling with determination and…okay, maybe a little excitement as well. Here goes. She pulled the door open and—

A woman barged out, knocking Abby backward.

“Clarissa.” A familiar-looking, gorgeous man followed her. “Are you certain you want to walk out like this?”

“I’m sure.” Clarissa glared as she yanked on a coat over her skimpy bustier and thong. “Very, very sure, Simon.”

Abby took a step back, her stomach unsettled at the woman’s raised voice and open anger. Don’t yell. Don’t scream. Please, please, please.

“I thought being the receptionist meant I’d get some Xavier time, but nooo.” Clarissa jerked her coat closed. ”Instead he offered to find me someone to play with. Yeah, what the fuck good is that?”

As the woman edged back from uncontrollable rage, Abby relaxed enough to take mental notes. Xavier time? Was that a technique or a machine or what?

And she’d better go in before she got caught watching. She detoured around the man, entered the club, and faced a bulletin board with a huge calendar in the center. Various events were penciled into the squares with yarn running out to surrounding flyers. A tea for Dommes. A Master/slave event. A furry barbecue—which sounded just wrong. What did a party for littles involve? The busy calendar reminded her of the equally big one her mother had used to track Abby’s debate-team nights, Grace’s soccer games, and Janae’s beauty-queen contests.


Abby turned at the greeting.

Like an ad for cuteness, a slender young man in bright-red running shorts and a matching red collar stood behind an L-shaped reception desk. He patted a device that resembled a credit card reader. “Ma’am. Swipe your membership card right here, please.”

“I don’t have a card.” Membership? Wasn’t the club a walk-in sort of place?

“That’s okay. Show me your driver’s license, and I’ll find your number in the computer.” He gave the monitor a dubious frown. “I think I can look it up.”

“I mean, I’m not a member.”

“Oh.” He dropped into the wheeled chair, making it squeak in protest. “That’s bad. See, you can’t get in if you’re not a member. Not anymore. You have to have a recommendation or take the classes. There’s a bunch of hurdles to jump since Dark Haven turned all private and ex-ca-loosive.

Faint music and the hum of conversation came through the inner door as Abby stared at him in dismay. “Exclusive? But…” I don’t have time for this. The club opened only on weekends, and her research had to start right now or she wouldn’t get it done, peer-reviewed, and published in time to save her job. “Can I fill out an application?”

“I used the last one.” He scowled at the computer. “I could print one. Maybe. There’s a form somewhere.”

She craned her neck and pointed to an icon on the desktop screen. “Try the APPLIC.”

He clicked and an application appeared. “Score. Do you know how to send it to the printer? Last time I tried, I got awarded the blue screen of death.”

After she guided him through the steps, the printer hummed to life. She grinned. Even after four years of being a professor, she still got a zing from teaching, no matter the subject.

“Here you go.” He proudly handed her the form with several more from a folder. “You might as well fill out the waivers and consents too.”

Off to one side, she started on the paperwork, sighing at the legalese. The usual disclaimers. The place wasn’t responsible for any disaster that might befall her. How reassuring. She needed a physical and blood work? Jaw tight, she doggedly continued.

When the room had emptied of incoming people again, she handed the pile back to him. “How soon can you process this?”

“Hell, without Destiny here, probably forever,” he said, turning glum. “Longer than that if my liege asks me to do the paperwork. I’m a lover, not a typist. But I can’t afford the membership fees if I don’t volunteer. Look at what it costs.” He shoved a paper across the desk.

She scanned the monthly fees and winced. Joining would put more than a dent in her savings. Then again, getting laid off would hurt worse. “You lost your receptionist? Clarissa?”

“Man, talk about a diva. She hung on for a couple of weeks. One lady lasted almost a month. Destiny held the place together for years, but Xavier hasn’t found a good replacement.” He stared at the scattered papers.

Her fingers itched to clean up the mess. “It’s not busy now. You could file a little at a time and then—”

He stared at her in horror. “Or not.”

“Are you interested in volunteering?” a dark voice asked from behind her.

She jumped and turned to see the man who’d followed Clarissa out. “Volunteer?” Her hopes lifted. Would that let her skip the application delay? “Looks like you need someone.” He really did seem familiar. She tilted her head. “Have we met?”

“A few months ago at the Harrises’ wedding reception.” He picked up the application she’d filled out, flipped through it, and gave her a keen look. “I believe you’re Nathan’s lady?”

“Well. No. We’re only friends now.” Since we broke up yesterday. She pushed the unhappiness away and held out her hand. “Abby Bern.”

“Simon Demakis.” His gaze focused on her paperwork again. “You’re a professor?”

“Correct.” She gave him a slight smile. “And those dues would force me to eat macaroni and cheese for the first time since I graduated. What does the receptionist do?” Would she get adequate time inside the club for her observations?

“Very simple. You man the desk from nine to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. When Lindsey takes over, you’re free to enjoy the club until closing at three.” He grinned. “There’s no point in joining if you never get to play.”

Play? Do the BDSM stuff with strangers? She hadn’t managed that even with someone she knew. “Of course.” Her face heated. Obviously, because of Nathan’s membership, Simon assumed she was familiar with BDSM. That was good, wasn’t it?

If so, then why were clammy fingers sliding up her spine like they had before her chemistry final? The one exam she’d completely failed.

* * * *

Xavier Leduc stood in the downstairs dungeon, watching a younger Dom release his sobbing submissive. Rainier’s session had gone badly. The younger Dom had asked for instructions on how to use nipple clamps correctly after the sub was settled.

A demonstration would be more effective than lecturing. Xavier looked around, half expecting his previous receptionist to hurry over with his toy bag and whatever else he might need. But no, Destiny had quit. He missed her efficiency.

Dixon, one of the Dark Haven staff submissives, stood nearby, obviously hoping to be used.

Xavier decided against using the young man for two reasons. Male subs often tried to disguise their pain, which would defeat the purpose of the lesson. And a woman’s larger nipples made it easier to demonstrate clamps.

Besides, he enjoyed handling a woman’s breasts.

“Dixon, run upstairs and get my toy bag from the bar.” Which submissive to use? Hadn’t the new staff member, Clarissa, been pushing for attention? “And bring the receptionist.”

“Yes, my liege.” Disappointment plain in his face, Dixon trotted away.

Rainier sat with his submissive on the couch, stroking her hair as she cried. Vivid red and purple bruising marked her right nipple. Nothing excessive, but this young woman wasn’t into pain, and her Dom hadn’t learned the difference between an erotic pinch and damage.

Turning away, Xavier surveyed the rest of his large dungeon. At almost midnight all the equipment was in use, from the Saint Andrew’s crosses near the stairs to the spanking benches in the center. Lusty screams of at least two women came from the harem room. One of the evening dungeon monitors, deVries, in his usual ripped-up leathers, looked in the theme room’s small window. Along with checking the participants’ safety, the blond sadist was undoubtedly enjoying the show.

“Here’s your bag, my liege.” Followed by a young woman, Dixon handed over the leather bag.

“Quickly done. Thank you.” Xavier glanced at the woman behind Dixon. Mid-to-late twenties. Medium height with pleasingly full curves, pale skin, and ear-length platinum hair. Dressed head to toe in black like a Domme, she stared around the room. His presence hadn’t even registered.

Odd how refreshing that felt. But she wasn’t the receptionist he’d requested. “You’re not Clarissa.”

She started, then smiled at him. “That’s quite observant of you.”

Dixon stared at her in alarm. “I… Um, my liege, she’s—”

“Dixon.” Xavier’s warning tone silenced the young man. “Could I presume upon you to inform me who you are?” he asked the blonde politely. “And where Clarissa is?”

“Clarissa quit”—her man’s digital watch was far too big for her delicate wrist—“about two hours ago. I’m filling in tonight.” She held her hand out. “Abby.”

His faucet of amusement cranked open. Straight-faced, he took her hand. “Xavier.”

“Good to meet you.” She gave a brief, no-nonsense shake and disengaged. “Now, can I help you with something? I’m new, but I’ll do my best to figure out how to get you what you need.”

Dixon looked terrified, clearly expecting Xavier to come down all Dom on Abby’s head.

Had he been that bad tempered recently? Xavier smiled. “That’s good to hear, Abby, since I need your breasts for a few minutes.”

“Of course. I—” She took a hasty step back. “What?”

“Your breasts. I’m going to instruct Master Rainier on how to apply nipple clamps.”

She retreated another foot before her chin rose. “I’m the receptionist, not a teaching assistant.”

Teaching assistant? Interesting term. “The receptionist assists in demonstrations when needed.”

She crossed her arms over her chest, and he almost grinned. She didn’t realize how the posture pressed her pretty breasts upward. With her flawless pale skin, if he sandwiched her breast between his darkly tanned hands, the effect would be that of an Oreo cookie. The white center was his favorite part.

Her hair was wispy as a dandelion gone to fluffy seed. The downy hair on her arms was the same shade and indicated her mesmerizing coloring was natural.

“I’m not a submissive. I’m a Domme,” she informed him in reasonable tones. “I’m the one putting clamps on, not receiving.”

“The receptionists are always submissive.” Before she got herself in trouble, he made a guess and asked, “Simon recruited you?”

She nodded.

“Despite your overly encompassing clothing, I doubt Simon made an error.” Xavier took her pointed chin between his thumb and finger. As her smoky eyes widened and she tried to retreat, he let his voice slip into command mode. “Be still.”

A shiver ran through her, and her pupils dilated. Even her breathing stopped.

“Very pretty,” he murmured. Her surprise at her own reaction made his cock stir and brought his dominant instincts sliding to the fore. When she lifted her hand up to push him away, he captured her wrist. “No, little fluff, don’t move. I want to look at you.”

Her speeding pulse tapped a protest against his fingers. “I’m not submissive,” she whispered.

“Oh, I think you are,” he said. In fact, her Domme clothing looked so wrong on her that he was tempted to rip it off. “However, I might believe you lack experience. How familiar are you with BDSM? Have you been spanked?”

“No.” Her slight wiggle seemed to indicate possible interest.


Her cheeks pinkened.

He’d bet the lady owned a vibrator. “Did your boyfriend use a vibrator on you?”

The flush started at the tops of her breasts and flowed upward. He’d never seen such a clear red color. Lovely. She gave a tiny shake of her head and realized she’d answered his intimate question. Her brows drew together.

“New to everything, then. Are you here because you want to know more?” But why would a newbie take a receptionist job? His eyes narrowed, and he took another guess. “You’re too impatient to wait through the screening process?”

She nodded, and her small upper lip pressed against the plump lower. “And the membership fees…”

Had gone high when he’d converted the club to exclusive. “I see.”

Should he let her stay without taking the class or being recommended? As the owner of a security firm, Simon had infallible instincts about people. A priority flag on her application would speed up her medical and background screening. And he did need someone on the desk. He tugged on a silky lock of her hair and caught a hint of a light springtime fragrance. “I’ll make you a deal. You fill out the paperwork, do the physical, and stay as a receptionist for at least four months, performing all the receptionist duties, and I’ll waive your first year’s dues.” He stepped back a pace to let her think.

Think she did. Her eyes turned unfocused in an expression oddly akin to that of subspace. Yet rather than relaxing, her entire body and brain seemed to jump into high gear. Unbelievably sexy. What would it take to shut off her brain?

Her attention returned to him. “Not that I doubt your word, but my reading indicated the lifestyle can attract unstable personalities. One, can you prove the manager will agree to your deal? Two, how do I know you won’t ask something of me that I will refuse to do?”

Intelligent women were so fun to play with. He hardened as he imagined a chess game. Spanking her for every pawn he captured. Fucking her if he took her queen. If she lost the game, then… Concentrate, Leduc. “Those are valid concerns.” Unable to resist, he ran a finger down her cheek. Her skin was as smooth as it looked. Smoother. “For question two—right now, I intend to use only breast clamps and bondage tape on your wrists. Do you have a problem with either?”

She swallowed. “I g-guess not.”

He studied her. He was pushing, but he didn’t think it was too much. Although he could overwhelm a compliant sub, this wasn’t one. And the receptionist did need to be able to fill in as a submissive when needed.

Off to the side, Dixon was shifting his weight from leg to leg as if expecting Abby to get flattened. “Dixon, can you explain who I am?”

“Please, my liege, she didn’t know. Don’t—”

Ah, the fluff had made a friend. “I’m not offended. She simply needs confirmation of my position here.”

Dixon turned to the young woman. “This is the owner of Dark Haven. Master Xavier. Call him ‘my liege.’”

Xavier sighed. He had no idea who’d first given him that title, but the submissives took such delight in it, he’d allowed it to continue.

Taking a step forward, Dixon whispered all too clearly, “For fuck’s sake, don’t upset him or say no to him.”

Don’t smile.

Abby’s lips curved into a provocative O. “Well. Forgive me, please, m-my liege.”

Since she wasn’t his, he tried not to think of the ways a submissive might demonstrate her penitence. “Now we have that straightened out, let’s get on with the lesson.”

Dixon motioned to Rainier’s submissive. “I…uh…brought her an ice pack, sir.”

Finished crying, the young woman had curled into a corner of the couch. “That was thoughtful of you. Ask Rainier if you may assist her while he joins me.”

“Yes, my liege.”

Xavier glanced at Rainier, who was leaning on the couch next to his submissive, and said, “I’m sorry for the delay.”

“No problem. Destiny would be hard to replace.”

“She has been.” Xavier set his toy bag on the oversize coffee table and removed a roll of bondage tape. He preferred leather cuffs, but the tape was less intimidating. After stepping behind Abby, he grasped her right wrist. “Abby, since we’ve not played together before, you tell me if something is getting to be too much.”

Copyright © Cherise Sinclair


Customer Reviews

5 stars = I freaking LOVED this book!!! Review by asgoodrich
You know how they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”? Although I bought My Liege of Dark Haven three years ago, I know it’s the book’s cover that caught my eye because seriously that man’s muscled back and long braid are freaking HAWT! The fact that I had finished my master’s degree the year prior with a heavy emphasis in data and research made Abby’s plight speak to me … LOUDLY. I was intrigued by the idea of a well-educated, professional woman learning more about BDSM for research purposes and finding out more about herself in the process. As My Liege of Dark Haven was my first such novel, it set the bar for this particular theme and while I have found some that I liked, so few have met the Sinclair-standard that I was beginning to question if I remembered my enjoyment of the novel as well as I thought. After rereading it I realized that nope, the standard is set that high because the book is that freaking good.

Besides understanding Abby on an intellectual level, I connected with her in regards to her believed physical shortcomings as well and this is why I so was so amused by the wardrobe issues that arose throughout the book. It’s also why Xavier’s unapologetic appreciation of her curves upped his appeal for me (if that was even possible). While their chemistry is intense and this makes for some seriously hot BDSM scenes that just get hotter throughout the book, it is their non-sexual relationship that begins to break down their walls and blur the lines of Xavier’s well-established boundaries for his women. Because Xavier still loves his deceased wife he doesn’t feel that he can offer Abby an emotional commitment. While he does tell her this and she accepts the arrangement, his actions as their relationship progresses belie this. This is what makes his seeming betrayal so devastating to Abby and even knowing what I knew as the reader, I couldn’t blame her for her reaction. That of course is what makes the ending that much sweeter.

One of the things I liked about My Liege of Dark Haven that led to me read the previous books in the series was the intelligence and maturity of the heroine. This holds true for all of Sinclair’s leading ladies (at least that I can recall) and gives them an inner strength that helps them stand up for themselves and others when needed, yet still submitting to their man’s sexual dominance in the bedroom. This strength is what sees Abby through the trouble that her ex causes her when he blows the whistle on her research project. It’s also what enables her to see her punishment through for violating the club members’ trust. I also enjoyed getting to know Xavier outside of the club and finding out how compassionate the man was and the programs he ran in memory of his mother’s struggles. Learning of Xavier’s background showed why he and Abby were so well-suited for one another, thus making the progression of their relationship feel right – detours and all. I still love My Liege of Dark Haven and am so looking forward to reading Edge of the Enforcer, which I apparently bought when it came out but never read. DOH!

I reviewed my personal copy of this book.
Reviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers!
(Posted on 9/28/2015)
Fantastic! Review by Maureen
I cannot say enough good things about Cherise Sinclair and the Doms of Dark Haven series. I'm not into the BDSM lifestyle, but she writes such great stories you can't help but get curious! This addition to the series is one of the best, with a wonderful heroine and a hero that's to die for. I would recommend anything this author writes. (Posted on 10/31/2014)
What's not to like Review by Dar
Ms. Sinclair writes so well it simply draws u in.

You will not be disappointed!
(Posted on 6/30/2014)
Hot as Always Review by Sandi
Addicted to Cherise Sinclair's books! (Posted on 5/22/2014)
loved this book Review by Paris
What a fantastic book...great character development, returning cast, new cast, villains (Nathan & Jenea), lots of indoor fun, and a 4th of July war game to die for.

Xavier is such a humanitarian, with a good heart and a wonderful purpose in life, not once did his wealthy status seem to be the draw of the relationship. Abby too has a wonderful heart, and gives more then she takes in life, they are a great match.

Great job Cherise - I'd love more great books like this one.
(Posted on 5/17/2014)
Love it Review by Erica
Oh my stars. How did I not read these books earlier? After falling completely in love with Cherise Sinclair's other series, Masters of the Shadowlands, I somehow did not read this series. I'm not really sure what it is. Maybe it was the fear of this one not living up to my love of the Shadowlands series, but regardless, I have to say, daaaayum. This one was nearly just as good as the Shadowlands, and had a delightful cast of characters as well.

I already am dying to go read the other books in the series, especially since I realized this is actually book 3 :)
(Posted on 3/28/2014)
Doms of Dark Haven Review by Linda
Professor Abigail needs to publish a research paper to save her place at the university. When her ex leaves her and moves away, she takes the chance to join his BDSM club to observe and write the paper on the BDSM community. Luck stands by as she´s soon offered the job in the reception, but little did she know that the receptionist is often called upon to join in assisting and demonstrating.
Xavier is the owner of Dark Haven and can´t understand why he can´t stop thinking or wanting Abigail.
Will they get the chance to start something?
BDSM, erotica and back door play.
Love the Doms of Dark Haven and this was another great addition!
(Posted on 9/28/2013)
Page Turner Review by Jody
It's been a while since I found a BDSM book I didn't want to put down I look forward to reading more by this author. (Posted on 8/25/2013)
Every time I read a Cherise Sinclair book it becomes my favorite. Review by Cindy
Abigail Bern's life isnt going to so well. Her boyfriend just dumped her because she cannot trust and submit to him and she is afraid she is going to get caught in her university cutbacks. She needs to write a research paper and have it published to strengthen her resume. She decides she wants to write it on the behavior of those in a BDSM club. When she goes there are many funny moments just at the front reception area due to her innocence on the BDSM scene. When she realizes that she has to be a member and that there is a huge membership fee she realizes she might not get in until Simon offers her the receptionist job on Fridays and Saturdays until Lindsay comes on and then she can enjoy the club until closing.

Xavier Leduc is the owner of Dark Haven. Since his wife died years ago he has closed his heart off. He has women he plays with at the club and women he trains as slaves at home for other masters but no one he keeps just for himself. When he meets his new receptionist he he intrigued by her innocence of the BDSM lifestyle and decides to use her right away for a demonstration which his "little fluff" (loved that name her gave her) of course balks at but no one tells My Liege no..

Things I LOVED about this book..

1. Dixon the sub - who was manning the reception desk when Abby first came in - he was very funny and in the end also turned out to be a very emotional friend.

2. Watching Abby who was a some what a child prodigy and professor never being able to turn her brain off and Xavier realizing this was preventing her from experiencing "pleasure". I think alot of us have this problem of not being able to shut our brains off and just experience the moment or feeling and I actually found myself listening to Xavier and wanting to obey :)

3. Simon and Rona were the first friends Abby made. It was so good to see them.

4. The foster puppies - They were soo cute

5. Meeting new characters like Lindsay and deVries

6. When Xavier took Abby home and stayed with her and fed the puppies for her.. Sigh...

7. Finding out about Xavier past and about the company he runs and why he started it.

8. The 4th of July Party... Not only do we get to see every past characters from all the Dark Haven series we get a another fun "game" played out in the woods. Very sinful game.. I am hoping we get to see more of the deVries/Mitchell/Lindsay dynamic in the future.

9. When Xavier was hurt and couldn't do for himself - Watching Abby morph into mother hen and Xavier having to take it for the time being :)

10. Abby's punishment for being forgiven for not telling everyone about the research paper she was writing. Whew - glad it wasnt me :)

I really liked all of times away from the club. Seeing them both trying to make of go of the relationship away from the club. I have come to love this series as much as Shadowlands and hope she plans to continue it.

Bravo on another well written book Ms Sinclair.
(Posted on 6/27/2013)
Good, clean, kinky fun! Review by Ariel
Unlike some of her other stories, not only will this story get a smile from you, but I had to get up and walk away from the computer so I could *stop* laughing. Abby is hilarious, she thinks too much, and Xavier is determined to shut her brain off in the best ways possible. The betrayals in this book are a bit lighter than some of the others, making it a lighter hearted read, though the punishments will still have you reaching for ice water!

One of her best, in my opinion.
(Posted on 6/10/2013)
Cherise Sincliar Review by Judi
awesome (Posted on 6/7/2013)
I Started Backwards Review by Aubrey
This book comes after four other books, but I never felt lost or left out. Xavier and Abby are two of my all time favorite characters. I loved everything about this story and look forward more in this series. I'm now completely hooked on Cherise Sinclair books! (Posted on 5/31/2013)
Beyond Blushing Review by SillySkittle
I may have done it a little backwards but this book was the first of Sinclairs that I read, but I promise after reading it, it definitely wasn't the last. The story captured my attention and held it straight through. It was a great book from the first awkward moments to the moments that brought me...well, beyond blushing! Now Cherise Sinclair is a permanent fixture in my library and while it not be the correct order, I completely recommend reading this book first and promise that it wont take away from the other stories at all. Just make sure to have something to fan yourself with. (Posted on 5/27/2013)
Amazing Review by Sheri
Xavier's story finally! I waited and waited and sometimes even patiently. I was ready and then Ms. Sinclair stepped up her game and blew me away. I loved Abigail she was perfect for X. There was the sweetest scene in this book where it really showed his human side. I truly believe and recommend this book to everyone. (Posted on 5/27/2013)
She does it again! Review by Francheska
Miss Cherise has done it again. Loved it and I am anticipating future stories of other Dom's of Dark Haven. I did pout when I realised that Destiny was no longer in residence, *sigh* was so looking forward to finding out about her and that cute little tongue piercing she liked to flip at Dom's. The characters from the other two Dom's of Dark Haven and Masters of the Mountains books are interwoven and felt like catching up on old friends. Do not despair this is a standalone book and you do not have to have read the others at all, but I am sure once you have read this one, you will want to. (Posted on 5/27/2013)
won't be disappointed Review by Megan
Ms. Sinclair is the best BDSM erotica author out there. She GETS it and knows how to write and convey the BDSM world. (Posted on 5/27/2013)
amazing Review by mia
this book was absoutely amazing, i loved the characters, and the whole feel of the book...ill admit at one point i bawled my eyes out.
if you want an amazing read i would reccomend this one, but i would suggest reading the others in the series first
(Posted on 1/21/2013)
Fantastic Review by Sherri
i think men should start reading Cherise Sinclair's books!! it would give them a clue on how to get the best sex ever!!!
This book was awesome - so much fun to read - funny, sad, thrilling and most of all - sexy!! Just saying
(Posted on 10/3/2012)
Good Review by Alessandra
Sinclair's book are the best. I can't wait for new release
(Posted on 9/23/2012)
The Best Yet Review by Dee
Could not wait for the next book from Ms. Sinclair. Had she did not disappoint. Could not put the book down. Waiting now impatiently for the next one. (Posted on 9/2/2012)
Loved this book! Review by Pat
Cherise Sinclair's books are an automatic buy for me and this novel is excellent example of why buying anything she writes is a gimme. The book is so well written and the characters are so engaging that it is simply a joy to read.

We've met Xavier in the Doms of Dark Haven anthologies and his club Dark Haven was mentioned in one of the Master of the Mountain books. Xavier owns the BDSM club, Dark Haven, and is a well known and liked Dom. He lost his wife to an aneurism 4 years previously and although he plays with subs a lot, he feels no real need to have a serious relationship.

Abby is a professor at risk of losing her job if she doesn't publish quickly, plus she is curious about the BDSM lifestyle to see if it can help her heal her relationship with her wanna-be Dom boyfriend. Because of this she decides to go undercover in Dark Haven to gather information about BDSM and the people who participate at the club.

The story of Xavier and Abby getting together is absolutely wonderful. Xavier is hot, not just because he is a hunk but because he cares so much about the people in his life and Abby is a "normal" woman. She is a bit over weight and is very self conscious about that. She tends to over analyze things and repress her anger while she tries to make sure everyone else is okay.

Scenes that I loved: the fantasy that Xavier gave her (OMG so hot) and, while it was a bit tough to read, I thought the punishment scenes were perfect (especially considering the harm she unintentionally did to the Doms and subs at Dark Haven). And I really, really, really loved when Janae got her comeuppance! Oh, and of course, everything with the puppies!

As I said this is an excellent book and well worth getting for your library. I wonder if the next Dark Haven book will focus on deVries...hmmmm that would be fun!
(Posted on 9/1/2012)
Walking in the woods Review by Leelew
Having read the short stories involving My Liege in the past this was a long awaited story. Great read, funny sad and joyous all at once. If at the end of reading this you feel like a stroll through the woods...enjoy, just watch out for those water guns! (Posted on 8/30/2012)
EXCELLENT READ Review by Katherine M.
Xavier always caught my eye in the other books but honestly, I never paid him that much mind because I was so involved with the other main characters! But for him to have his own book! I can't believe I overlooked him just a tad sadly.

And Abby, oh Abby. She's wonderful. Perfect and so utterly human. She had her flaws, her insecurities and like the description says--there was a lot of misunderstandings and miscommunication between her and Xavier. She was such a perfect fit for Xavier and oh my god, I can't think of him not ever having her in his life. The Xavier I saw before was Dominant and Firm and Caring but you really learn more about him in this book and because of Abby. He's not a character you can ever overlook (like I did) and just having Abby there and how he interacted with her, was affected with her... He wasn't just 'My Liege'--he was felt REAL and Human; and that means a lot to me. I need characters who are 3-dimensional and every novel this author wrote has characters like that!

In this book, you really saw the evolution of the characters--you really saw them evolve and fall in love. You see them get over their individual issues, work them out and oh my, the sex! It hit all the right buttons and then some!

Once I started reading I couldn't stop and I had to at least read this book 3 times already by now! This book won't disappoint you one bit! And for fans of the other Dark Haven stories, you'll definitely see the other characters pop up and give their opinions.

Also, Mrs Sinclair if you're reading this review--please, please do a book about Lindsey and that Enforcer. For supporting characters, I'm just as invested in them as I was in the main characters! But I think personally, this book was probably my favorite of all the Dark Haven.

For everyone else, I won't say it's recommended to read the other Dark Haven stories (and Master of the Abyss who features a Dom from the first Dark Haven anthology--and a sub who is the cousin of the Dom in the second Dark Haven anthology story by Sinclair) but it certainly helps!

But even if you haven't read the others--there is enough in this novel alone that you wouldn't have much trouble following along. It can definitely Stand Alone I think.
(Posted on 8/29/2012)
WOW Review by LynnieP
A really fantastic read. Xavier's story is a great read, he really is a fantastic dom and deserves the happiness he eventually finds with Abby. Abby has issues that she has to work out before she can find happiness with Xavier. Traveling with them on their journey to true fulfilment is a great adventure. Recommend. (Posted on 8/29/2012) on it! Review by Mary
OK, so I just purchased the newest in the Dark Haven series and I admit I haven't read it....YET..... I'll check back tomorrow with my details. In the meantime, I've purchased everything that Cherise Sinclair has written and every single title is rated a 4 or 5 star read. I know I won't be disappointed here! Thank you, Ms. Sinclair, and keep 'em coming! (Posted on 8/28/2012)

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