Dinah's Dark Desire

Mechele Armstrong

Dinah has two hunky best friends, Ian and Taylor. They are there for her during any trauma that comes her way, especially when her boyfriend abuses her. But when they decide they want her between them forever and all ways possibl...
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Dinah has two hunky best friends, Ian and Taylor. They are there for her during any trauma that comes her way, especially when her boyfriend abuses her. But when they decide they want her between them forever and all ways possible, what will she decide about their relationship?

Being with them is the sexiest thing she’s ever done. They arouse her beyond anything she’d ever dreamed possible. And they give her a sense of completion, though she never imagined the American dream with Dick, Jane, and Robert. But when odd things start happening. Ugly things that make her doubt who she’s becoming, she resists her desires, ignoring her gut feelings.

Will she give in to her family’s and society’s pressures? Or will she find a way to give in to her darkest desire, to be the woman in the middle?

  • Note:This book contains sexual acts that may be offensive to some readers, including male/male sexual intercourse and male/female/male menage.
Dinah drifted awake with a sleepy sigh. She stretched, laying on her side, and realized several things at once.

One of them made her swallow, unsure of how to feel about it. Ian lay facing her and his hand was on her breast. A possessive hold, like a lover.

The other was usual. Taylor had spooned her back and his leg was thrown casually over hers. Every time they slept together, she woke up to Taylor’s cuddly embrace in their king-sized bed.

Someone must have carried her to bed. She didn’t remember coming there on her own. Last thing she did remember was snuggling in the living room watching movies and talking about her secret money problems.

She would snuggle up more to Taylor except for Ian’s hand. Shifting, she tried to pull his hand off without waking him, but he tightened his hold. And slid closer to her. His leg drifted over her spread-out legs to touch Taylor’s.

Both men’s muscular legs were encased in sweatpants. Hers were bare except for shorts. She couldn’t move easily. She was effectively trapped.

Ian opened his eyes as he snuggled into her front, his bare chest against her, but keeping his hand on her chest. “Good morning.”

Dinah started to say good morning, but it froze in her mouth as he began to knead her breast through Taylor’s oversized t-shirt, which she’d stolen and started wearing to bed when they’d insisted she sleep with them. All the pajamas she owned were lingerie. She’d been too uncomfortable to wear those with them. They’d ceded to her presence by wearing pajama pants or sweats. She had a feeling when left to themselves, they slept naked.
She swallowed as Ian’s long nimble fingers stroked around her nipple. Heat pooled low in her belly, and the nipple pebbled.

She looked into Ian’s sleepy green eyes. “What are you doing?” She breathed it on a whisper. She’d aimed for a light tone but couldn’t manage it. Not with him touching her.

“Playing,” he answered with his rakish grin. His wavy golden hair was tousled from the night’s sleep.
Before she could respond, Taylor slid closer to her back, his bare chest against her, and his large hand positioned itself on her stomach. “Good morning, Di.”

“Good morning, Taylor.” She breathed deeply, Ian’s fingers on her nipple making it hard to think. She felt moisture build in her sex. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t supposed to turn her on. They were all friends.
Ian palmed her breast, squeezing it gently. Dinah’s mouth went dry.

When Taylor’s hand slid further down her stomach, she jumped. Ian’s touch was making her skin charged. She tilted her head to look at Taylor. He smiled at her, his ebony hair shining in the low light of the morning. He brushed her hair from her eyes, and he kissed her cheek at the same time his hand breached her underwear.

“Taylor,” she gasped, as his hand slid into her slick wetness. One finger delved in to find how creamy she was, how much this was making her burn. That should have embarrassed her but didn’t. She couldn’t think with them touching her about why this was wrong. All she could do was let the sensations take her. It needed to stop, but she couldn’t express it. Or even say why.

His eyes shut, and he growled low and deep in his throat. “God, Di.” His finger parted her folds and flicked her nub. Her hips arched up in pleasure. “Your clit’s so hard.” Taylor panted.

She moved her leg slightly, and it came into contact with his erection.

That brought her back to this needing to stop. She couldn’t let it continue. “Taylor … this isn’t …”

Taylor continued as Ian lowered his head and took her nipple into his hot wet mouth through the t-shirt. His tongue flicked back and forth along it. He rocked his hips against her leg, and she felt his hardness against her.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned and tried to get some reason into her brain, which was being assaulted by sensations. “Oh, god …” she tried again.

Taylor stilled, but didn’t remove his fingers, and Ian didn’t stop but continued to suckle her through the shirt.

“Do you trust me?” Taylor whispered and lightly swirled one finger around her. She writhed, the barely-there touch making her want more, want it harder. Her breath caught in her throat as she tried to focus on what he said. His blue eyes looked intently into hers. “Do you trust Ian?”

Ian lifted his head, removing his mouth from her breast, but his hand came up to pinch the nipple.

“Yyyyyyesss,” she stammered out, still caught in the web of desire, her mind not working well. “I trust you … but …”

“I won’t do anything you don’t want me to,” he whispered. “If you want me to stop, I’ll stop. Tell me no, and it ends. But right now, I don’t think that’s what you want.” Taylor wiggled one finger around her folds, causing new moisture to flood into his fingers. He and Ian eased her completely onto her back from her side. “Your body is telling me you want this to continue. Let yourself go, Di. Completely. We’ll take this slow.”

Copyright © Mechele Armstrong


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A good story Review by Lauren
Good menage story between Dinah, Ian, and Taylor trying to deal with her abusive ex-boyfriend and their growing love. (Posted on 7/17/2013)

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