Dinah's Christmas Desire

Mechele Armstrong

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Ian wants to take Dinah and Taylor out wearing their sexy new Christmas presents, but Dinah has other ideas. Will she convince Ian to stay home and do a little rocking underneath the Christmas tree?...
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Full Description

Ian wants to take Dinah and Taylor out wearing their sexy new Christmas presents, but Dinah has other ideas. Will she convince Ian to stay home and do a little rocking underneath the Christmas tree?

  • Note:This is a male-male-female love story and contains homoerotic sex acts that may be offensive to some readers.
Ian had already dressed for the evening. She sighed. They would never convince him not to go to this Christmas Eve party. But she’d rather stay home and make some magic between the three of them under the mistletoe. So, tradition spoke only of kissing under it. Didn’t mean it had to stop there.

With a mischievous grin, Ian said, “Open it.” He sat on the bed with legs spread open. The bulge of his cock was outlined by his thin black pants. “Not me, Dinah. It.” Once upon a time, being caught staring would have made her shy. Now, it only made her smile. He waved a hand. “Go ahead.”

Taylor tore into the wrapping. “Oh, it’s been a long time, man.” His mouth quirked up into a grin. “Too long.” She glanced over to read from the package. He’d opened a vibrating anal plug.

She blinked. It had a remote. “A butt plug?”

“Oh, yeah.” Taylor ripped into it before taking the device out to hand to Ian. “You doing the honors?”

“After Dinah opens hers.”

“It’s not Christmas yet. Or are you trying to be naughty?” She looked warily at the gift.

“I’m always naughty. I want you and Taylor to have these presents early. We always opened one the night before Christmas. I’m just choosing which ones you two open tonight.”

Taylor swiftly unbuttoned the top to his pants before dropping them to the floor. His cock sprang up, huge in front of his body.

Dinah couldn’t tear her eyes away as he got on the bed. He shifted up on hands and knees, butt in the air. Then, he wiggled his naked self back and forth, knowing that they watched.

“Open it, Dinah.” Ian tilted his head to the side as he watched Taylor, unable to look away as well.

She quickly tore off the paper. Looked down to find a vibrating egg with a remote. Pulling her gaze up from it, she watched as Ian got on the bed behind Taylor. “Are we wearing these to the party?” Her heart raced. This wasn’t anything she’d done before. A vibrator? In public? Her mouth dried with her excitement. “Won’t people hear them?”

Ian squirted some lube into his hands, warming it up. “I doubt anyone’s heard the anal plug. The vibrator is supposed to be quiet. And it’ll be tucked up inside of you.”

Her whole body rocked to its core. Now, what he’d said primed her desire, but it wasn’t as stimulating as the scene in front of her. Taylor’s head came up as Ian penetrated him with the plug.

Not a more perfect sight had ever been seen, except maybe when Ian was naked, too. Two muscular men draped all over each other. Her men. She bit her lip. The two of them making out could be almost as sexy as it was with her in the middle … but only almost.

“It’s in.” One of Ian’s hands went around to cup Taylor’s cock, cresting around it. The other took a small black key ring from his pocket. Pushing a button, Ian cocked his head as Taylor’s body straightened out in a line. “It works.”

Taylor’s hips bucked. “No shit.”

Her breathing erratic, Dinah slipped on the bed behind Ian. “Why are we going out tonight?”

“He wants to torture us.” Taylor’s voice came muffled. “Can we get on with the party, so we can hurry home?”

Ian clicked off the remote before slipping it in his pocket. His hand withdrew from Taylor as Dinah plastered herself against Ian’s back. She rubbed her breasts against him. Her hands skimmed to his hips.

“I want to try these out. We don’t have to stay long.” Ian extricated himself, taking the vibrator from Dinah’s hands. “Take off your underwear. I’ll help you put it in.”

Copyright © Mechele Armstrong


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