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Calvin Quarry thinks Felix Bracks is a fantastic lover. He fulfills all of Cal's deepest fantasies, allowing him to fully embrace the wanton side of his sexuality. But Cal's fantasy shatters when he realizes Felix was the driver i...
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Calvin Quarry thinks Felix Bracks is a fantastic lover. He fulfills all of Cal's deepest fantasies, allowing him to fully embrace the wanton side of his sexuality. But Cal's fantasy shatters when he realizes Felix was the driver in a fatal accident that killed Cal's best friend back in high school.

Forgiving Felix his past transgressions is hard, but when Cal's young cousin Robby becomes entangled in a dark and dangerous affair, Cal realizes there's more to both their stories than what meets the eye. As a journalism major, Cal has a duty to not only shed light on the sinister world young Robby has stumbled into, but also to uncover the truth about Felix's accident so many years before.

But those they fight have power, and ways of making them and their families suffer. Cal and Felix have to be willing to sacrifice everything to stop these horrors from happening again. But this wasn't what either signed up for. This was supposed to be a casual sex hookup anonymously scheduled online. Can they truly trust each other enough to bring the crimes of the past to light, or will their budding relationship be demolished in the process?

After four weeks of online flirtations and cybersex, Calvin Quarry finally got up the nerve to meet Bikenut in person.

Meet wasn’t the correct term. Screw worked better. Bikenut agreed to host. Cal would knock on the man’s apartment door five times, walk in, and he would be grabbed and taken aggressively and quickly. Then he’d depart.

It was the kind of online hookup Cal always dreamed of engaging in but never had the nerve to. But after weeks of conversations online with the guy with the username Bikenut, a series of photographs showing the man’s impressive endowments, and the guy’s general sense of good humor and intelligence, Cal gave in to his fantasies and arranged the meeting.

His heart beat frantically as he pulled into the parking lot of the apartment complex. He’d driven an excruciating speed limit the entire way, terrified of being pulled over while sporting a boner. As it was, he had to pull his jacket over his groin as he made his way to the second floor and walked the narrow outdoor ramp to apartment 215, hoping the flush of his cheeks and the look in his eyes made him appear inebriated rather than just incredibly aroused.

He was so nervous and excited he could hardly breathe. He knocked five times.

The door flew open, and someone reached out and grabbed him by the jacket. The man dragged him inside and shoved him against the wall, kicking shut the door behind him.

Cal’s breath left him in a quick gush of panic. The apartment’s entryway was dimly lit by a single lamp, so few details were visible, let alone the face of the man who grabbed him.

And he had no time to take in the scene in any case. The man pinned Cal by the shoulders against the wall and kissed him, biting open Calvin’s lips to force a response.

Terror mixed with arousal, as the rational part of his brain reminded him that he didn’t even know Bikenut’s real name; all he’d ever seen of the man were online photos of his dick, and this could very well be the moment he’d be assaulted and murdered.

His unknown lover kissed him, his hands roaming freely.

“You okay?” the man whispered into the side of Cal’s mouth. His voice was rough but sounded sincere. “Is this still what you want?”

Relief flooded Cal, and he allowed himself to let go and indulge in the fantasy. “Yes, don’t stop,” he said. He kissed the man deeply, their bodies crushed together against the sparsely decorated entryway. As the man ground his groin into Cal’s, Cal could feel a massive hardness there. Part of the reason Cal had been interested in Bikenut’s online profile in the first place, besides the fact that he was one of the few on who lived in Bellingham, Washington, had been the size of his cock.

And while it was a perhaps shallow way to judge a partner, it was exactly what he wanted in a casual encounter—thick, circumcised, and long, with nearly hairless testicles hanging low beneath.

Cal could feel all that heat and strength now straining through the fabric of the man’s trousers, and he couldn’t wait to get his hands around it. He made a desperate thrust with his groin, and Bikenut growled into his mouth.

“You want a safe word?” the man whispered huskily.

Cal couldn’t think that hard at this point. “Uh, can I just tell you to stop?”

“Of course.” The man pulled from Cal’s lips and grabbed him by the arm, dragging him down a short hall into his bedroom.

The room was simply and tastefully furnished, an obvious shopping spree at Ikea, kept meticulously clean. The double bed against the wall was made and the lights were off, but the room was visible by two dimmed floor lamps, emitting enough light for the men to see each other but not enough to be embarrassing.

“Strip,” the man ordered, shoving Cal toward the bed. Cal trembled as he pulled his shirt over his head, unbuckled his jeans, kicked off his shoes. He hesitated with his underwear, but there really wasn’t any point being shy. His cock proudly displayed itself beyond the elastic band in any case.

As he removed the last of his clothing, he caught sight of his lover, standing with arms folded, face shadowed in the dark.

“Aren’t you going to undress?” Cal asked. He didn’t like the tremor in his voice that gave away so much of his excitement.

“No.” He remained in the shadows, expression hidden, as Cal had requested. But now Cal wanted to know what he looked like.

Once naked, Cal stood there, feeling a little foolish so exposed next to a man who was still wearing his shoes. The man said nothing, and Cal could only assume he took in Cal’s nudity. Only the quickening of the other man’s breathing suggested interest.

At least Cal still had his swimmer’s body, with strong broad shoulders tapering to his narrow waist. His ass was small but muscular, and his cock was fully erect, already pearling on his stomach in anticipation. “Now what?”

“Lay yourself spread-eagle across the bed,” the man ordered.

Cal made to lay face forward, but Bikenut rushed over, grabbed his arm, and flipped him with surprising strength. “Face down!” he demanded.

Cal swallowed back fear and excitement in equal measures. He lay there, face smashed against the pillow, as he felt the man lower his weight onto the bed. His hands started at Cal’s ankles and slid up the insides of Cal’s calves. The feeling was incredible—shocking in its intimacy and warmth. How could something as simple as another man’s hand on the inside of his leg be so very erotic?

When his hands reached Cal’s knees, he spread open Cal’s legs to the limits of their flexibility. He slid his hands up the rest of the way to Cal’s ass and cupped the testicles underneath.

“Lift up your ass,” he whispered. His voice had gotten very husky. Cal complied, bringing his legs in a bit to hold himself up. The man began a thorough exploration of Cal’s cock and balls, pumping him with expertise, running his finger up to the crack of his ass, and Cal’s entire body shook with unspent excitement.

He felt wet, coiling warmth as the man’s tongue swept under his testicles, and Cal nearly lost it in that moment. The man’s tongue swept up the shaft of Cal’s cock and prodded into his glans before swiping down again, licking up what had already leaked out.

His technique was expert and overwhelming, and Cal could do little but lie there and take it. He’d never thought anything would rival being topped for giving up control, but this came damn close. He was stunned into paralysis, his entire body aflame, every move of the man’s hands and tongue shooting through the core of him.

“On your knees. Spread your legs more. Don’t fucking move.”

Cal’s breaths came in rapid, trembling gasps as he took position. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Bikenut reach to the bedside table and grab a condom packet and lube.

Cal turned his head and got his first good look at the man who was about to fuck him.

He was not disappointed. The man’s chiseled jaw, dark, arching eyebrows, and thick black hair were as handsome as Cal had hoped for. His dark brown eyes were large and full of mischief. His heart-shaped lips were red and wide.

And Cal realized he’d seen this face before.

The realization came about the same time Bikenut ripped open the condom packet and scooted back into position. The recognition tickled the back of Cal’s mind. He knew that mouth. He recognized that face, even though it was different now. How did he know him?

Cal glanced between his legs, watching as the man unbuckled his trousers and withdrew his large cock. He didn’t bother to undress any more than that. Cal studied his hair and dark brown eyes. Yes, he knew him when he was younger. There was something about the way those lips parted…

At once, Cal remembered the name of the man about to penetrate him, and his arousal vanished.

“Stop. Stop!” Cal cried, horrified. He shot to his feet. His hands trembled with adrenaline and arousal as he frantically pulled on his underwear and jeans. “You’re Felix Bracks, aren’t you?”

Felix looked confused. His lips were flush with what he’d been doing, his hefty cock grasped in his left hand, poised to receive the condom he held with his right. Cal thought he looked beautiful. The kid he’d known in high school had grown into a drop-dead gorgeous adult, but that didn’t change who he was.

Felix crunched his eyebrows together and studied Cal’s face. “Wait… Did we go to high school together?”

All the erotic tension Cal felt for this hookup fled in the realization of whom he’d accidentally chatted up. “Jesus. Of all people… I gotta go.” Cal struggled to buckle his jeans and grabbed his shirt off the floor.

“Wait!” Felix stuffed himself back into his trousers and stood. He stumbled but caught himself on the edge of the bed. All the self-assured sexual charm he’d flashed a moment ago vanished. He approached slowly. “Calvin, right? From the swim team? I remember you.” Felix swallowed. Cal noticed he had a very large Adam’s apple. It was one of his turn-ons, and he cursed himself for finding the idea of anonymous hookups so exciting.

“It’s taken us over a month to get to this point, so don’t go,” Felix said. “Have a drink with me, at least.”

“No, this was a mistake.” Cal forced his feet into his shoes and headed toward the front door.

Felix followed after him. “I promise you won’t regret it. I’m very good.”

Cal’s body responded to the words even though his stomach clenched just thinking about it.

“There’s no way. If I’d known it was you… No way.” Note to self. In the future, always ask for a headshot.

He reached for the door. Felix gripped his shoulder. “Don’t leave, please.” Felix smiled nervously.

“As a rule I don’t let killers fuck me,” Cal said.

Copyright © Astrid Amara


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