Dawn of the Alpha

Lacey Savage

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She’s lost in a fog of sexual temptation... Indentured pleasure servant Rhyanne Hamilton has been trained in the carnal arts her entire life. Though she's never been able to put her skills to use, she knows it's just a ma...
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Full Description

She’s lost in a fog of sexual temptation...

Indentured pleasure servant Rhyanne Hamilton has been trained in the carnal arts her entire life. Though she's never been able to put her skills to use, she knows it's just a matter of time until she must submit to the whims of a master. Desperate to live her own life, Rhyanne seizes what might be her one chance to escape: Festival Night.

Although the Terran Government regulates every service and commodity -- including sex -- for 364 days of the year, worshipers of Saint Valentine have free reign to indulge their base instincts on February 14. Hedonistic, explicit displays of sexual devotion surround her from all sides, suffusing her body with aching temptation.

Then one man's feral, predatory hunger awakens hidden desires and places her entire plan in jeopardy. The Alpha beckons...

But is he her rescuer... or her downfall?

If not for needing to fulfill an obligation to his benefactor, Quinton "Quinn" Stillwell would never return to Earth. Here, the Terran Government rules every aspect of its citizens’ lives. Marriage has been outlawed. Romantic love is unheard of. And without exception, everyone thought to be a carrier of the Alpha shapeshifting gene -- everyone like him -- is under a death sentence.

But his benefactor is also the woman who owns Rhyanne's contract, and he owes her -- big. Urged to find Rhyanne before it's too late, he braves the bold, carnal pull of the Festival to track down his prey. Her essence calls to him, and something about Rhyanne’s soft, vulnerable body awakens every possessive instinct in his feral nature.

But Quinn isn't the only one looking for Rhyanne...

  • Note:This book has graphic sexual content that may be objectionable to some readers: mild BDSM, forced seduction, anal sex.
The vacuum’s inner core rattled with the glass remnants of her last attempt to master the serving walk as she picked her way precariously to the mess on the floor. The previous endeavor had ended much like this one, with her scrambling to pick up the pieces of broken goblets while Faye swatted her ass with her switch.

When the peal of the doorbell rang through the house, announcing the arrival of Faye’s guest, Rhyanne was still bent over, gathering up the last of the shards. The scrape on her ankle had been superficial at best, and hadn’t required any tending to. The stocking, however, was ruined and would need to be changed.

She heard Faye rushing through the foyer to open the door. For a moment, she thought about standing up to see the man who’d caused Faye to change her orderly plans for the evening, but thought better of it. She knew what her Mistress expected, and it was total obedience. She’d been instructed to clean up the shards before the visitor arrived, and that was exactly what she intended to do.

Low murmurs came from the foyer. A rich, masculine voice swept through the hall, though Rhyanne couldn’t make out his words over the hum of the vacuum so close to her ear. Fay’s laugh, genuine and completely unexpected, rang out clearly.

Only an open archway separated her from Faye and the newcomer. Ensuring she’d picked up every last shard, Rhyanne turned off the vacuum, ending the soft whirr of the machine’s motor, then dared a glance over her shoulder.

What she saw took her breath away.

Her gaze locked with the bluest eyes she’d ever glimpsed. A deep, dark sapphire, they twinkled slightly in response to the slight upturn of his lips, seeming to beckon her closer.

And, oh, Saints, those lips! The man’s mouth was full and sensual, hinting at pleasurable delights. The scruffy beginnings of a beard marred his square jaw and stole up his cheeks toward his lean cheekbones. His straight nose set off his blue eyes. Dark eyebrows slashed perfectly over them, matching the deep brown hue of his short hair.

A tight uniform she recognized as that of a space-faring trader encased a lean, muscular physique. Unable to resist, she glanced between his legs, where she could discern the thick length of his rapidly awakening cock.

Rhyanne took a deep breath, willing her hammering heart to slow. What had gotten into her? She’d seen men before. She’d been near them. And yet she’d never had this kind of instinctual, deeply arousing response to anyone. Her entire body heated from the inside, her sex pulsing rhythmically, almost in expectation.

Oh, this was bad. Very, very bad. She couldn’t afford a distraction. If Faye gave her leave, she had to take it and run at the first opportunity. She couldn’t stand here wishing for this man’s hands, his mouth, or any other part of his delectable anatomy.

She licked her lips slowly and watched him follow the motion. His sapphire eyes deepened as his gaze raked over her body, then he cast a quick glance at Faye, raising an eyebrow. “You’ve really outdone yourself this time. I daresay that is the hottest piece of ass I’ve ever seen.”

A rush of heat crept up Rhyanne’s cheeks. She’d been so spellbound by the man, she hadn’t given any thought to her rather revealing position … kneeling on all fours, her pussy gaping open for his intimate inspection.

Rising to her feet was more of a challenge than she’d expected. She wobbled for a moment while she fought to keep her balance, then released a breath when her limbs stopped trembling.

Faye beamed a smile his way. The sight of it sent an icy chill down Rhyanne’s veins. She knew that look. She’d seen it in the eyes of her teachers when the time came for her contract to be purchased by a master.

“She’s yours, Quinn. All yours.”

Copyright © Lacey Savage


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