Dark Side of Passion

Sheri Gilmore

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Explore a young woman's longing for things she thinks she can't have and another woman's insatiable curiosity into what really happens behind darkened windows. An ancient god's and a modern-day vampire's search for the perfect ...
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Explore a young woman's longing for things she thinks she can't have and another woman's insatiable curiosity into what really happens behind darkened windows.

An ancient god's and a modern-day vampire's search for the perfect women to meet their needs come to an end in the one night of the year when the dead are free to wander the earth amongst mortal men, as the veil between the worlds is pierced through rituals of passion, fear, and blood.

Contains the stories: Things We Do in the Dark and A Woman's Offering.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM themes and content, blood rituals. The stories in this volume were previously released in Rites of Passion and Spirited.
Jarrett Morgan wrapped a hand in the long red tresses, pulling the woman’s head back. Long, thick eyelashes flicked upward to reveal startled hazel eyes. Her mouth parted in surprise. Oh, what he could do with that mouth.

“Suck me.” He exerted pressure on her head, but she resisted.

“You’re crazy.” Her soft voice half laughed and half protested.

“Am I?” His fingers massaged her nape, urging her nearer. “Play with me, Diana, and I’ll show you a world you only ever dreamed existed. It will be a revelation.”

“Aren’t there rules?” She scooted closer.

“Just do what I say.” With his free hand he unzipped his pants.

“What happens if I don’t?” Her hands gripped either side of his hips.

“I punish you.”

She pushed away with her hands, but without breaking his hold. Her wide eyes held curiosity, fear, and desire. “I’m not into subjugation and humiliation. I’ve worked too hard to get to where I am in my profession and life to play ‘slave’ to some man.”

He focused on her desire. She wanted this, just like all the other ones that had wandered into this club, wanting to experience something “wilder” than their world offered. Something “other.” What they didn’t want was for anyone in their lives to find out what kind of games they played in the dark of night.

Jarrett smiled. He could call her a hypocrite, but wouldn’t. She, as well as the others, provided him with the sustenance he craved. What did it matter to him if he never saw them or heard from them after their playtime was over? “This is between you and me. No one will know unless you tell them.”

“I’ll know.” She frowned up at him.

“I won’t do anything you won’t like.” Jarrett leaned down and nibbled beside her mouth.

She turned her head, preventing him from taking her lips. “What if I don’t like something?”

Damn, she asked a lot more questions than the others usually did. “You say the safe word and I’ll stop.”

“Which is?”

“Licorice whips.”

She laughed. The sound played along his nerve endings, sending a surge of energy into his system. Ah, she’s so strong. He could feed off her, absorbing her energy, for days just by being close to her. He lowered his head and stared into her eyes.

“I want to fuck you.” His grip tightened. He had to have this one.

Her smile vanished, but she kept her gaze on his face. Then she turned quickly, breaking his hold, dropping to her knees, with her back and ass facing him.

Jarrett’s cock swelled. She’d come twice earlier, when he’d used his tongue and teeth, so he knew she would be wet. He flicked his tongue out and around; the taste of her cunt was still sticky-sweet on his lips. Her scent wafted upward to his nostrils, and he breathed in deeply, closing his eyes at the smell of fresh pussy.

A tingling spread from the base of his spine into his cock. It was time. With a low growl he pinned her upper body face-down to the bed, stretching her arms up and out across the mattress. His thighs wedged between hers, spreading her for his invasion. If he could crawl into her skin and absorb her into himself, he would, but that wasn’t the way the transfer took place. He needed sex for completion.

She gasped, trying to rise, but he pushed forward, filling her hot cunt with his cock in one try. Goddess, she was so tight.

“God!” Her head slammed into his shoulder with her scream.

The desire to pump into her body full-force rose like a rabid animal, but he fought it. He had to make certain she was willing to accept him. A bead of sweat ran down his cheek as he clenched his jaw tight for control. “Remember…the safe word?”

“Y-Yes.” She trembled beneath him, causing a fresh surge of power to flow into him.

“Anytime you wish to stop, say it. Understand?” Jarrett pushed his cock further into her pussy, trying to hold back the strokes, but he couldn’t. Something about her body, her scent, made him want to devour her all at once. He couldn’t understand his lack of control. He hadn’t had this much trouble harnessing his hunger since he was a hormone-laden teenager.

“Yes.” Her fingernails dug into the sheets, making a shredding sound that tore along his nerve endings.

Jarrett kissed her hair. “If you don’t say the safe word, though, I will take you the way I want.” Please don’t say it anytime soon.

She moaned, burying her face in the mattress; his hunger and excitement intensified.

“I’ll take you the way I need.” His tongue traced the outline of her ear.

“Yes, please.”

He stilled at her words, hoping he had her ultimate agreement. “Please what?”

She hesitated, as if unsure how to answer. “Please…take me. Fuck me.”

Jarrett almost laughed with his sigh of relief. She was so sweet, so mundane. Diana Poe knew nothing of his world, but she was about to learn. Without another word, he dug his fingers into her hips, bringing her back against him as he crashed into the warmth of her body, stretching her tight hole wide to accept him.

She muffled her scream in the bedclothes, but didn’t utter anything that sounded like the safe word.

“Your pussy is so sweet.” His hands gripped her tighter. He couldn’t get enough.

Her juices gushed around him, between them, as her moan of pleasure filled the air.

He felt the thrill of triumph. He’d found Diana Poe’s weakness -- dirty talk during sex. If that was what she liked, he’d sure let her have it. Wrapping her long hair in his hand, he pulled her head back with his next thrust.

“After I make you come again with my cock, I’m going to make you come while I eat you out.” He bit the soft flesh hard below her ear, then suckled to ease the pain.

“Jesus!” Her scream coincided with a spasm of her body, clenching around him so hard, Jarrett had to grit his teeth to hold his own orgasm at bay. It’s not time.

He pulled out, turning her onto her back. Her heavy pants sounded in his ear. Grabbing her under the shoulders, he lifted her up onto the bed, then straddled her shoulders, looking down at her chest heaving up and down with the effort to catch her breath.

“Eat me, Diana.”

Her eyes opened, studying his wet cock in her face. She pushed a hand through her hair and laughed. “You said you were going to eat me.”

His hand tightened in the top part of her hair, and he gave a hard, painful tug, lifting her face to his groin.

“Oww!” She grabbed at his hand, prying at his fingers.

He reached deep inside himself for that dead space and felt his face go void of emotion. “Do it.”

She stilled, staring up at him without a sound, but nodded slowly. Her lips wrapped around his cock, sucking him deeper into the hot, wet recesses of her throat.

Jarrett’s body jerked in reaction, and he released her head. The feel of her tongue gliding over and around the sensitive skin of his cock forced his head back. Holding her face with both hands, he pumped his hips into her mouth, faster, harder. Any second --

“Jarrett, I need you, now!” Drayden Maslow’s voice broke through the ecstasy building in his balls.

Jarrett focused on the opened door, realizing his lover had stiffened with shocked silence. Cold air hit his cock as she spit him from her mouth. He reached for her, but she scooted away, pulling the sheet around her lower body.

She swatted at his hands. “Licorice whips.” The husky, sex-hazed voice dripped with a self-deprecating chill.

“Diana --”

“Jarrett, I need you to help me find Nolan.” Drayden’s voice brooked no argument or excuse. “He tried to drain Jessi.”

“Shit!” Jarrett’s attention turned toward his leader, who stood in the doorway. “Give me a second. I’ll be there.”

Drayden disappeared, leaving the door ajar.

Jarrett grabbed the opening of his pants, hitching them higher on his hips. Beside him Diana scrambled for her clothes, trying to keep her nakedness hidden.

“What’s wrong?” She glanced up at him as she searched the floor.

She might be embarrassed by her loss of control with him, but he noticed her reporter instincts worked just fine when the hint of disorder and mischief was around.

“Probably nothing a good bottle of absinthe wouldn’t take care of.” He hoped. Drayden Maslow’s brother had been getting more and more out of hand lately. After the fiasco in Mississippi, House Meroveus couldn’t afford any more publicity.

She stopped and stared at him. “That’s illegal.”

Jarrett grinned down at her. “Yeah, it is, but so is what I was just doing to you, in about five states of this country.”

“Nolan, hang on!” The voice sounded farther and more desperate.

Jarrett headed for the door. “I gotta go. Stay here.” He hesitated. “I’ll be back later.”

“I can’t.” She rose from the bed and strode past him.

He caught her wrist. “What do you mean, you can’t?”

“I shouldn’t have come here tonight. This isn’t…me.” She glanced around, not looking him in the face. In the dim light, Jarrett could make out a flush to her cheeks.

His grip tightened on her arm. He wasn’t sure why it bothered him this time that a one-night stand had regrets about having sex with someone outside her own social circle. “So, you’re…what? Slumming?”

She shook her arm free and grabbed her purse. “Look, it was fun, but I have to go.”

“We’re not through, Diana Poe.” He leaned close to her ear, whispering the promise like the threat it was. “Our chemistry is too strong. I need your energy.”

“You’ve got the wrong girl for this shit!” She rushed past him, but he caught her, spinning her around to face him. Her breasts pressed into his chest, stabbing him with her hardened nipples.

“No, you’re the right girl.” He traced her lip with his forefinger, liking the soft plumpness of her bottom lip. “You need someone to set you free, break that control.”

“You’re insane.” She pushed past him, heading for the door and the darkened hallway.

Jarrett watched her go and mumbled, “No. I’m a witch with a need for your sex.”

The energy she took with her sapped his strength, but he ignored the slack, turning toward the roof and his duty. Diana Poe would have to wait until another night. He looked back at her retreating form. And a very special night that would be.
Copyright © Sheri Gilmore, March 2009
All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sheri Gilmore


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