Dark Elves 4: Dissent

Jet Mykles

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Her brother Geriman killed her husband, so now the two of them are on the run. Out of options, they take their chances on a trip through the Dark Forest, but they’re captured by the “dark denizens” that they&rsqu...
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Her brother Geriman killed her husband, so now the two of them are on the run. Out of options, they take their chances on a trip through the Dark Forest, but they’re captured by the “dark denizens” that they’d been warned about. These beautifully cruel elves take them into the darkness and use them for selfish, sexual pleasure.

No human has been born who can withstand the full force of raedjour sexual pleasures for long. Jarak and his men are dispatched to rescue Marisol and her brother, but they come too late. They save them from death, but now there is a quandary.

What to do with the traumatized humans? Life among the raedjour is in upheaval and traditions of the last four thousand cycles of seasons may not apply. And Jarak’s and Marisol’s attraction only complicates matter.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be pleasured nearly to death?

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Bondage, domination/submission, male/male sexual practices, and dubious consent.

    It also contains explicit artwork by the author, which makes the files excessively large. If your server cannot handle long download times, you may need to contact customer service, but please try first. As with the previous books, if you purchase the Mobipocket formatting, you will need to contact customer service for access to the image files.
Salin rolled his eyes, chuckling at his truemate’s overly sweet tone. They all knew, after all, why he’d come. Yes, Salin would want a report of one of his warriors down and the rogues coming closer to the city, but it could have waited until he left the suite. Jarak’s coming was a silent request that Diana had just answered in the affirmative.

Jarak grinned, shrugging out of his vest as he approached the platform. He tossed it aside and knelt on the padded surface, leaning toward Diana.

“Boots,” she murmured, hands sliding up his shoulders.

“I’ll get them,” Salin offered, sitting up.

Jarak was a little surprised at the offer, but he didn’t let it bother him. Diana’s soft black lips parted as she smiled, beckoning him. He sank into her embrace, sealing his mouth to hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck, spearing fingers into his hair to guide his head to the angle she preferred. He let the drugging scent of her permeate his head from nose and mouth, inhaling her eagerly, needing her to forget his failed mission and the friend who was dead.

She might have sensed it, or perhaps not. Like most women, when Diana was in heat, she literally breathed sexuality. During the moons of her heat, she couldn’t get enough of it and she’d take it where she could get it.

Salin was more than aware of this and, like most men, welcomed the help. Although they were of a race with more sexual stamina than most, even a male raedjour couldn’t always completely satisfy his truemate during her heat. Most didn’t even try. Without complaint, Salin tugged off Jarak’s boots, then helped him remove his pants. When he had Jarak naked, he slapped his side, helping the younger man to adjust position so that he finally lay fully atop Diana.

“Mmm,” she hummed, wrapping her legs around his waist. “I adore your lips.”

He smiled, nuzzling her neck, lapping at the light sheen of oil that covered her velvety skin. He rocked his hips into hers, letting his cock slide in the bend between her thigh and her groin. “I’d hoped you’d adore other things more.”

She chuckled darkly. “Oh, I adore that, too.” She pulled his head back so she could look in his eyes. “But first, I want you to put those lips to good use. Tongue, too.”

Jarak knew exactly what she meant. “Yes, my lady.”

She sighed happily, spreading her thighs wider as he kissed his way down her body. “You’re such a good boy.”

Across the room, Salin laughed. “I knew you liked him best.”

She cried out softly when Jarak’s lips closed gently around her clit. Her entire groin was alive and engorged for sex, so there was no nuzzling to locate it. There was no amount of curly hair to protect it. There was only the delicious, juicy-red ripeness of her folds, such a startling, gorgeous contrast to the glossy black of her skin.

“Why wouldn’t I like him best?” She purred. Jarak felt her fingers toy with his hair. “He’s always been so attentive toward me.”

“I seem to remember a few times he’s helped me to tie you down.”

She grunted and smiled wickedly at Jarak when he glanced up at her. “He was only following your instructions, bastard.”

Smiling, Jarak rewarded her with a hard suck on her clit, just the way she liked it.

She laughed, tossing back her head into the pillows.

The platform moved beside Jarak as he enjoyed his tasty meal. Salin stretched out at Diana’s side, holding small bites of fruit to her lips as she sampled from his fingers. There were many who wondered if Diana actually loved Salin. She was certainly close-lipped about it and rarely spared him the sharper side of her tongue, but those people never saw them like this, when the love in her face was patently obvious, even as another man pleasured her.

He envied them. Of all the truemated pairs he knew, they were the ones he was both truly happy for and truly envious of. He wanted what they had. He lived with the common raedjour realization that the odds that he would have what they had were slim. Few women came through the Dark Forest anymore, not that many ever had. Caravans of humans would still occasionally bring some through, but those were becoming better and better fortified. Some even had a wizard or magic-worker aboard, which the wise raedjour stayed away from.

He bent his head to his task, enjoying the generous gift of Diana’s body. He waited, knowing her body well enough now to feel the signs that it was time to use his fingers. He felt a wave of pleasure from her, as would any raedjour with a lover. It was nothing compared to what Salin would feel through their truematch bond, but it was a warm, welcome feeling nonetheless that hardened his cock and made it difficult to wait.

He didn’t have to wait long. Fingers pulled at his hair, and he glanced up to see Diana clutching Salin’s head, kissing him fiercely. Her hand’s demand, however, was clear to Jarak. He knelt, pushing her thighs up and apart. She let her hand slide down his chest, found his cock, squeezed as she guided it blindly to her entrance.

Tight. He was amazed that any woman who had been fucked as often and as well as Diana could still be a snug fit. But that was part of the change, part of what Rhae’s spell had done to her, a gift to make up for her lost humanity. He pushed into that hot sheath, closing his eyes and pausing when he was all the way in, just to savor the feeling.

She didn’t allow him to enjoy it long. Always demanding, she slid her hand as far as she could around his hip and dug in her nails, urging him to grind into her.

Without looking, Salin reached down and gripped Jarak’s other hip, urging him on. Since Salin’s arm was longer, he was able to reach farther behind and slap Jarak’s ass.

Jarak laughed. “Pushy,” he growled, leaning forward on his good arm, shoving hard and deep into Diana’s warmth.

Salin pulled back from Diana. She gasped, throwing her arms up above her head to grip the wooden headboard braced against the stone wall. She tilted her head back into the pillows and furs, biting her lush bottom lip as she rocked into Jarak’s thrusts.

Head down, Jarak was still aware of Salin crawling around behind him. His skin tingled, hyperaware of his former master. There was no man Jarak admired more, no idol he strove to be more like. Just being near the man, even after hundreds of cycles of close association with him, was a thrill.

So when Salin’s fingers sank into his hair and pulled his head back, Jarak’s gasp was one of pure, hedonistic pleasure.

“Spread your legs,” Salin murmured darkly into Jarak’s ear.

Eagerly, he complied, leaning farther forward over Diana’s writhing body.

Perhaps sensing what they were doing, Diana’s chin came down and her sparkling hazel eyes opened, displaying vivid hunger. Grinning lustily, she gripped her own knees to pull them farther up and apart, tilting her hips up to give Jarak more room to bend over comfortably.

Salin chuckled, sliding his thumbs down Jarak’s spine from the nape of his neck to the top of his ass. “She does love to see you get fucked,” he murmured, thumbs continuing their journey downward, spreading Jarak’s ass.

“I do,” Diana purred, locking her gaze with Jarak’s. “And you always win at wrestling.” She pouted. “So I never get to see it anymore.”

Rhae bless you, wonderful, wonderful woman! Jarak chuckled. “You can’t -- ah!” -- the pressure of Salin’s cock pressed into his opening -- “see it now.”

Hard, hot heat forged slowly inside. Jarak shivered at the heat curling up his spine from the dual assault of penetration from behind during his own invasion from in front.

“But I can see your face,” Diana murmured. Soft hands traced the cords of his neck, which were no doubt strained. “So hot, so beautiful.”

She thought he was beautiful. She always said it. She was very careful to praise him whenever they had sex, very careful to let him know that she appreciated him. He knew he was one of the few to receive positive treatment from this woman.

Salin leaned into him, forcing him lower over Diana. Unconsciously, he tried to lean on his bad arm and hissed at the pain. Salin’s strong arm wrapped around his chest from behind, yanking him off of the wounded arm and holding him steady. “Move.” That hot, commanding voice caressed the sensitive rim of his ear.

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