Dark Elves 3: Salvation

Jet Mykles

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Irin was raised among the raedjour--dark elves bred by their goddess for sexual pleasure. When Irin was a toddler, sorcerers cast a protective spell on her to quell the lustful urges of those around her. Under that spell and the w...
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Irin was raised among the raedjour--dark elves bred by their goddess for sexual pleasure. When Irin was a toddler, sorcerers cast a protective spell on her to quell the lustful urges of those around her. Under that spell and the watchful eyes of her protectors, Irin has a happy, if unique childhood as a human girl among all raedjour boys.

But she's a woman now, and it's time for the spell to be lifted. It's time for her to find out what it means to be taken and mastered by the raedjour -- and to find her truemate among them.

Savous and Radin. Apprentice and master. They've been a pair for centuries and have helped to watch over Irin her whole life. There's no doubt in either of their minds that one of them will be the first to introduce Irin into the world of sexual pleasures.

But there's more to Irin than anyone knew. Will her passion be the destruction of the lifelong bond between two men? Or the salvation of an entire race?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be used, pleasured...and be the salvation of an entire race?

  • Note:This novel contains illustrations of a graphic nature that may be offensive to some readers. Readers should be advised that the illustrations have resulted in file sizes close to 1 MB in HTML and PDF formats. The Mobipocket version does not have images. Mobipocket purchasers may contact customer service to receive access to the image files.
Hyle's normally guileless eyes drooped to half-mast in a sultry look. A few tendrils of his long, straight white hair framed his round, youthful face, and his full black lips pulled up into anything but an innocent smile. As he stepped closer, Gala snuggled up against Irin's arm, one breast lightly brushing her forearm. This particular sight seemed to fascinate Hyle.

“Irin says I can stay.”

Hyle dragged his gaze from his truemate's breast to Irin's flushed face. “Are you certain?”

Irin remembered to breathe. She had never, even in the past few moons living in his suite, seen Hyle look as he did at this moment. She didn't know how to define it. It wasn't quite confidence and it wasn't quite lust. It was more of an ... assurance? A certainty. Perhaps this was the look that a man got when he knew sex was in his near future. Or maybe it was the expression of a happily mated male.

Irin gazed into those red eyes and suddenly wanted him. Very much. This man who had helped to raise her, who had been more of a brother to her than anything. She finally saw him in a different light. As a very beautiful man with the potential to make her feel incredibly good. She nodded. “I'm sure.”

Gala laughed softly as she knelt up before her truemate. “Let me help you out of those boots, my love,” she offered innocently.

Hyle placed a hand on her shoulder to steady himself as he lifted a foot. Gala helped him out of first one, then the other boot as well as the stockings underneath. Once he stood on his bare feet, she hitched up higher on her knees, putting her face on level with the bulge in his trousers. She slid her hands up his shins, his thighs, skirted his groin, and took hold of his belt buckle. He let her take the belt, but stopped her from unlacing his trousers.

“Wait,” he answered her pout. He knelt on the pillows before Irin. She took the hand he held out to her and let him pull her up to kneel facing him. “You know what has to happen?”

She shrugged.

“Would you like me to explain it more?”

She smiled. One of the reasons she loved Hyle was that he was always willing to explain, as best he could. His best was usually very good. “Please.”

He nodded and closed his eyes briefly. He took a breath. When his eyes opened again, some of the lust had been tamped and his face and eyes were closer to their normal state. “The spell is actually not that dissimilar from the one that was on you most of your life. Like that one, I'll cast a web that will touch every part of your body and will alter you. Unlike that one, this one is far more permanent. The other touched one particular aspect of your body. This one will touch many more. You very likely won't feel anything. In fact, you should be distracted. Because the time I'll set the spell will be during an orgasm. It's the time when your mental and metaphysical shields are at their weakest between you and the one who gives you pleasure.” At his last few sentences, a small smile took his lips and the hot heaviness returned to his gaze. “Do you understand?”

She nodded, suddenly impatient to get on with it. She didn't care how it happened anymore. She just had a fierce desire to devour his mouth.

His smile grew and he leaned in, one hand raised to slide into the hair behind her ear. He didn't pull. He didn't guide. He merely steadied her as he leaned in until his lips were a breath away from hers. Then he stopped. The next move was hers.

She swayed forward that extra breath and pressed her lips to his. They were soft and warm. At first it was just a meeting of lips, breath caressing each other's cheeks. Irin's hands fisted in her waist wrap as she lost herself in sensations she'd never considered receiving from Hyle.

He tilted his head and tugged ever-so-gently on her hair to urge her to do the same. The angle allowed a better fit, especially as his mouth opened partially and his tongue slid out, swiping hers. Startled, she parted her own lips and sighed as his tongue slid past her teeth to entice her own tongue to come out and play. How odd! How wonderful! Hyle tasted of heavy cream and some deep, dark spice she couldn't identify. Without realizing, she leaned fully into him, raising her hands to grip his shoulders.

She didn't know how long they kissed. At some point, he pushed up farther on his knees, forcing her to do the same or lose contact. She wound her arms around his neck, loving the feel of his bare, smoothly muscular arms sliding around her waist and back to support her. Her breasts and belly mashed against his chest was a heady feeling that made her wiggle, anxious to feel more of his hot skin against hers.

She was lowered to her back in the pillows. Hyle deposited her there, then sat back, breathing hard. He threw back his head, and it pillowed nicely on Gala's shoulder, as his truemate was wound about him from behind. He turned his head and met her lips. Their tongues dueled briefly before he reached up to grab hold of her ponytail and pull her off to the side.

She giggled as she fell to the pillows. He mock-glared at her. “I need a moment to concentrate.”

Gala giggled again and crawled up to lay beside Irin. She propped her head on her hand, her elbow in the pillows, the better to see Irin. “That was beautiful,” she assured Irin, her eyes shining. She reached over with her free hand and trailed her fingers lightly up Irin's bare belly, then over the fabric that covered her cleavage. “Isn't that confining?” she asked, a mischievous twist to her lips.

Breathless, Irin couldn't protest as Gala dug under her neck and found the tie to her halter. Knot undone, Gala trailed her hand back to Irin's front, bringing the fabric with it. She hummed happily when Irin's breasts were exposed, echoed by Hyle's moan. Both truemates leaned in, and each suckled a nipple into their mouth.

Irin cried out at the sudden spikes of pleasure. She gripped the pillows and furs beneath her, throwing her head back with a moan as they eagerly assaulted her breasts. Tongues, lips, and teeth nipped at the sensitive peaks, driving Irin insane. Hyle dropped most of his weight down atop her, pressing his belly to her groin. She ground against him, delighted to find something hard to press against her aching center.

Hyle released her nipple with a pop, then edged down to nuzzle the hot crease beneath her breast. He tongued the sensitive skin, making her quiver, before continuing his journey down her belly. Irin was hard-pressed to concentrate on his actions with Gala still torturing her other breast. She bit her lip and whimpered, helpless beneath the dual assault. Hyle's tongue traced her navel, sucked at the slight swell of her belly beneath. Her wrap was gone, victim to his nimble fingers. Those same fingers found the curly hair at her mound and stroked. Petting. Tracing. He bit the strong muscle inside her thigh as his fingers continued to explore her softly, gently. He skirted around that ache, and Irin rolled her hips, encouraging him to find and appease her ache. His fingers found her drenched nether lips and parted them. He dragged his tongue through them. Irin screamed.

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