Dangerous Affairs: English Chaps

Lori Toland

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A year ago, Tony Terranova followed his heart and left behind everything he knew in the States for a chance to build a life with Nathaniel Bradley. When an old flame of Bradley’s pops back into the picture, Tony has to face Brad...
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A year ago, Tony Terranova followed his heart and left behind everything he knew in the States for a chance to build a life with Nathaniel Bradley. When an old flame of Bradley’s pops back into the picture, Tony has to face Bradley’s past. They have loved and lived a year together but is their relationship strong enough to weather the darkest of nights?

The front door closing woke me up, but I had always been a light sleeper. Before coming to bed, I had left the lamp beside the couch lit for my partner. Those two words filled me with warmth as I rolled them through my mind again: my partner.

Nathaniel Bradley worked for SOCA, a government agency in England, and he had called before dinner to tell me he would be late, apologizing profusely. I still called him Bradley long after we had gotten together, possibly because I spent many hours on my knees calling out his name. Yes, Master Bradley. The thought alone gave me shivers.

Tonight though, I was all alone in our little three-bedroom house. If it were any other night, I might have spent extra time in the shower and jerked off before falling asleep, but I knew my lover had other plans. I heard Bradley as he crept quietly down the hall so as not to wake me. He should have known after so many months of living together I would hear him come in, but maybe that was what he was counting on.

I had left the bedroom door open for him. As he entered, I tried hard to keep my breathing regular and my eyes shut as I pretended to sleep, even though I wanted to see him. I could only imagine how gorgeous he looked in the moonlight streaming through the window and how the silver glow would grace his lean, muscled body. I shivered at the picture in my mind as I heard him remove his shoes near the door.

The rustle of his clothing seemed loud in the silent night, but he pulled it all off quickly and threw it on the chair, and suddenly our room was quiet again. When he slipped beneath the duvet, I wondered if he was naked, but I knew I would find out soon enough.

His side of the bed was cold, and he scooted closer to me to warm up. Once we touched, he wrapped one arm around me and pulled my body flush against his. I shivered at how chilled his skin was. Even though it was a spring night, it was still cool out, but low temperature wasn’t enough to douse my lust.

For all the months of being together, night after night of passionate lovemaking and hot, kinky sex, the only feeling I needed was his hard body against mine, and I was ready to go. I took a deep breath, drawing in the musky cologne Bradley always wore.

He tightened his embrace and trailed his lips along my nape. “Tony,” he whispered.

The possessive tone in his voice made my cock ache, and I knew what he wanted. It was time for him to take everything I had to offer.

“I couldn’t wait to get home,” he said, kissing the back of my neck. “I’m sorry I was late.”

I moaned. I wanted to tell him I didn’t care how late he had stayed at work; he was here now, and that was what mattered. I turned around and opened my mouth, but he silenced me with a kiss before I could say anything.

He pressed his hips against me, but his boxers still covered his cock, and I ached to touch him. Bradley slid his hand down my body, and his skin slowly warmed against mine but still remained cool as he moved along my abs and down to my throbbing cock. He brushed his thumb over the tip, spreading my precum along the sensitive head.

His groan was the most delicious sound I’d ever heard. He rolled me around in his arms to face him. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness, and I could barely make out his features right before he kissed me.

He broke our kiss. “I was dreaming about this at work.”


He shimmied down my body, pushing my boxers down, and freed my cock. “Yes, love. I was hoping you’d be ready to go when I got home.” He ducked under the duvet.

Even though I was tired, I wanted him to suck me off, but there was something else I needed more. “Baby, you don’t have to do that.”

He stilled beneath the sheets. “You don’t want me to?” He slid his hand down my cock. He stroked it once and then tightened his grip around the base.

I gasped and dug my hands into his thick hair. “Are you joking? Of course I—”

“Then don’t deny me what I want,” he said and took my cockhead in his mouth quickly, taking it all the way to the back of his throat.

I didn’t recognize the sound that came out of me; it sounded like an animal. The way he sucked my cock, his hand working the shaft and his lips sliding up and down, I was going to come too quickly.

Maybe that’s what he wanted right now, but I wanted him to be balls-deep in my ass. I let him go, though his eagerness stroked my ego. His mouth was amazing.

I tugged on his hair, and at first he resisted, but he finally came up for air. “Damn mouthy sub,” he murmured from beneath the sheets. He gave my cockhead a gentle kiss.

I should have let him finish the job and come down his hot throat, because it was going to be a while before I came now. But I was a greedy bastard, and I wanted my lover in all his glory.

My fatigue was gone, replaced by the intense need to be fucked by his amazing, long dick. “Bradley.” Unable to hold back my smile, I brushed my lips against his. “What?”

“You fell asleep waiting for me, and now you take away the one thing I wanted tonight.”

Bradley’s words sounded pouty, and I pulled away to assess the situation. Maybe all he wanted was a quickie tonight and to sleep in all morning. But the smirk he wore that was barely visible in the dark belied his tone and made my dick throb.

His chuckle sent a rush of anticipation through me.

“Love, you’re in trouble now.” He grabbed my wrist and threw off the covers.

I gasped when he took my hand and without another word guided it to the headboard and slapped my wrist inside the cuffs tethered to the frame. I groaned with anticipation.

Light flooded the room as he turned on the bedside lamp, which blinded me momentarily. His dark blond hair was mussed from a long day of work and then crawling into bed with me. Those light green eyes rarely missed a nuance, and now he focused in on me.

Bradley leaned in, supporting himself with his slender, yet muscular arms. His hot breath feathered over my face as he spoke, and his deep voice resonated through every inch of my body. “Are you ready for me? Because all night I had plenty of time to think about what I would do to you when I got home.”

I shivered. “I’m ready, Sir.” Our Friday-night games were on.

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