Curvaceous Heart

Terri Pray

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Fast approaching forty, Sue still struggles every time she looks into the mirror and sees her own well curved and padded reflection staring back at her, instead of the size four model figure she’s seen plastered across count...
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Fast approaching forty, Sue still struggles every time she looks into the mirror and sees her own well curved and padded reflection staring back at her, instead of the size four model figure she’s seen plastered across countless magazines. Who would want a woman with extra curves and a hidden secret? Because Sue dreams not of being swept off her feet by a prince charming, but having that man on his knees, begging to kiss her shoes.

No, she's fat, frumpy, and forty -- well and truly on the shelf when it comes to dating.

Well she's had enough of trying to conform, and now she's stumbled onto a piece of information that she has to take to her boss. Only Alan is not just the boss, the son of the owner, but everything she's ever dreamed of in a man.

So what if he's fifteen years her junior?

Or can fire her on the spot.

And will never go out with a woman like her.

She can dream, can't she? Especially if those dreams include him naked, sprawled out on the desk and covered in chocolate...

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Domination/submission.
Alan held out his hand to her. “Walk with me.”

She nodded, tangling her fingers with his. The years between them no longer mattered in this moment. He wanted her, needed her in his life, even if it was just for one night.

She’d even sensed what he needed, truly needed in a woman. Did he know that she’d never taken that step with someone else? Demanded they obey her, call her Ma’am? Had he spent all those years of searching for a woman with the strength to put him to his knees only to find she’d been working for him…

Silently, dressed only in her suspender belt and stockings, she walked with him into the bedroom. Even if he turned his back on her, left her the same way others had, it wouldn’t matter. At least she would be able to enjoy tonight, on her terms.

Soft pillows and a thick comforter decorated the bed. Two lamps, one on either side of the bed -- a large, old fashioned piece of furniture that wouldn’t have been easy to find, with miniature bed posts at each corner.

What would he look like bound to the posts?

Perhaps that was a game they could play another day, if they decided to explore each other’s bodies again. No, thinking about the future, the chances of their liaison being more than a one-night stand, was not something she needed to deal with right now. Could he feel the trembling that threatened to claim her, the fear that she was doing the wrong thing? She didn’t know how to dominate someone, no matter how many naughty novels she’d read. It wasn’t the same as doing it in real life, and what if she hurt him?

“Sue?” Alan frowned. “Are you all right? You weren’t here for a moment. You look a little unsettled.”

“I’m fine, really.” He didn’t deserve her attention being split, especially when he’d done nothing to suggest he would be like the rest of them. She sat down on the edge of the bed, pulling him down to join her.

“Trust me.”

“I do.” She nodded, a soft shiver running through her body.

“Will you let me love you? Show you what it can be like in the hands of one that thinks you’re a beautiful, sensual, and strong woman? I’ve shown you that I trust you, let you take control, now I’m asking you to let me show you how I can touch you.” He reached up and cupped her cheek, brushing his thumb along the line of her jaw. “If something doesn’t feel right, if you’re afraid, or simply want to stop, all you have to do is tell me and it will end.”

She leaned into his hand, closing her eyes. “Show me what it’s like then. Please”

“Willingly,” Alan whispered and pushed her back against the bed.

Why had she given up the control he had so freely offered her earlier in the night?

Because she wasn’t a dominatrix. It was one thing to fantasize about a man on his knees, obeying her every whim, but exploring it as more than a passing idea was another matter entirely.

But she wanted to be, a part of her needed to know what it would be like to explore that side of her nature completely. Just one brief step into that world had left her trembling with a need to know more.

His lips brushed over the curves of her breasts. Soft kisses, the wings of a butterfly caressing her flesh as he settled down onto the bed next to her. Her breasts tightened, nipples crinkling into firm points as she let herself sink into the wave of sensation. Men of his age were swift, hungry, eager to satisfy their own needs, yet Alan took his time, exploring her body with a gentle touch. His fingers teased about her nipples, then traced a soft path across her stomach towards her mound.

“Such a beautiful woman. So soft, silken. A real figure. No bones, no harsh edges, just a woman in all her glory.” His voice was little more than a hungry whisper against the side of her breast.

“Alan, I’m not beautiful.”

“They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you’re very much a glorious, beautiful woman to me.”


No one had ever called her that before.


“No more words. Just relax and try to enjoy it. Please.” He teased his fingers through the soft curls that decorated her mound, not quite touching the hidden vee or the small bud hidden within.

Heat claimed her labia, the need to spread her legs, to tempt him to delve between her thighs was almost too much to bear as he closed his lips about one nipple, suckling it deep into his mouth. She groaned; her fingers tightened on the covers beneath her body.

“Please,” she murmured, lifting her hips upwards from the bed. Even if he wanted to take things slowly between them, her body already burned with the need to be touched fully, to know his body in intimate detail. “Don’t make me wait. Please.”

“A little longer.”

Why, why did she have to wait at all?

His tongue twirled about the captured nipple. His fingers teased between her lower lips, parting them until he could tap lightly against the hidden nub of sensitive flesh. Each light, swift caress rippled through her core, jerking her hips upwards until she tried to press fully onto his teasing finger.

Her thighs tensed, heels pressed against the bed.

“Do you want more?” His breath, hot and hungry, rolled over her breast.


“And what do you want, exactly?”

“God, you know. I want you!” Sue whimpered. “I want to feel you inside me.”

“You want me to fuck you.”

Wicked words, they should have shamed her, but he whispered them so softly, sensually, with a gentle lick of his tongue against her eager flesh that all she could do was whimper her desire. He didn’t stop, the soft tap of that single fingertip against her clit continued as he spoke. She couldn’t shut it out, the pressure, the waves of hunger, need, delight -- they all rolled into one only to bubble out into a solitary word.


Copyright © Terri Pray


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