Cupid Shoots, She Scores

Cynnara Tregarth

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For Trina Edwards, the time to play Cupid has come. Her assistants, whom are also the submissives she's training, have graduated from submissive school with high honors and she knows the perfect woman for these two lovers. Lucky f...
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For Trina Edwards, the time to play Cupid has come. Her assistants, whom are also the submissives she's training, have graduated from submissive school with high honors and she knows the perfect woman for these two lovers. Lucky for Trina, it's someone she loves dearly- her own sister, Nikita.

Nikita has been fascinated by Ronin and Jacob since seeing them with Trina at House Seti. Ronin, with his Hawaiian/Japanese heritage, and his long hair and quiet attitude contrasts sharply with his lover, Jacob, who has short blond hair and quite a mouthy attitude. She's lusted for the men, and knew Trina wasn't involved with them beyond training them. So when Trina offers to give them to her for a Valentine's Day gift, Nikita doesn't turn her down.

What the three don't expect so close to Valentine's Day is that Trina has left nothing to chance. Using everything at her disposal at Plotted Porn Productions (P3), she'll show the two men and her sister just how much they need each other. Because everyone knows that when Cupid Shoots, She Scores.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM theme and content (including/not limited to flogging), male/male sexual practices, menage (m/f/m with homoerotic content), exhibitionism/voyeurism, sex with futuristic, AI-enhanced sex toys.
Ronin’s PDA beeped, warning of an incoming instant message. He pulled it up, wondering who’d contact him during work hours. It was strange enough to have received a Valentine’s invitation to a private filming on one of the holo-stages. Now he’d received an unknown IM from someone who knew his work screen name.

Mistress_Valentine_2012: Hello, Ronin. How are you doing today? You received my invitation for Valentine’s Day?

Ronin_ShippingAsst: Yes, thank you, Mistress. How did you get my work IM?

Mistress_Valentine_2012: *laughs* Obviously, I work at P3, just as you do, darling submissive. The question now -- are you willing to handle being with someone who works in the same company, but a different department?

Ronin_ShippingAsst: I’m more than willing, Mistress. In fact, it makes it easier in some ways. However, I know you’re not part of the House we’ve been trained at. Which house are you affiliated with? If I may ask? *bows head*

Mistress_Valentine_2012: It’s an acceptable question. I have two Houses that share my allegiance -- House Sekhmet and House Aphrodite. Neither House minds that I share time with both places. In fact, though I find House Seti quite fun, it’s definitely a place that emphasizes learning and creativity. It fits Mistress Trina quite well. Do you want to remain affiliated with House Seti? How does Jacob feel about this?

Ronin_ShippingAsst: Both he and I are grateful for having the House teach us how to properly serve. It’s a comfortable, loving environment, though others would consider it quite strict in some areas. Mistress Trina has taken Ronin and myself to House Aphrodite before. She has friends there, and she enjoys the more sensual aspects within that house. I have no experience with House Sekhmet, though I know it’s geared more toward those who are deeper within the Domination and submission, within a warrior-style classing. *pauses, then tilts head* Will we be making affiliation with both houses, Mistress Valentine?

Mistress_Valentine_2012: I will take care of all the arrangements. I just wanted to know if I needed to apply for permissions at House Seti as well, since it’s your patron House

Ronin_ShippingAsst: Jacob is here now, and he would like to keep his affiliation with House Seti, just as I would. It’s our first home, where we came to know our own needs and desires. Though we look forward to making new homes in Houses Sekhmet and Aphrodite, we would like to play at our patron house as well.

Mistress_Valentine_2012: Then I shall petition for admission for part-time status there. As for you and Jacob, I have a request of you both, so I can get to know you better. I’d like to watch you via webcam tonight when you return to your apartment. I wish to question you via IM or microphone via webcam. I wish to see how compatible we are when I wish to play with you without being in a House or together. Will you two concede this evening for getting to know each other?

* * * *

Ronin and Jacob looked at each other. “I don’t see why not. It sounds kind of fun,” Jacob replied, stroking his hand up and down Ronin’s thigh. “What do you think?”

“I think it’ll be interesting to see if our new mistress likes watching men get it on as much as participating in it,” Ronin said thoughtfully. “Let’s tell her yes.”

* * * *

Ronin_ShippingAsst: Yes, we would be honored to spend time with you in this manner. We normally get home about 6 p.m. Then we eat supper. Shall we be ready for you about 9 p.m.? I can set up a private webcam address so no one else can pick up the signal, in case you wish to speak directly to us via your own cam as well.

Mistress_Valentine_2012: Tonight it’s about seeing you, seeing you pleasure each other while I watch and inject comments. I want to see how you both work together in pleasure for each other. I know you’re a couple and have been for a while. What I want to see is how I’ll fit in dynamically. What do you want out of this forming relationship of ours?

* * * *

Ronin stopped for a moment, his mind racing with various things and people. What did he want from all this? He knew that Jacob and he had a fascination with Nik, but it was unacknowledged as far as they knew. But from this woman, this mistress who trained hard to be a Domina, what did he want from her? What I want…is it what Jake wants as well? Or are my desires such that I can have more than one woman in my heart?

Finally, Ronin typed, not looking at Jake. He wanted his lover to understand him fully and his thoughts on this. “This is my response, Jake. Take it as you will, but she asked me, not you on this. This is my answer.”

* * * *

Ronin_ShippingAsst: I want it all. There is a woman whom my lover and I have adored from afar. Honestly, I’d love to be involved with her beyond this crush aspect we seem to be stuck at. But, that said, I wouldn’t allow what can be between us be stopped because of that crush. I’m willing to try with you, see where this ownership goes. I just ask that you be open and honest with us as well.

Mistress_Valentine_2012: Then I think we both have the right attitude about this relationship. How does your partner feel on this? Let him type in his own answer, Ronin. I applaud your honesty, and I will say this up front -- I’ve known of you both for a while. Until Trina offered me this chance, I didn’t think I’d ever find a way of approaching you both, as it’s known that you are a couple, not necessarily open for a poly-relationship. *looks at Jacob* Well, Jacob, what do you want out of this relationship?

* * * *

Ronin turned toward his lover and looked deep into his brown eyes. “This is your call. I was honest in my response, Jake. You know how I feel. I’m very flexible in things, and I believe we can find happiness wherever we wish to find it. The question is, where can we find happiness and love now that Trina has done the work for us?”

He watched as his lover flexed his fingers over the PDA’s small keyboard. He wanted to know what was in the mind of his lover, but knew, as soon as the words were revealed, that they proved once again they were well matched in love and in essence.

* * * *

Ronin_ShippingAsst: Jake, here. Mistress Valentine, I want what anyone wants out of a true BDSM relationship -- a way of living that brings both physical pleasure and also emotional happiness. That said, I’ll be honest -- I have a major thing for Nikita Edwards, one of the owners of P3. I’ve had it since I met her, before I started working for the company. Since then, with everything I’ve seen her do and be for the company and herself, I’ve wanted her. If you are anything like her, I will adore you, Mistress Valentine. I’m open to love, and I know that Trina wouldn’t hand us to just anyone, but to someone who is compatible with us on a level that will foster love and respect.

Mistress_Valentine_2012: Then we are in agreement -- we take this as a chance to develop what is already there between us, that which the computers and the scientists have declared a solid match. I shall speak to you tonight, then. I must return to work, and if I’m not mistaken, Trina is probably searching for you both. Until later, think of me and what I’ve planned for us on Valentine’s Day.

Copyright © Cynnara Tregarth


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