Cuff Me: A Love and Justice Novella

Erica Lynn

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When Lynette Montgomery's older sister dies from breast cancer, she quickly steps in to take care of her two young nephews. The boys are sweet, caring, and Lynette has no idea what she's doing. Terrified of failing her sister, she...
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When Lynette Montgomery's older sister dies from breast cancer, she quickly steps in to take care of her two young nephews. The boys are sweet, caring, and Lynette has no idea what she's doing. Terrified of failing her sister, she does everything she can to present herself as the parental figure she feels the boys need, even swearing off the sexy-as-can-be cop she just so happened to have a one night stand with outside of her best friend's house.

Robert Barletta is a decorated and respected cop with the San Antonio PD. After having just played a key role in bringing down Houston and San Antonio's largest drug operation, he should be on top of the world. Unfortunately for him, he can't get that one night with a smoking hot blonde temptress out of his head.

When he's forced to take some time off, and the two come face to face, will they be able to keep their attraction on the back burner? Or has this game of cat and mouse just started?

“Lynette?” A gentle hand on her shoulder jarred her from her thoughts. She turned to stare into Rosie Hobbs’s concerned face. “Are you okay?”

She began to tell her she was fine, her standard answer for such questions, but instead slowly shook her head and offered a small smile.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Rosie asked, sympathy etched in her hazel eyes.

“Honestly? No. Not at all.” Lynette sighed weakly as she laid her head on Rosie’s shoulder. Lynette was five-foot-ten while Rosie was five-foot-four, but with Lynette sitting and Rosie standing, she was just the right height to offer that comfort, which Lynette gladly accepted. Sometimes you just need a darn hug.

“Then we won’t talk about it.” Rosie said simply as she soothingly rubbed Lynette’s arm. “Let’s do this instead. I’m going to go back to flirting with the handsome gentleman right over there.” Rosie smiled at said gentleman, one of Lexie’s new neighbors. “And you are going to have a few more glasses of champagne, get a little toasty, and have some fun. You need to get out of your head and enjoy the evening.” Rosie grabbed a bottle of champagne from the coffee table and filled Lynette’s glass, the bubbly pink liquid dancing prettily toward the rim.

“Speaking of handsome gentlemen, where’s Aaron tonight?” Lynette sipped her drink and smiled as the bubbles slid down her throat and warmed her stomach. Rosie had met Aaron when they’d gone out to celebrate Lexie’s birthday, and to say he had been smitten with her was putting it mildly.

“I need a break from him,” Rosie said simply. “And you need a break from all the stress hanging over you. I swear I see a little black rain cloud above your head that follows you wherever you go these days. I promise you can think about everything on your plate later, but tonight, just be Lynette. Not Lynette the sister, or Lynette the aunt, just Lynette. Lynette the hot, single, fun-time gal, okay?”

“Where’s that Lynette? I’d love to meet her.” She laughed as Rosie gave her a pinch on the arm. “Okay, you pushy broad.” She smiled and leaned in to give Rosie a hug. “I love you.”

“I love you. Now here’s some more champagne. Get to drinking.” Rosie started to walk away and then turned and offered some parting advice. “Relax. Get laid.” With those words of wisdom and a mischievous smile, she was gone.

Lynette laughed to herself as Rosie glided back toward her current flavor of choice. Rosie was a blast, and if anyone lived life to the fullest, it was her. It was impossible to be bored when she entered the room. Lynette envied that about her. She felt like she stood on the edge of her life, on the brink of letting go, yet her shyness always got the best of her. Get laid; right. On those rare occasions when she met someone she was interested in at a bar, she would only go as far as a quick make-out session, then go home by herself. She couldn’t bring herself to “seal the deal.” Not that she wanted to live in a world where one-night stands were the norm for her, but she wouldn’t be against one on occasion. She’d hate for her lady parts to shrivel and die.

With that beautiful image stuck in her head, she decided she needed some air. She grabbed her purse, sneaked a bottle of champagne, then headed through the back door and down to the water behind Lexie and Jonathon’s house.

The warm July air felt amazing against her skin, and being so close to the water allowed a perfect breeze to ruffle her blonde hair. Looking out over the gorgeous dark water with the moon reflecting on its surface, Lynette had the most intense urge to jump in and let the cool stream swallow her up for a few moments. That’s what I’m going to do. Before I have nephews to worry about and won’t have time to do silly things like skinny dip, because I’ll be too busy learning how to make cookies for school, or cut the crust off the bread. Sports practices, haircuts, and homework. I deserve this.

Before she could talk herself out of it, she turned back to the house to make sure she was far enough away that nobody could see her. When she was satisfied she had enough privacy, she kicked off her sandals, then shimmied out of her green sundress. She’d gone braless and let out a content sigh as the gentle air feathered across her breasts. Underwear or no underwear—that is the question. She pondered that thought with a deep pull from the champagne bottle. Screw it. No underwear it is. With a determined nod, she quickly yanked off her panties and stood naked in the moonlight, and holy moly, it felt thrilling. Feeling more alive than she had in as long as she could remember, she and her new best friend champagne slowly waded into the water.

“Ahh.” She practically purred as the cool, soft mud made contact with her toes. She tilted the bottle for another drink as she descended farther until she was waist deep. The feeling was sublime. Lynette turned her face toward the moon and allowed her arms to wander over her head, and then she let out a heartfelt laugh.

“What’s so funny, angel?” asked a deep voice from behind.

“Crap!” Lynette flung around and felt her jaw drop as she looked into the eyes of what had to be the sexiest man to ever walk the face of the planet. She’d seen him inside, but up close? Jeez Louise.

ROBERT BARLETTA EYED the pretty blonde like he wanted to fuck her into next week, which to be honest, he did. He’d seen her inside and had been instantly attracted to her, which hadn’t happened in a long time. She’d been talking closely with Lexie, so he could only assume she was one of her good friends. Inside, he’d found her sexy as hell. But out here, naked in the water while the moonlight shone down on her gorgeous body, he damn near couldn’t take it. She was his wet dream come to life. His erection pulsed behind his jeans and begged to be let out to devour her. Jesus, aren’t we the caveman tonight?

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He let his gaze momentarily drop to her perfect breasts. They were beautiful, perky, and deliciously full. His mouth watered instantly at the thought of feeling that smooth skin against his tongue.

As if she could feel his eyes on her, she seemed to suddenly remember her nakedness and hurriedly crossed her arms to cover herself.

“I’m Robert Barletta. Umm, well, I guess I’m a friend of Lexie and Jonathon’s.” He offered a smile, hoping she’d relax. She’d been so enticing to watch, face lit up in a huge smile, and now she had clammed up like she was embarrassed or ashamed.

“You guess you’re a friend?” she asked with a small grin.

“We’re new friends.” After a few moment of silence, he asked, “And you are?”

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry. You just startled me. I thought I was alone, and obviously I was wrong. I’m Lynette Montgomery. Oh, and I promise I don’t normally walk around naked.” She gave a nervous laugh and averted her eyes when he gave her a crooked grin. She looked too fucking cute.

“Angel, I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that nobody would mind if you did.” The genuine smile she gave him damn near melted his heart. “Do you make a habit of skinny-dipping in people’s backyards?” Robert asked as he walked closer to her, then sat down on the edge of the bank.

“Ha-ha, hilarious,” she fake-laughed as she lowered herself in the water so that it covered her breasts and she could uncross her arms. “No, I do not, thank you very much. A friend of mine gave me some advice.” She paused and looked him over, as if she remembered something interesting.

As he arched one eyebrow and looked questioningly at her, she continued, “Anyway, I was out here for some fresh air and thought how nice it would be to go for a dip. Then I did.” She smiled as she shrugged and then took a drink of champagne. “I saw you inside earlier. How is it you know Lexie and Jonathon?”

“You saw me, huh?” Robert asked as he jealously eyed the champagne bottle. He wouldn’t mind her soft lips being on him, his dick specifically. “How do I know Lexie and Jonathon? Long story short, I was the undercover cop who helped put her bastard ex-husband away.”

“Oh wow. So you’re Dante’s son?”

Seems my reputation precedes me, he thought bitterly. It would be nice to go through life, at least one fucking day, without being Drug Lord Dante’s son.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s me.” He offered her a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “How’s the water?”

She didn’t respond, and for a moment he thought she hadn’t heard him. Then she surprised the hell out of him by saying, “It’s fantastic. You should come in and find out for yourself.”

Robert wasn’t sure he’d heard her correctly. He would love nothing more than to dive in and find out everything he wanted to know about her, but usually the admission of his lineage wasn’t followed with an invitation to skinny-dip with a smoking-hot girl like Lynette.

“Is that what you want?” he asked, trying to keep his own desire out of his voice.

“It’s not like I own the lake, or river, or whatever this is.” She laughed as she eyed him and took another drink.

Robert stood and slowly kicked off his shoes and socks, then followed with his pants and shirt. “Exactly how naked are you?” he asked when he got to his boxers.

“Naked as when I came into this world,” she whispered just loud enough for him to hear. Her voice was husky, and Jesus, it was sexy as hell.

Problem solved. Off came the boxers.

He’d have to be blind to miss the way she began to tremble when she saw his heavy erection. He watched as she let her gaze slowly wander from his dick to his well-defined stomach and chest. When she finally made it to his eyes, she visibly got herself together and gave him a look that said she was attempting to act braver than she was. He had a suspicion this wasn’t something she did often, so why now?

He slowly made his way into the water but made sure to keep some distance between them just in case he’d read her signals wrong. Or in case she changes her mind.

Copyright © Erica Lynn


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