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Coletti Warlords: Game On Askole

Coletti Warlords: Game On Askole

Product Review (submitted on July 11, 2017):

Whoever said 'earth girls are easy' never encountered the Jones' gals. Sarah is one of the toughest in the bunch as a powerful psychic and Marine fighter pilot up against the scourge of the galaxy attempting to wipe out the population of earth. Only an alien warrior Askole would take her challenge to combat as the opening shot in a mating ritual.

I absolutely love and devour each new installment of the Coletti Warlords with its light-hearted hijinks, lusty alpha alien warriors, and the cunning and clever gals who match them.

Game on Askole is the seventh installment of the series. This one definitely needs to be read in order as it spends a great deal of time with characters and plot thread introduced earlier in the series. It assumes the reader is somewhat familiar with what came before even if this one is a parallel story to events going on in earlier books.

While I love the fiercesome Coletti stories that make up much of the series, there was one story not involving a Coletti that I always wanted. In one of the earlier books, Sarah Jones and Tihar the Askole warrior are first introduced with a provocative bit of news that the pair of them got up to some naughty times off to themselves with startling repercussions. I was curious about this pair and was thrilled to get this more expanded story of what went down.

Sarah is a tough Marine and Tihar is one of the predator race of Askole who can be a lethal force of nature. And yeah, I was totally needing to know how it would be for Sarah and a guy who has black scales, reptilian features and tentacles instead of a head of hair. The focus of the story wasn't on this pair as much as the other books were for other couples and I definitely would have liked that for them. That said, I loved how Tihar was totally into her from the beginning. Sarah had never been wanted and needed so much and that was neat to see. It was great to see her turn the tables and go in pursuit of him after that long, awful silence. That bar scene near the end was great. Perfect for this pair. I would love to catch up with this pair later when they can share an adventure together.

It was a blast seeing the whole clan of Joneses and their Colettis together and wrecking their special brand of havoc. Aunt Tess was an absolute hoot. Scenes just sparkled when she was in them. She certainly led a certain Coletti warlord on a merry chase. And Adan, my stars, it was fun to see him back in action and badder than ever. The ongoing war against Malik and his allies kept things dangerous and with the help of betrayers and bounty hunters Sarah and the others had some great battle scenes.

As usual, I plowed through this latest one so quickly and now I'm left satisfied, but wanting more. These zany sci-fi romances are a hilarious and sizzling hot romp across the galaxy. Easy and quick reads that make me laugh out loud and brighten my day. I definitely recommend you treat yourself to the book and the rest of the series if you enjoy sci-fi romantic comedy.