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Cold-Hearted Concept

Cold-Hearted Concept

Product Review (submitted on January 2, 2016):

A resounding five stars for this page turning thriller - Cold-Hearted Concept has made it on to my top ten list for 2015.

This is a sequel I've been highly anticipating, and wow, did the author ever deliver. Big time!
FBI profiler Zach and Denver homicide detective Beck are back several months following the events of 'High Concept'. These are two wonderfully portrayed characters. Both men are intelligent, intuitive, respected, compassionate, cool under pressure and very much in love with one another. There are only a few things keeping them from building a happy new life together. Things like: a serial killer who has Zach in their sights, the needy family of Beck's killed in the line of duty partner, an ex lover, the allure of an FBI promotion, and the weight of past abandonment.

In deftly weaving together all of these elements, the author has created a nail biting page turner. I relish how long this story is. It's meaty, it's meaningful - not a single word is superfluous. I found the investigative angles of the detailed day by day, hour by hour, step by step, multi-jurisdictional murder investigation entirely fascinating. And also fairly creepy. If you stay up late reading this like I did - and I bet you will - be sure to leave some lights on! The building of the romance dynamic between Zach and Beck while they are up to their eyeballs in a major - and personal - investigation is one of the most extremely genuine I've ever read. I love these two strong, yet vulnerable men for their individual merits. Together they rock not only the sheets, but their badges as well. Spellbinding, suspenseful, surprising, sexy. This story is all that and more. Such an extremely satisfying read. I'm already geared up for more Zach and Beck!