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Cold-Hearted Concept

Cold-Hearted Concept

Product Review (submitted on September 14, 2016):

I apologize profusely to the author for taking so long to read this second installment in the 'Concepts' series. Considering how much I loved the first book and that, at the time, Whitley Gray was a new-to-me author, I have been waiting for this next story with Beck and Zach. I couldn't wait to dig in to more homicide, hot sex, and fabulous characters! So if I forget to say it when I'm done, thank you, Whitley.

There was no longer any reason not to leave the behavioral unit. Other than Zach’s reluctance. If it weren’t for that niggling feeling that no one else could manage Zach’s cases as well as he had, it would be easy to leave the unit. Maybe his ego was the main roadblock here. Maybe loss of control was.

It was tough to see Zach struggling with leaving the FBI. Even though Beck understands it's not him who is giving up his cases, stuff that he worked hard on, and that are still not resolved. Now it seems a second killer is taunting Zach and he gets dragged back into profiling for the FBI even though he is on leave before resigning. The new killer has tied it into Denver and Beck is so not happy about this turn of events. Beck's insecurities are riding him, afraid that Zach is going to go back to the FBI and he'll lose him completely.

As the killer intensifies, the stress and tension between Zach and Beck escalates. I could have told Beck that keeping information from Zach, even if Beck feels he's protecting him, is not a good start to a living-together relationship that's already a wee bit precarious. Communication guys, that's what you need to be doing. Well, that and compromising… at least from Beck since it appears that Zach has given everything up, so far. When Zach's boss at the FBI calls him back onboard for this case (oh yeah, Zach forgot to tell Beck he hadn't resigned, he's on paid leave) the tension ratchets up higher than ever. Luckily for them they figure out how to communicate and work together again to solve the case.

I did not enjoy 'Cold-Hearted Concept' as much as I did the first book in the series. The mystery, suspense, and thrill ride were definitely there, but that portion of the storyline was a little too convoluted for me. There were several plots occurring at the same time and, in my opinion, the book wasn't as streamlined with the plot or with the characters and some of my enjoyment was lost because of this.

Definitely bone-chilling looking into the minds of these serial killers and I think the author did a great job with the psychological aspects. I definitely got a little frustrated a few times at the back and forth between Zach and Beck in regards to their relationship. However, I'm definitely willing to give the author the benefit of the doubt because she didn't wrap this case up quickly like it's done on TV in an hour. 'Cold-Hearted Concept' certainly showed the time, the manpower, and the frustration that must occur for law enforcement on these cases that last months or even years.

If you enjoy a detailed murder mystery with a lot of psychological aspects, a homicide detective and a profiler who can't seem to communicate worth a darn (except in bed), and a grisly unsub then this is definitely the read for you and I can highly recommend it.

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