Club Wicked 3: My Wicked Devil

Ann Mayburn

After a motorcycle accident left her with a fractured pelvis, former dare devil Kira Harmony cannot have sex without pain. Unwilling to give up on her dreams of someday having a normal love life, she has come to Club Wicked to fin...
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Full Description

After a motorcycle accident left her with a fractured pelvis, former dare devil Kira Harmony cannot have sex without pain. Unwilling to give up on her dreams of someday having a normal love life, she has come to Club Wicked to find a Dom. And not just any Dom. Kira is looking for the best sadist she can find, a Master who can help her learn how to turn her pain into pleasure and help her escape the prison her body has become.

Lord Bryan Sutherland has always had a taste for meeting the needs of masochistic submissives. When Kira contacts him, her plea for his help intrigues him. He's always loved curvy redheads, and they certainly have an explosive chemistry together, but he doesn't know if it is possible to establish the kind of trust needed in order to train her mind to convert agony into ecstasy. That trust is sorely tested when Kira pushes herself too far and refuses to safeword out, resulting in an injury.

Bryan must make a decision; continue to train Kira and run the risk of seriously hurting her, or walk away from the uncontrollable woman who holds the key to his heart.

  • Note:Note: This book contains strongly sadistic elements that may be uncomfortable for some readers.
Kira Harmony took a deep breath, the scents of perfume, cologne, and sex filling her nostrils. Before she’d heard of Club Wicked, she’d never known that people having lots and lots of sex in one building left a pheromone haze in the air, something that would make her almost instantly aroused. But now that she was here, surrounded by hedonism on a scale she’d never even imagined, set against the opulent splendor of the club, she took another deep breath and smiled as she looked around the massive entrance. A double staircase led down from the floor above, and a balcony stretched around it. Statues of women in long robes in states of partial undress flanked either side of the stairs, and Kira was pretty sure she’d seen similar statues at the Acropolis Museum in Greece.

An older man called out, “Ms. Harmony.” She turned and found a smartly dressed and very big man offering his arm.

“Good evening. My name is Mr. Grant. Master Hawk is waiting for you at the bar. Since this is your first time here, he asked me to escort you and beat off any Doms that get in the way.”

Laughing, she glanced down at her outfit. From the tour she’d been taken on after being granted membership at Wicked, she knew that inside the club people wore pretty much next to nothing. Her teal halter dress, a vintage piece from the fifties, would normally be risqué. With her size 16 body came a nice set of breasts that were all but spilling out of the top. With her long auburn hair up in a French twist, her freckled back was bare and exposed. Add a pair of nylons with the seam running up the back, and she felt sexy, in a Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch sort of way, but nothing any man would come running for.

A stunning woman with long, carefully curled blonde hair glided past them in a G-string. The other woman’s perfect, wobble-free body made Kira suck her gut in.

No matter what sadist she ended up with, she would never, ever do a public scene.

Realizing the gentleman, Mr. Grant she believed was his name, waited for her to respond, she forced a smile. “Oh, I think I’ll be safe, but I wouldn’t mind the escort. Right now my knees are about to give out.”

Mr. Grant laughed and placed her hand on his arm in a very old-world gesture of civility. He was older, probably late sixties, but he was also self-assured. “Darling, I may be a submissive, but let me tell you. You look amazing, and any Dom would be thrilled to have his collar on your lovely, swanlike neck.”

Kira couldn’t help her pleased smile. His sincerity warmed her from the inside out, giving her the courage to follow his lead as they made their way to the Hall of Mirrors bar. They started walking through the opulent foyer of Wicked, and Kira tried to keep from feeling overwhelmed. For fuck’s sake, she’d done a free-fall jump from the top of the Eiffel Tower when she’d been an actress, with a split second between getting the shot and pulling the cord on her parachute. This should be a piece of cake. There was nothing in this massive space to suggest this was anything but a magnificent private club that catered to the extremely wealthy outside Washington, DC. It certainly didn’t look like the premier BDSM club on the East Coast, but it was, and by some miracle, she’d gotten in.

They reached the massive polished-brass double doors that led to the public bar. Two big men in black tuxedos opened the doors in unison and let them in. Normally she would have giggled at such a choreographed display, but the space beyond took her breath away.

Gilt mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and beautiful, naked people.

Mr. Grant took them to the left, along a massive dark-wood bar that occupied one entire wall of the room. Behind the bar, ornately framed mirrors extended up to the two-story ceiling, and on the opposite side immense windows allowed you to observe a nighttime garden illuminated by tasteful lighting. Having been raised as the daughter of a very successful plastic surgeon, she was used to money, but this place had something money couldn’t buy.

It had class.

She scanned the crowd and couldn’t help the rush of excitement speeding her pulse. The public bar area was crowded, and every couch and chair was taken. There were even those who stood with submissives kneeling at their feet.

Another thing she didn’t think she’d ever be able to do in public. Fuck, she was going to make one shitty-ass submissive, but she had no choice.

This had to work.

Soon the familiar sight of her old costar’s long black hair and strong Native American profile came into view. Tonight his hair was held back by a silver clip, and he wore a tight black T-shirt and dark brown leather pants. Sexy, sinful, and oh so obviously in love with the pretty bartender smiling at him.

Sunny, the bartender, had a very gamine beauty about her. Tall, slender, with massive dark chocolate brown eyes and perfect skin. Her pixie cut made her already high cheekbones even sharper and her full, natural pout all the more sensual. The way the other woman looked at Hawk let Kira know Hawk’s devotion wasn’t one-sided.

Kira had met Sunny a few weeks ago at a party hosted by their mutual friend, Jesse Shaw, for a charity Kira was active in. While Sunny had been there as Hawk’s friend, not girlfriend, Hawk had still treated her like his date. Kira found Sunny to be a blast to hang around, and she was grateful the other woman was here tonight.

Mr. Grant smiled at Sunny. “I have a delivery for Master Hawk.”

Hawk turned and smiled. “Ah, Mr. Grant, you’re looking handsome as always.”

Mr. Grant chuckled. “Master Hawk, you could charm the pants off a monk.” He turned to Kira and gave her hand a kiss. “I hope you have a wonderful evening. If you ever have any questions, please let me know. I enjoy helping people, so please don’t hesitate.”

Charmed by his good manners, she smiled, then gave him a light kiss on the cheek, making sure not to smear him with her lipstick. “Thank you so much, Mr. Grant. I hope you have a lovely evening as well.”

She waved as Mr. Grant left and turned to find Hawk smiling at her. Goodness, he was a handsome man, but they’d never had anything even close to a spark between them. It was a case of the totally wrong chemistry for romance and the right one for friendship.

“Kira, so glad you made it. You look amazing.” He stood and gave her a strong hug. “Welcome to Wicked.”

Sunny reached across the bar and gave Kira’s hand a squeeze. “Hey, sweets. What can I get you?”

“A glass of champagne would be nice.”

“Got it.”

Hawk sat and gestured to the empty stool. “Have a seat. Are you ready to go sadist hunting?”

She swallowed hard. When he said it out loud like that, her idea sounded not only stupid but dangerously stupid. “I guess.” He raised one eyebrow, and she lifted her chin. “I mean, yes.”

Sunny returned and set Kira’s glass next to her. “I talked with Master Hawk, and he thought it might go better if I went with you. I know all the Doms here by either sight or reputation—us submissives do gossip—so I can tell you which sadist would probably be the most helpful for you.”

While Kira took a healthy drink of her champagne, Hawk nodded. “Besides, I really don’t want to go and talk about some guy’s dick and how good he can fuck you. No offense.”

Laughing, Kira set her glass down. “Good point. I’ll be more than happy to talk all day with you about stunt work, but we’ll skip the sex stuff. It would be like talking about it with my dumb-ass younger brother.”

Sunny giggled and managed to choke it back at Hawk’s glare. “A word to the wise, Kira, as a submissive, I’d really watch lipping off to any Dom. It could end badly.”

A woman passed them with what looked like weighted clamps hanging from her labia. She had to walk with an odd, wide-legged stance to keep from dislodging the weights as she followed an older woman dressed in a conservative suit. Kira tried not to stare, but the woman’s obvious humiliation was made all the worse by the fact that she was so aroused her honey had dripped down her thighs.

The sound of snapping fingers brought her attention back to Hawk and Sunny. “What? Sorry. I was distracted.”

Hawk stood and reached over the bar, easily lifting Sunny from the other side. For a brief moment his hands lingered on the bartender’s waist, and Kira almost got knocked on her ass by the blast of sexual heat coming from the two of them. Then Hawk took a step back and let Sunny go.

The other woman’s nipples were hard as rocks, and the pulse in the side of her neck banged. Kira felt sorry for the young woman and slung an arm over her shoulder, helping to break the tension. “So, where does one go sadist shopping at?”

* * * *

Kira stood at the end of an extremely long hallway with Sunny. Massive viewing windows on either side allowed people to look into the different theme rooms, and most people wandered from window to window. One couple appeared to have been so overcome by the scenes inside that the Master had his submissive giving him a blowjob right there.

With a giggle, Sunny tugged her forward. “Come on. There are a few Doms I want you to see.”

“Are we window-shopping?”

“Yep.” Sunny paused and leaned closer. “We’ll find you your sadist, Kira. Don’t worry.”

Oh, Kira wasn’t worried. She was terrified. When she was standing on the edge of the exit out of a plane, about to jump for some skydiving fun, she was also terrified, but in a way that made her want to scream with joy.

Now she just wanted to scream.

The thought of allowing a stranger to hurt her on purpose made Kira’s stomach lurch. But that is exactly what she needed, maybe even wanted. If she did, she wasn’t quite ready to admit it to herself yet. She’d always been fiercely independent, so the thought of totally surrendering her will to anyone made her leery. Yet, if she wanted to really get over her issues, she needed to be able to trust whomever she picked. Trust someone to hurt her enough to get her off, but not enough to really hurt her. How the hell was she going to be able to do that? A leap of faith of that magnitude was crazy, but that is what it was going to take. Everything she’d read about BDSM and talked with her friends Jesse, Hawk, and Isaac about, all stated trust as being the most important aspect of any successful BDSM relationship. So, she was going to have to trust a stranger enough to really let go and submit to whatever Master she picked. She needed to find a single man, one she had chemistry with, who also had a taste for making women hurt but wasn’t a psychopath and could still inspire her respect.

Yeah, sure. No problem.

The first window they reached showed a burly man in gray leathers inserting small-gauge needles into a woman’s nipple.

Kira recoiled. “Oh, hell to the fuck no.”

“Got it. Next.”

Sunny dragged her past a couple more windows. This one was decorated to look like the interior of a barn. A woman was tied upside down to a ladder while the Dom slapped her face. The way he hit her, the taunting and arrogant look on his face as he did it, annoyed the shit out of Kira and made her want to hit him back. No, that wasn’t the kind of guy she could see helping her learn how to take pleasure from pain.

Three rooms later and Kira was now disgusted, angry, and scared. She was also ready to cry. This had been her last hope. So far none of the men Sunny had shown her had made her anything but apathetic, angry, or icked out. The last one had taken a piss on his submissive, and both Sunny and Kira had gagged and left.

Sunny put her hand on Kira’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze. “It’s okay. These are only a few of the single sadists we have here. We’ll find him.”

Turning her head to the left, avoiding Sunny’s sympathetic look, Kira stopped in her tracks.

On the other side of the glass was a theme room designed to look like a medieval chamber. And sitting on the massive wood-and-gilt throne, with his leg slung arrogantly over one arm, was the most devilishly handsome man Kira had ever seen. Instant heat filled her body, and for the first time, the negative wad of feelings in her gut began to vanish.

He had pitch-black hair, dark eyes, and a goatee that framed an entirely too sensual mouth. With his shirt off, she got to enjoy the impressive muscles of his chest and abdomen, as well as the fat outline of his cock against his leather pants. His features were aristocratic, with a strong jaw and solid cheekbones. He held two floggers, one white and one black, probably in complement to the women sixty-nining in front of him. The woman on the bottom had skin as pale as Kira’s, while the woman on top had lovely dark skin and long, beaded braids. Both were plump and beautiful, the kind of women Kira was attracted to.

Four years earlier Kira had been in a terrible motorcycle accident after a stunt went wrong in a movie she was starring in. It had fractured her pelvis and screwed her up so any penetration during sex gave her cramps similar to the contractions women experienced during labor. While her body slowly healed, she had found sexual release with women, but none of them had what she wanted in a relationship. Still, the sight of the women having what looked like really good oral sex with each other brought back pleasant memories.

The man stood and descended from the throne steps to the main floor below where the women continued to play with each other. Kira’s breath caught in her chest as he had them stop, then turn over so they were both on all fours. The sight of their wet and swollen pussies, the involuntary twitches, and their tension only added to the eroticism of the scene before her.

She stepped closer, placing her fingers on the glass separating them. It must be one-way, because no one on the other side noticed her. The man strode around both women, his attention totally focused on them. Lean, muscular, graceful, he moved like a panther and had enough charisma to bring Kira to her knees. During her time in Hollywood, she’d been around many charismatic, extremely handsome men, but they didn’t hold a candle to this guy. The hair on her arms stood up, and deep inside her soul a tiny flicker of hope began to brighten and burn.

She didn’t know anything about him, and he could be a total douche bag, but oh my goodness, did she want to be the one on her knees before him. Intense sexual fantasies burst through her imagination like fireworks, and a powerful wave of heat made her pussy swell. Evidently her body was totally on board with anything she wanted to do with this mysterious man. Her attention on him deepened until it was almost like she was alone watching him on the other side of the glass rather than surrounded by a growing audience.

Her breath caught as he slapped the black flogger over both women, their buttocks jiggling from the strike. Stepping back, he said something, and the women put their faces to the floor, leaving their bottoms exposed and vulnerable. She couldn’t help but think of what it would be like to be in that position, to have him being the one making her arch, making her moan. Thank goodness this viewing wall didn’t have a door or she might have gone in, flipped her dress up, and assumed the same position next to the other women.

A few more glancing blows to their hips, shoulders, asses, and thighs before he stepped back, and his sensual lips moved as he spoke. Kira strained to make out the words, to catch some sound of his voice, but she might as well be on the outside of a dreamer’s head looking in. Or in this case, more like watching an incubus torment and pleasure two helpless women. Fuck, there was no way a man could be that sensual without having sold his soul to the devil.

More people had joined her by the window, and they commented on his ability to create a scene, and other complimentary things. Behind the glass, the man rolled his shoulders and wrists, upping the tension, making the watching audience, herself included, hold their collective breath. Energy buzzed along Kira’s body, setting her skin aflame and soaking her panties.

Then he really worked them.

Whirling the floggers like they were martial arts weapons, he began an intricate dance around the two women, hitting them simultaneously but at different positions and with different strengths if the extra effort he put into his swing hitting the blonde was any indication. The dark-skinned woman received a lighter treatment, though she was the first to begin crying. The blonde appeared to be moaning, but it was hard to tell because no sound came from the room. In fact, the only thing Kira could hear were her own pants and the thud of her heart as it sped in time to the man’s movements.

What would it feel like to have him strike her ass like that? To leave bright red marks on her skin? He paused and held both floggers in one hand. With his free hand, he leaned over and played with the dark-haired woman’s pussy. Kira couldn’t see what he was doing, only that it seemed to be driving the other woman wild. She bucked and thrashed beneath his touch, her lips drawn back in an almost snarl Kira found incredibly sexy.

Sunny tapped her shoulder, then dragged her from the window. “Kira, did you hear me?”

Unable to look away, to even speak, Kira shook her head.

With a soft laugh, Sunny turned her so she could no longer see the erotic scene being played out. “I said that is Lord Bryan, and he may be more than you can handle.”

Resisting the urge to shove Sunny out of the way so she could go back to drooling over the wickedly handsome man, she cleared her throat. “Why is that?”

“Bryan is what I like to call a Master’s Master. Whatever it is that makes a Dom, he has in spades, but his tastes run dark.”

Kira stole a quick glance and found Bryan was now fucking the blonde with the end of the flogger while she ate the other woman’s pussy. “Holy shit.”

“Come on. You need to listen to me.”

Sunny dragged her down the hall until Kira felt like a puppy being pulled on a leash. As they left Lord Bryan behind, she could almost feel an intangible energy flowing from her body back to him, wanting to stay. Wanting him.

It had been so long since she’d had a man. Her last attempt at a relationship had gone up in flames when she’d been unable to hide the pain of penetration. She’d screamed into her pillow, but he’d heard her and freaked out, telling her he couldn’t see her again.

Lord Bryan was the sadist she’d been looking for. No one had ever completely enthralled her like this. If she was one of those flaky chicks who believed in soul mates and all that stuff, she might think he was the person she’d been waiting her whole life to meet. Either that or all the sexual frustration had put her into a state akin to a cat going into heat.

Goodness knows she wanted to rub herself up against the wickedly handsome man just like a cat.

“Kira, to be honest, I don’t know if you’d be the best match.”


“Lord Bryan is pretty high-powered with his submissives. His scenes are intense and not for the faint of heart. Plus he expects total obedience…which I guess makes sense. With as much edge play as he does, he could really hurt a girl if she didn’t follow his directions. I don’t know how well you’d do with him. He’s like driving a Ferrari when you haven’t even learned how to roller skate yet.”

“Do you think he would do it?”

Sunny rolled her eyes. “I can ask Master Hawk.”

Feeling embarrassed and vulnerable but having to ask anyway, she looked away from Sunny. “Do you think he’d be, you know, attracted to me? I’m not a size 4 anymore.”

“Of course he would. I’d kill for curves like yours.” Sunny gave her an unexpected hug, and Kira could feel all the bones of Sunny’s back. “You are exactly his physical type, so don’t let any doubt enter your mind as far as that is concerned. I’m more worried about your tendency to be a smart-ass getting you in trouble.”

Pulling back, Kira made a note to talk with Hawk to see if Sunny might be anorexic. Now that Kira was looking closely, not so focused on herself and her own fears, she could see that other than Sunny’s naturally full cheeks, the rest of her was terribly thin. While Kira wasn’t good enough of a friend to bring it up, she knew Hawk was.

Sunny gave her an odd look, and Kira forced herself to smile. “So, I’ve picked out my sadist. Now where can I get him gift wrapped?”

“See? You’re going to get your ass beat so often you won’t be able to sit down for months.”

Looping her arm through Sunny’s, Kira began to walk with the woman back toward the public bar area. “Lord Bryan, is he cruel?”

“He’s a sadist.”

“I mean, does he ever, like, hurt anyone when they don’t want to be hurt?”

“No. That’s not his style. All the submissives he’s been with adore him.”

“Has he been with a lot?”

Sunny shrugged. “I’m not sure. I usually don’t come back here. I will say he’s been with Wicked for the last three years, and he has to go through the same rigorous health checks that you did by the club’s doctors. Oh, and he doesn’t always have sex with his subs. Some of them he just beats.”

“Why would he do that?”

“I guess because some women need it and they can go to him without worrying about him wanting sex.”

“Doesn’t he like sex?” The dry look Sunny gave her made Kira laugh. “You know what I mean.”

“Yes. Considering he belongs to a BDSM sex club, I would say the chances he likes sex are pretty high. But just because something is available doesn’t mean you have to take it. He’s picky about who he takes.”

That thought made Kira feel both better and worse. She didn’t like the idea of a guy having banged every woman here, but at the same time she did want an experienced sadist. But shit, Bryan was the kind of guy who could walk into a room and a draft would be caused by all the women dropping their panties at once. The thought that such a sex god would want her with her fucked-up body and would want to help her get over her fucked-up fear of penetration seemed slim to none.

Sunny stumbled, and at first Kira thought it was because the other woman wore killer six-inch heels. Then Sunny leaned against Kira and whispered, “Migraine. Hawk.”

Kira winced. She’d had a migraine once in reaction to some medication for allergies. Everything had hurt. Light, sound, a breath. Everything.

“Okay, Sunny. I understand. You have a migraine, and you need me to get Hawk. Will do. I need to get you someplace where you can sit down.”

Moaning softly, Sunny muttered, “Lounge. Ahead and left.”

A Dominatrix and her hunky boy toy paused as they passed them in the hallway. The tall brunette in a black leather catsuit looked closely at Sunny. “Woman, I swear to God if you didn’t take the medication I prescribed you, I’m going to rip your spine out and beat you with it.”

For a moment Sunny rallied, but tears were pouring down her face. “No drugs.”

Kira hefted Sunny up as she sagged. “You know her?”

The Dominatrix nodded, her whole body vibrating with anger. “I’m her physician, Dr. Pershelle.”

Kira nodded. “She asked me to get Hawk for her.”

Dr. Pershelle nodded to her submissive. “Go run and get Hawk. Tell him we’ll be in the warming room.”

Without another word, the man took off, his extremely toned ass providing an instant of distraction as his loin cloth flew up with his movements.

“Girl, what’s your name?”

“Kira, Ma’am.”

“There is a warming room nearby. We’ll take her there.” Dr. Pershelle got under Sunny’s other arm. “Let’s go.”

In what seemed like record time, they made it into a small, super cozy, and extremely relaxing room. The scent of vanilla and a hint of cinnamon filled the air. Against one wall there was a king-size daybed with mounds of pillows. Kira and Dr. Pershelle set Sunny down, and the woman immediately curled on her side.

Dr. Pershelle pulled a blanket over Sunny and jerked her head at Kira.

Leaving the other woman curled up in a ball, Dr. Pershelle leaned in close to Kira. Dr. Pershelle smelled like expensive perfume and sex. “Are you a friend of Sunny’s?”

“Yes. I know her through Master Hawk.”

“Good. Can you please tell him to make sure Sunny takes her pain medications? I know she hates them, but I detest seeing her like this when she doesn’t have to suffer if she’d just take her damn meds. Someone needs to get through to her, and he’s the only one she’ll listen to.”

Kira’s breath hitched. “I…yes, of course. But why Hawk? Why not her family?”

Dr. Pershelle pressed her lips together and shook her head. “Can’t say. What I can say is that Sunny views Hawk as her Master. I know they’ve never done anything sexual together, but she loves that man and will do things for him she wouldn’t do for anyone else. Do you know what I mean?”

Before Kira could say anything, Hawk raced in. He didn’t even look at them, just went to Sunny’s side as quickly as he could. As soon as he reached her, he knelt next to the bed and extended his tanned hand across the silk sheet to Sunny. The other woman put her hand in Hawk’s and drew a shuddering breath. Next to Hawk’s vibrant Native American good looks, Sunny seemed as frail as spun glass.

“I’ll talk to Hawk,” Kira said.


Copyright © Ann Mayburn


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Club Wicked Book 3 Review by KittyKelly
As posted on The Smutty Kitty reviewed by KittyKelly

4.5 out of 5 Licks

I really liked this book. First of all it was crazy super hot. So much BDSM action going on I didn't know where to look! I mean I know I was reading but you know what I mean. I was like damn there is some kinky stuff happening in this book!!! I recently was able to witness kinky BDSM action in real life and I love it even more in my books now. It was very easy for me to picture every little thing Bryan does to Kira. Each of the characters pissed me off at times though. It's amazing how little things can blow up when the communication isn't flowing like it should-just like real life. lol I loved when Bryan pushed her to her limit and she can't take anymore. That was seriously hot. There is some girl on girl action as well (just a little) and just like the rest of the book it was perfect for the scene and was sexy stuff. To be safe you should keep a cool drink and lots of toys and/or a significant other around while reading this book. I was out of town while reading this. Sitting in Denny's. By myself. While I had a drink to keep me cool one of the other two options would have been nice as well. lol I can't wait for more in this series-hell more from this author period! And that cover is amazing! Ok quit reading this and go buy it!
(Posted on 6/18/2013)
2013 Review by Lindsay
Be prepared to wince, fan, curse, and shake your head in disbelief. I mean that in a loving way of course. Ms. Mayburn's books are incredibly hot and very addictive. There isn't once sex scene I haven't read from her that doesn't have you either melting into a puddle of goo, or you're walking away hot and bothered.

I've read pain play before, but this book is intense. The scenes are methodical and well played out. If you've read the first two books in the series, then you'll know how crazy Lord Bryan is to begin with. Who'd have ever believed that he was at his best in this installment, and he turned out to be such a gentleman in the end? By the way, I take back calling him a douche bag after reading My Wicked Nanny. I take it all back.

The chemistry between Lord Bryan and Kira is undeniable. Though, Kira's stubbornness drove me bat shit crazy, there were a few spots I wanted to reach through the screen and whip her myself.

All in all, if you're into 'kinky fuckery', (Sorry Ann, I just had to use the term. It sounds so good. LOL) then this book--wait, I mean series--is for YOU!
(Posted on 6/7/2013)

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