Clean Cure

Desiree Erotique

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Nolan and Colleen have a consensual Master/slave relationship, so when he goes away to Iran, Colleen’s understandably distressed at the loss of her Master. Now that he’s home, she’s having a bit of trouble readju...
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Nolan and Colleen have a consensual Master/slave relationship, so when he goes away to Iran, Colleen’s understandably distressed at the loss of her Master. Now that he’s home, she’s having a bit of trouble readjusting.

Colleen’s picked up a few displeasing habits since he left. Crude language and the failure to address him as 'Master' among them. But Nolan’s not distressed. He knows just how to cure her: a belt, a bar of soap, and her fear that the neighbors might get to witness her punishment.

  • Note: Clean Cure is a nontraditional romance that contains elements that may be offensive to some readers: punishment, spanking, BDSM.
Colleen hastened in and kicked the door shut with one foot. He drew her against his hard, lean body as his mouth claimed hers. He smelled so fresh and vibrant, like the balmy sunlight that had deeply tanned his flesh. His hands skimmed her hips and glided over her backside. Colleen’s pussy twitched, and she felt the juices of her desire dampen her panties. How glad she was to have her man back, and she ached to writhe under his naked and possessing body.

He knelt the next moment, then lifted Colleen off her feet and rose. She had dreamt of this moment so many times while she’d cried alone in their bed, of him carrying her there and making love to her. But Nolan didn’t stop in the bedroom; instead he brought her to one end of the old and comfy champagne-colored sofa in the center of the front room. He stood her on her feet as the sunlight from the venetian blinds at the windows poured softly over them. His big hands girdled her waist.

“You’re what kept me sane,” he said huskily. “All those months in a land that was foreign in more ways than I care for you to ever imagine. I’d go to sleep remembering the smell of you, and every morning I’d wake up with your face in my mind. When things got their worst, it was your voice that spurred me on and gave me confidence that everything would be all right, no matter what happened. For me, this fight wasn’t so much for whatever reasons we were directed there; it was to help preserve what we have here, Colleen.” He kissed her gently, scorching her lips ever so lightly. “Now I want to enjoy what I went to defend -- to the very fullest.”

Colleen was reminded again why she’d fallen in love with him -- his unpretentious view of how things should be and his determination to protect what mattered to him the most. Of course, Nolan had also been the most attractive man Colleen had ever met. He had a body builder’s physique, and when they’d started dating, she had seen that women seemed drawn to him like bees to nectar. So many times Colleen had quivered with outrage when some bimbo flirted with him -- even with her right beside him. But he’d never given her reason for real jealousy. He had ignored those women and told them all, “Excuse me, but I’m with my girl.”

“You’re my rock, Colleen,” he now said. “You know that?”

Colleen grinned and reaching up, encircled her arms around his sinewy neck. “I know,” she whispered. “And you are the sun that warms me and grounds me to the earth.”

He gave a deep, feral growl. “You make me so damned hot when you talk like that!”

Nolan tossed Colleen’s hair behind her shoulder and kissed her neck, his tongue lapping hard across her skin. Below, his cock pressed stiffly against the seam between her thighs. Colleen’s body was racked with desire.

“Oh, god, Nolan, I’ve ached for you!”

Nolan reached for his trousers and Colleen heard his fly unzip. She grasped him and shivered to feel his familiar long cock again. He was so hard; as she moved her hand up and down the length of him, he growled again. He lowered her dress over her shoulders to lift and kiss her nipples, suckling each and flicking his tongue over the sensitive flesh. They grew hard and inflamed. Nolan then raised her and set her on the arm of the sofa, lifting the hem of her dress to expose her bare legs and the thatch over her needy pussy. He parted her thighs and knelt. Then he fingered her pussy, massaging her clit with his thumb. It beat so hard -- Colleen had never known such intense, blind lust! His mouth descended over her nether folds, and his tongue coursed over the wet, tight seam so that her entire body felt wanton and jazzed with sensation.

Nolan looked up and licked her juices from his lips before rising to his feet silently and unbuttoning his shirt. Colleen kissed his lean stomach, which was as tan as the rest of him now, then ran her fingers through the pale hair on his chest. His nipples hardened under her roaming touch; when Colleen glanced down she saw that Nolan’s cock was rigid and crimson with need.

“Lie back,” he said.

She rested her head on the sofa cushion behind her, arching her pelvis high. Nolan rubbed her pussy, then the head of his cock nudged solidly against her as he spread her legs and brought her hips even higher. His cock dove into her, and Colleen’s pussy contracted fiercely. Her legs wrapped around his hips as he thrust in and out of her with deep, hard strokes, pummeling her with exquisite sensation.

“Ah, god, you’re so tight, Colleen!” He leaned closer, licking and sucking her nipples while his long cock worked in and out of her.

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