ChildsPrey 1: Orange Moon

Anne Cain & Barbara Sheridan

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Japanese pop idol Hideki Sakae struggles to fine tune the tracks on his first solo album. But setbacks with his manager and session musicians are keeping his dream of hitting the top of the charts from becoming a reality. When a c...
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Japanese pop idol Hideki Sakae struggles to fine tune the tracks on his first solo album. But setbacks with his manager and session musicians are keeping his dream of hitting the top of the charts from becoming a reality. When a chance meeting brings the influential rockers of ChildsPrey to the aid of the young musician, Hideki discovers the chemistry between himself and famed bassist Toru doesn't end in the studio.

For Toruhiko, this is a second chance at love and he doesn’t want to lose it. His success with the band brings only so much happiness, and his deepest desire now is for a soul mate to share his nights and heart with. Toru feels no measure is too extreme when it comes to matters of love, but once everything starts going wrong, he faces a difficult choice.

While both men are musical stars, the public image of a pop idol is far more fragile than that of a hard rocker known for sensual exploits on and off the stage. Fearful as Toru is for Hideki's career, will he be forced to push Hideki away for the younger man’s own good?

  • Note: Orange Moon is a yaoi-inspired male/male love story. As such, it contains elements that may be objectionable to some readers: male/male sexual practices, violence, dubious consent.
Toru took a long sip of his wine, then shifted on the sofa to face Hideki, his free arm sliding across the sofa back, his long, thin fingers absently stroking the smooth leather. Hideki took another sip of wine, ordering his imagination to stop picturing those fingers touching him like that.

“When I went home for a visit last year, I got roped into taking her and a bunch of her friends to see you guys in concert.”

Hideki set his glass on the coffee table. “I’m sorry; you must have hated that.”

Toru gave his shoulder a playful poke. “Baka. I liked it. You guys put on quite a show. I have to admit I understand why all the fangirls screamed when you did that dance solo.”

Hideki groaned and felt his face flush with embarrassment yet again. Gods, why was he acting like such a dumb ass around the older man?

Toru finished his wine with one large sip, then reached out and ran his index finger along Hideki’s warm cheek. “Dance for me.”

Hideki blinked, certain he hadn’t heard correctly. “What?”

Toru gazed intently at him, and Hideki felt himself totally captivated by those warm brown eyes. “I want you to dance for me.” He picked up the stereo remote, and within a moment, Hideki’s cover of Buck-Tick's Sasayaki began to play. Toru hit the pause button. “Well? You do owe me for helping you at the studio.”

“I suppose I do,” Hideki agreed in a voice hardly above a whisper.

He closed his eyes a moment, and once the music started, he let it fill him as it always did on stage. When he opened his eyes, he saw Toru sitting on the edge of the sofa, eager to watch this very private performance.

Toru’s attention lingered on the younger man’s beautifully handsome face, and he felt a jolt shoot through him when Hideki stroked his thumb across his own full lower lip. The jolt turned to a slow and steady throb between his legs when Hideki began to dance. The young man was grinding his hips the same way he did on stage, only this time with no hint of holding anything back. The boy was as clearly aroused as Toru himself was.

The song faded into a slower ballad. Hideki remained where he was, swaying gently to the music, softly singing the words that spoke of love and longing. Hideki’s look of smoldering desire beckoned Toru forward, and he moved to stand mere inches away, his hands resting lightly on Hideki’s firm shoulders. Hideki touched his waist, giving a timid tug on Toru’s shirt, and the bassist pressed in close, the bulge in his jeans brushing against Hideki’s.

He brushed his lips against Hideki’s forehead, catching the salty taste of nervous perspiration. He kissed the tip of the boy’s nose and finally caressed that full, inviting mouth with his own. Hideki shivered and stiffened a bit as if afraid, but then once Toru began to tease with his experienced tongue, Hideki parted his lips and allowed the bassist free access to explore the moist recesses of his mouth, commit them to memory, claim them as his.

Toru pressed closer still, moved his hips, and created the most incredible friction Hideki had ever felt. He moaned into the older man’s mouth, then sucked in his breath, praying he didn’t come in his pants from such a simple act.

He moaned again, shuddering when Toru’s strong hands slid down his back and then snaked their way up under his t-shirt, scrunching and lifting it. Breaking the kiss, Toru turned his attention to Hideki’s well-toned chest, licking and sucking at his nipple, kissing his way down to the waist of Hideki’s jeans, his tongue playing with his navel ring. Hideki whimpered when Toru tugged the piercing with his teeth, sending a spasm from his navel right down to his aching balls.

Hideki was a mass of tingling nerves and rapidly heating flesh when Toru pulled away again and lowered his shirt. Hideki’s stomach fluttered as Toru cupped his face in both hands and looked deeply into his eyes. The man’s need was evident, his voice husky with the same desire Hideki felt.

“Stay with me tonight,” Toru murmured, leaning in for a long, slow kiss.

Yes! God, yes! Hideki’s body cried.

“I -- I -- I can’t,” Hideki whispered, hating himself even as the words left his lips.

“I want you. Badly,” Toru murmured, his hips moving against Hideki’s once more.

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