Candy for Her Soul

Sheri Gilmore

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There’s a reason mama always said not to take candy from a stranger. Natalie Pesqua accepts candy from a persuasive stranger, never guessing she’s traded her soul to the devil. In exchange for her soul, he grants th...
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Full Description

There’s a reason mama always said not to take candy from a stranger.

Natalie Pesqua accepts candy from a persuasive stranger, never guessing she’s traded her soul to the devil. In exchange for her soul, he grants the desire of her heart: two men to fulfill her every erotic fantasy.

Love wasn’t part of the bargain.

  • Note:Candy for Her Soul was previously released in the Hard Candy anthology. The anthology won the 2005 CAPA Award for Best Erotic Anthology and Sheri was nominated as CAPA's Best Erotic Author.

    Candy for Her Soul
“So, David, what are you doing now?” Natalie smiled across the table at the man she’d worshiped from afar years before. “Handsome” still described the blond, blue-eyed ex-quarterback. At twenty-seven, he looked like he could go all night.

Natalie choked on a green bean at the sexual thoughts her mind led her to tonight. First, with Nico at the kitchen sink; now fantasizing about David at the supper table. No wonder Nona watched her like a hawk. This was not how she acted under normal conditions. Normal?

She almost laughed as she looked around the table at Nona, David, and ... Nico. He sat at the head, opposite Nona, like he had the right. His long legs stretched out with one hand resting on the tabletop and the other ... Lord only knew where his other hand lay beneath the tablecloth.

She could imagine that other hand stroking up and down the length of his cock. He’d bring himself to the edge of orgasm, then back off enough to enjoy the pain of unattained release. His gaze had been on her all night. She’d caught movement beneath the thin cotton of the tablecloth several times throughout the meal. She bit back a silent groan at the thought of him masturbating while he watched her eat.

Normal? No way in hell was this meal normal by any means. Never in her wildest fantasies had she ever imagined she’d be sitting at supper in her kitchen with the two men she’d always loved and lusted after.

“... been working with my uncle at the used car auction over on Pass Road.”

David’s voice broke into her thoughts. Natalie sat straighter in her chair and focused on him, sitting across from her. “I’m sorry. You said you’re working with your uncle?”

“Yeah, but just until I get on my feet. The divorce cost a lot more than I thought it would. You’re lucky you and that guy you lived with in New York weren’t married.”

Natalie took a quick glance at Nico, not liking the way his eyes narrowed at the mention of Rudy. He was a little too possessive after a couple of kisses and caresses. Couple? Hell, if there had been anymore like the ones he’d been giving her, Nona would’ve found them on the floor, rutting like deer in the fields. Her body felt branded from the heat of his fingers deep in her vagina.

Her neck and cheeks grew warm, and she reached for her water. Taking a few sips to ease the heat at the remembered events earlier in the evening, she missed what Nona was saying. Luckily, her grandmother addressed Nico.

“How is your mother?”


“Is she still looking for a roommate?”

Nico nodded.

A man of few words. He’d never been much on conversation. His eyes had always done most of the talking. She looked up, and her breath caught at the sensation that he could see into her soul and knew every thought circling through her mind. She took another sip of water.

He sat up. His other hand came from under the table. Natalie couldn’t take her gaze off those fingers, wondering what they’d been up to undercover with that long, hard -- She closed her eyes and bit back another groan.

“Natalie, are you okay?”

Her eyes opened to find everyone staring at her -- Nona in concern, David in confusion, and Nico ... in satisfaction.


“You groaned, dear. Are you in pain?”

You could say that! “Um, no, no, I’m fine.”

Nico’s mouth turned up at one corner. Natalie wanted to crawl under the table. He knew what she’d been thinking. Fuck him! And that’s exactly what she wanted, no, needed to do -- she smiled at Nona -- but couldn’t at the moment. She tapped her finger against her plate.

“I forgot to ask you what you’re doing now, Nico?” Her fingers stilled, but clenched the edge of the porcelain. “Where are you working?”

His fingers played over the pattern of the tablecloth, but he didn’t hesitate to answer her. “I have a refurbishing shop down on Caillavet for old motorcycles.”

“Sounds interesting.” Natalie wasn’t surprised that he worked with motorcycles. He’d always been tinkering with the things in high school and had ridden a big, black machine at the time. She heard the pride and satisfaction he had for his work in his voice.

“I like it.” He shrugged and the movement drew her gaze to the broad shoulders that had surrounded her and made her feel dominated. She shivered and tried to get control over her wayward thoughts, but couldn’t resist looking at those shoulders again.

So wide -- not like most Vietnamese men she’d met. Nico wasn’t only wide in the shoulders; he was tall and big. He must take after his unknown father.

“Yeah, you ought to go check it out, Nat. He’s got some awesome bikes.” David leaned forward with a genuine look of admiration on his face.

She knew they were friends, but she’d always wondered what it was that brought them together. From all outward appearances, they didn’t have anything in common -- David, super-jock, and Nico, super bad-ass. And here they were sitting down to dinner with her, super-nerd. She pushed a bean around her plate with her fork.

The sound of silverware clattering on a plate brought her back to focus. Nona stood with the dishes in her hand. “Natalie, would you help me with the plates? Then I’ll start the coffee.”

“Sure, Nona.” No meal went without coffee to round off the mouth-watering morsels her grandmother cooked. The coffee, thick and rich, came from the neighborhood’s old Cajun influence. Over the years, the number of true Cajuns had dwindled as more and more different peoples settled in the community of Pointe Cadet, but that just added to the unique atmosphere of Biloxi.

That’s how it worked. One ethnic group moved in, then moved out, and another group moved in. First, the Cajuns, then the Croatian immigrants, now the Vietnamese. Pointe Cadet could be classified a veritable melting pot of various cultures, especially with the rise of casinos only blocks away, lining Highway 90. Even though small in size, the coast reminded Natalie a lot of New York with the mixture of peoples, religions, and cultures.

She stood and reached for David’s plate, having to bend slightly to retrieve it. Catching his gaze on her cleavage, she felt her cheeks grow warm. She threw a glance at Nico to see if he noticed.

Of course. Old eagle-eyes wouldn’t miss a thing. A little irritated at the disapproving look on his face, she couldn’t help feeling a surge of pleasure that both men were paying attention to her. She smiled first at David, then raised an eyebrow at Nico before turning away from them.

Her panties were so wet she wanted to strip them away from her skin and ease the tight throb between her legs. Yep, this situation was downright ... stimulating. She almost giggled on the way to the kitchen.

* * * * *

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Dave?”

Natalie had barely disappeared through the swinging doors before Nico attacked the other man. David had had his chance at her in high school. It was his turn now.

“What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m saying. Natalie.” Nico nodded toward the kitchen.

David shrugged. “She looks damned good. New York must’ve taught her a few things.”

Nico held back the urge to lunge across the table and grab him by the throat.

“Back off.”

“Are you kidding?” David leaned forward. “She’s hot, and I don’t plan on throwing away what’s offered this go-around.”

“If you didn’t notice earlier, we kinda have a thing going on.”

David raised his eyebrows up and down. “How could I not notice, bro? My cock went to full attention when I looked through the back door and saw you two.” He groaned. “Wish Nona hadn’t been with me; I would’ve liked to watch.”

He should have been annoyed, but the thought of David watching him and Natalie fuck made him hard. Nico shook his head. “I’ve decided not to waste opportunities, either.” He sat back. “She’s mine. I’ve waited a long time for her to grow up.” He looked at David and frowned. “I thought you liked men, anyway.” Nico watched a dull red tinge creep over David’s cheekbones.

“You know I like both. Anyway, I think that’s for the lady to decide. She’s always shown more favor towards me.”

“Not anymore.”

David grinned. “We’ll see.”

“Wanna bet?”

“Hey, man, the casino is a block down the road, but I’ll take you on.”

Nico nodded. “Then, it’s a bet. The one who has her in his bed on --” He looked at the calendar Nona kept on the wall. “-- Valentine’s Day gets to keep her without further interference from the other.”

“Ooo, a whole two weeks of fun and games. You’re on.”

The two shook hands. Nico refused to acknowledge the little frisson of electricity he felt at David’s touch. Nico planned on winning, whether he had to use “outside influences,” or not. He’d heard all the rumors that were whispered in the Vietnamese community about his father. He didn’t know who, or what, his father might be, but if all the rumors were true, the old witch over on Pass Road would know how to contact a demon. The old man had never done anything for him. Now would be a good time to call in all that back “child support” he’d never received. Natalie belonged to him.

Copyright © Sheri Gilmore


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