Blue Ruin 3: Chains of Love

Katrina Strauss

As Blue's master, Derek has plenty of toys and ingenuity at his disposal, but his high-priced loft isn't the best environment for raising Blue's BDSM training to the next level. If only he had a basement and the proper "hardw...
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As Blue's master, Derek has plenty of toys and ingenuity at his disposal, but his high-priced loft isn't the best environment for raising Blue's BDSM training to the next level. If only he had a basement and the proper "hardware..."

Blue has other worries. Still conflicted between his love for Derek and his feelings for Cameron, he's due to face a killer in court and the accompanying publicity storm once the press connects the star witness to his powerful father. On top of that, he's waiting to be accepted into cosmetology school. Seeking a break from the real world, he expresses his darker fantasies to his master.

Blue should be careful what he wishes for. When Blue lands himself in the clutches of the Balkan mob, Derek must negotiate his freedom. The highly dangerous, very sexy Sasha offers the couple playtime in his private dungeon during Blue's stay. The catch? In exchange for Blue's release, Sasha gets to supervise. It's a hot and wild ride as Derek becomes the trainee, while Blue faces off with a stern dominant determined to break him of his headstrong ways. But could it be that Sasha is in store for a lesson or two?

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, strong BDSM theme and content, including spanking and rope play, violence, voyeurism
Derek watched in the mirror and took in his partner’s pale, slender back and smooth, firm ass. He smiled as Blue tested the steaming bathwater with his toe.

As expected, Blue hissed and pulled his foot away. “Why’d you run it so hot?” he asked with an accusatory snap.

“The water’s fine,” Derek mumbled. “You’ll adjust to the temperature if you just step on in.”

With another noticeable intake of breath, Blue eased into the oversized sunken tub. “Ouch,” he muttered. Derek caught him wincing as he propped his right arm on the polished travertine platform. The week-old tattoo was healing rather nicely and had lost its sunburned appearance, but then Derek had followed Quincy’s instructions to a tee and ensured Blue kept his arm properly moisturized. Though with healing came itching, as evidenced by the fading handprint where Blue had slapped the tattoo a minute earlier to ease the crawling sensation.

Derek swirled the shaving brush against the round cake of shaving soap, handmade with avocado and tea tree oil. Canting his head to one side, he swirled and pumped the brush against his cheek, building the lather directly onto his face. Still looking in the mirror, his eyes met those of the younger man watching him intently. Blue’s cheeks flushed pink, and he diverted his gaze.

“Are you watching me shave?” Derek asked, suppressing a smug grin.

“Yeah,” Blue confessed, peering back at him. “For some reason I think it’s sexy.”

“You shave too,” Derek muttered through set teeth as he tilted his head back and circled the brush around and under his chin. Inwardly, he was charmed, as he so often was by his adorable imp of a partner. It was one reason he let the brat get away with so damned much.

With expert grace, he scratched the stainless steel safety razor down the stretched tendon of his throat, following the grain of his beard rather than going against it.

“Yeah, I shave too, about once a week.” Blue laughed with a sheepish grin. “I still don’t see how you can use a safety razor without cutting yourself.”

“It’s all in the angle of the blade,” Derek muttered, tapping the razor against the sink before moving to his Adam’s apple. “I’ve told you I’ll teach you how whenever you’re ready.”

In truth, Derek understood Blue’s hesitance, which was why he still bought his partner the disposable cartridge blades. While he, himself, had grown skilled and confident in using the safety razor, he had yet to brave the vintage barber shop down the street where the elderly owner still wielded an old-fashioned straight blade on his trusting patrons.

Blue shrugged. “Maybe one of these days, when I have something worth shaving. At least I don’t have to pay for electrolysis like some of you metrosexual types do now.”

Derek opted not to tell Blue he’d considered that very procedure before discovering the lost art of “wet shaving.” His brat gave him enough shit. Preferences for a smooth and healthy complexion aside, Derek found a wet shave with a safety razor to be a satisfying experience. With a little help from Blue, the ritual would soon prove even more fulfilling. In fact, the sheer thought of what he had in store for his pet sent the blood rushing straight to Derek’s prick.

As the dominant partner in their relationship, Derek had discovered the ultimate control lay in granting his feisty, blue-haired submissive a bit of freedom. The thought that Blue would always return home to him offered a greater sense of power than keeping Blue strictly to himself.

Which was why, before Cameron Carter’s next visit, Derek fully intended to impress upon his pet which master he belonged to.

He rinsed his face with warm water, followed by cold, then patted his cheeks dry with a hand towel. He washed the lather from the badger brush, revealing the fine silvertip bristles. He carefully discarded the blade he’d just used. With equal caution, he aligned a fresh blade and screwed the adjustment knob in place. He placed the soapstone, brush, razor, and a tube of shaving balm into one of two stacked ceramic bowls. The kit assembled, he carried his supplies to the tub. One by one, he laid out the contents of the top bowl in the corner nearest Blue. The bowl emptied, he separated it from the other, then dunked both vessels in the water to fill them before setting them side by side on the platform.

“What are those for?” Blue asked, one eyebrow quirked in suspicion.

Ignoring the question, Derek slipped out of his robe and stepped into the warm tub, his throbbing hard-on leading the way. As he remained standing, he nudged his way between Blue’s knees where they were slightly drawn up under the water. Now both of Blue’s eyebrows winged up at the erection sported directly in front of him.

Derek’s task required a good, steady hand with no distractions, so best to attend to his own pleasure first. Besides, he’d get it up more slowly and take longer to come the second time, allowing him to better savor the moment when he fucked Blue’s tight little ass.

Blue opened his mouth to speak again. Before his curious pet could further question his motives, Derek seized a fistful of cobalt strands and guided his cock between those lush, rounded lips.

Blue emitted a muffled gasp as he took Derek’s length into his mouth. The water lapped at Derek’s buttocks as he thrust back and forth. He peered down at Blue through the strands of auburn hair that had loosed from his ponytail.

Under his tutelage, Blue had gotten quite good at giving head, and he readily matched and met Derek’s quick-paced rhythm. While Derek normally preferred to take his time, the moment called for the rare quickie. Immediately surrendering all control, he succumbed to the pleasure of his partner’s skillful ministrations.

Eyes closed, he tensed his thighs, locked his knees, and held steady as climax washed through him in one violent, heady wave. He heard Blue gasp in surprise at the premature orgasm, listened in triumph as his partner gulped down the load, drop by drop. Spent for the moment, he slid from the warmth of Blue’s mouth with a break of suction.

“That was fast,” Blue observed.

The afterglow of climax subsiding, Derek tugged his mouthy partner by the hair and pulled him to standing with a loud slosh of water. He drew Blue’s face to his, resisting the urge to kiss those lips where the girth of his cock had left them enticingly swollen and red.

“Someone’s forgetting the rules,” Derek growled. With his other hand, he smacked his open palm across Blue’s wet rump. The crack of the slap echoed off the bathroom tiles. Blue uttered a sharp cry, one which quickly softened to a low moan.

“What rules?” Blue asked breathlessly, wriggling his lower torso against Derek’s, the barest hint of a smirk curling the corner of one lip. He grazed one fingertip across Derek’s nipple, pebbling the flesh.

A tiny shock of pleasure zinged through Derek, threatening to make him hard again. Ignoring his wayward desire, Derek slapped Blue’s ass harder. Blue cried out, the subsequent moan a little less quick to come than the previous one. Derek turned him around and nudged him between the shoulder blades. Bending forward, Blue caught himself and planted his palms against the tub’s platform. His ass protruded in the air just above the water’s surface.

Derek reared his arm back and offered another firm smack against one damp buttock. He reveled in the sight of Blue’s muscles flinching, then easing as the imprint of his hand flared upon the pale flesh. “You damned well know the rules.” He smacked the opposite buttock, garnering the same reaction. “You are to address me as ‘Sir.’” Smack. “You are not to touch me without permission.” Smack.

He paused, allowing his words to sink in as Blue’s ass flared an angry shade of crimson. With practiced patience, he watched and waited for Blue to relax -- then offered another slap for good measure.

Blue tensed and glared back over his tattooed shoulder, his eyes brimming with tears but shining with mischief. “What was that one for?” he taunted, lip trembling, tone defiant. “Sir.”

“For being a damned smartass.”

Copyright © Katrina Strauss


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More Complicated Plot for Book 3 Review by Ann
I really enjoyed the third book in this series because Blue gets to really experience sexual escapades that up to now have been outside his relationship with Derek. The book also places Blue and Derek in a dangerous shootout with the mob! This is one of my favorite scenes in the book. Blue also shows a great deal of maturation in this book with his career and standing up to his father! (Posted on 8/22/2013)

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