Blue Ruin 2: Close to Me

Katrina Strauss

Blue finds pleasure in playing pet to Derek, but is eager to pursue goals outside of their relationship. When Blue starts GED classes and expands his social circle, Derek affords him room to grow, trusting their love is enough to ...
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Blue finds pleasure in playing pet to Derek, but is eager to pursue goals outside of their relationship. When Blue starts GED classes and expands his social circle, Derek affords him room to grow, trusting their love is enough to keep his restless pet in line.

That love is put to the test when Cameron Carter reappears in Blue's life. An abusive crush from Blue's school days, Cameron is a reformed adult now and seeks absolution for old wrongs. While Blue must find it in his heart to forgive Cameron, the greater challenge lies in keeping his unrequited desire for the former bully at bay.

Derek's torn between enforcing boundaries and allowing Blue closure to heal old wounds. Meanwhile, Cameron struggles to forgive himself for the pain he once caused the boy he secretly loved. As Cameron and Blue begin the road to recovery, the sizzling chemistry between them can no longer be ignored.

Caught between two strong-willed men, can Blue prove his loyalty to one while denying his attraction for the other, or, is it maybe just possible that Blue can have them both?

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM (including tethering, humiliation), male/male sexual situations, menage (m/m/m), strong violence.
Blue stretched naked across the mattress. “Yes,” Derek murmured from behind in approval, “just like that. Nice and tight.”

“Am I getting better at this?” Blue asked, teeth gritted. He clawed the sheet, pulling the satin taut.

“There’s always room for improvement,” Derek said. His open palm cracked across Blue’s ass; the subsequent smack echoed through the loft. “Eleven.”

“You say that every time,” Blue huffed. He started to add that he thought the spankings were up to twelve and that Derek had miscounted, but he opted to keep that information to himself. With a determined tug, he tucked the corner of the fitted sheet under the mattress. “I’m surprised you don’t bounce a quarter off it.”

Rising, he turned and caught the folded top sheet that Derek tossed his way. The square of fresh, clean satin thudded against his chest, the weight of the king-sized sheet enough that his erection bobbed painfully.

After a week’s worth of rough, intense sex, Blue had made the mistake of mentioning that he missed doing naked housework, and so his master had promptly gotten him hard, slapped on the cock ring, and set him to work -- and on his nineteenth birthday, of all days.

Bending over, he snapped the sheet open across the mattress. Derek smacked his ass again.


Blue squelched a yelp as his buttocks flinched and flared, then eased as the heat of the handprint dissipated and warmed his muscles almost soothingly. While he’d grown accustomed to -- and quite enjoyed -- a sound cropping, random spankings applied while he was distracted by a menial chore didn’t allow him to focus on relaxing and absorbing the impact.

He climbed onto the bed and sprawled his limbs, smoothing out the cumbersome sheet. King-sized beds were fun to fuck in, but a pain to make up. Aware that Derek watched his every move, he purposely spread his knees and tilted his rump higher.

He achieved the desired effect. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen

Blue thrashed and mewled in feigned protest. Testing the master, he attempted to crawl away. To his delight, Derek wrestled and twisted his arms behind his back, pinning his wrists at his tailbone with just one hand. The feel of his master’s clothes against his bare flesh made for a pleasant physical contrast and, as always, an arousing dynamic that excited Blue to no end.

To his dismay, the spankings didn’t stop at nineteen. Blue lost count somewhere around twenty-five, knowing only that he received another five licks after Derek ripped the Velcro cock ring free. Once Derek released his grip, he sat back and commanded Blue to jerk himself off all over the clean sheets.

“What…were all…those for?” Blue panted into the pillows, his rump burning raw in the cool air, his cock spent and aching in his sticky, wet hand. “You’re the one who turns thirty in two months.”

Soft lips brushed and soothed his chafed skin; silken hair tickled his hips. “I figured you needed a few extra to grow on.” Derek pulled Blue up and embraced him from behind. “You shouldn’t have waited until this morning to tell me it’s your birthday. I would have preferred to buy your presents in advance.”

“Yes, Sir. But you don’t have to get me anything.”

“So you don’t want to go shopping today.”

“Well, now,” Blue said with a smile, his head rested back against Derek’s shoulder, “I didn’t say that.”

“Shopping it is,” said Derek. His chuckle turned sinister. “After you change the sheets again.”

Copyright © Katrina Strauss


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Understanding Dom Review by Ann
This second book in the series really lets the reader know how caring Derek is deep inside. He makes sure that Blue, who isn't as old or as experienced as him, gets to try new things sexually while also helping him improve his mind. The sex is really hot, too! (Posted on 8/22/2013)

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