Beauty and the Beasts

Ava Rose Johnson

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For centuries the Kingdom of Drayzlake has been divided between the humans and the wolves. The two sides live by their own rules and follow their own leaders. But when a wolf crosses the Divide and bites the humans' princess, all ...
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For centuries the Kingdom of Drayzlake has been divided between the humans and the wolves. The two sides live by their own rules and follow their own leaders. But when a wolf crosses the Divide and bites the humans' princess, all hell breaks loose.

With wolven blood now running in her veins, Princess Abigail is forced to mate with a wolf on every full moon. What she doesn't realize is that she is mating with two wolves rather than one. Caine and Stavros are identical twins and soon-to-be Alphas of their pack. And they're tired of taking turns.

So on one moonlit night after another vigorous mating session, Abigail finds herself kidnapped to the wolves' quarters. Trapped in their fort, she can't deny the two beasts who desire her so, and locked between their powerful bodies, she can hardly remember her own name. But it soon becomes clear that these sexual games are as dangerous as they are delicious. Because Caine and Stavros don't just want her for the full moon...

They want her forever.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, Dubious consent, exhibitionism, menage (m/f/m), sex while in shifted animal form, voyeurism.
“You are excited, I believe,” Jacintha noted in a tone that was soft and lilting. She found Abigail’s eyes, and she inclined her head, a smile playing on her full lips. “It is no sin, Princess, to anticipate what lies before you.”

Abigail lowered her eyes from Jacintha’s knowing gaze, noticing, not for the first time, how encouraging Jacintha always seemed when it came to this situation. Almost as if she wanted Abigail to enjoy her time with the wolf. It was actually because of Jacintha that this routine had been put in place. After the attack, the kingdom had been on the brink of a civil war, but Jacintha had handled negotiations between King Frederick and Alpha Lyson until they reached an agreement. The humans would not declare war on the wolves as long as they provided a mate for Abigail on every full moon.

Too soon, they stood before the rocky entrance to the cave. Abigail pressed her lips together as a sudden onslaught of lust ripped through her body, and then she took the glowing key from Jacintha’s hand. The wolf would be the only one of his kind to be in human form tonight, and it was all because of the witch’s magic. The shackles holding the wolf were magically reinforced to keep him from changing as the full moon rose. Once the moon was in the sky, the urge to change form passed, and it was safe to unlock him. Only this key could do it.

Gripping the enchanted key in her sweaty palm, she left Jacintha behind and let darkness enclose her. She didn’t need to see what was in front of her to know where she was going. By now, she knew the twists and turns of this cave like the back of her very own hand.

As she walked, she strained to hear anything, but he never made a sound until they were face-to-face. Then, as she unlocked his shackles, he greeted her, making inappropriate conversation that was sometimes somber and sometimes teasing, depending on his mood. She hadn’t the faintest idea what affected these changes in spirit. He was two personalities wrapped within one body.

One hard, powerful body.

She turned right at the first sharp corner and the soft glow of firelight came into sight. The flickering on the cave walls acted like a beacon. Her steps grew quicker, sharper with the sudden increase of desire, and her anxiety faded, left behind with all thoughts of Jacintha and her father and princesslike behavior. She wasn’t here to play the good little royal.

No. She was here to mate.

She paused at the final corner and breathed deeply through her nose. Her breasts rose and fell, and she willed strength into her shaking legs. What would he do to her tonight? What would he say?

She gave her head a quick shake. What does it matter what he does or says? He was just a beast, and she was here for one reason and one reason only -- release. Why did her mind and body always insist on making more of it?

Rolling back her shoulders, she rounded the corner, and her breath caught in her throat at the sight of him.

Heavy chains locked the beast against the rocky wall, holding back his muscular arms, leaving him bare to her gaze. His head was bowed, and the disheveled black hair that reached his shoulders fell forward, casting his face in shadow. Abigail’s hungry eyes roamed the high cheekbones and the dark stubble covering his strong jaw, and she longed to feel the short hairs graze her fingertips. Then she dropped her gaze to his delectable body and bit back a moan as wet heat flooded her pussy.

His nakedness filled her vision, stole her breath. How large he was. Those broad shoulders, so wide and squared, made her knees tremble. She itched to reach out and touch the wall of his chest, to feel the muscles bunch beneath his smooth, golden skin. She shook her head in amazement. No matter how many times she saw him naked and powerless and waiting to fuck her, the sight still sucked the strength from her limbs.

Taking a step closer, she noticed how his skin glistened with sweat, and she ached to slide against him. He had told her once that the sweat and the tension in his muscles were the result of the exertion it took to resist the change as a full moon rose in the sky. She didn’t know much about the wolven people, but she knew it required a lot of power to remain in the form of a man when the full moon called, even with the help of Jacintha’s shackles.

Yes, you are a powerful being, aren’t you, Wolf? Her eyes followed the trail of dark hair that reached from his navel to his groin and she licked her lips. The long, thick cock jutting from his body proved that power. That one organ held the means to turn her into a quivering, screaming puddle of desire if he so wished it.

The clang of metal on metal made her jerk backward. Feeling awkward and clumsy, she looked up and found him watching her from beneath hooded lids, a wicked smile quirking the corner of his mouth.

He tilted his head to the chains he’d rattled. “I needed to catch your attention, Princess. You appeared quite entranced by my cock.”

The coarse words sent a bolt of wet desire straight to her pussy. She straightened her shoulders and tried to appear unaffected, but she was certain the wolf hadn’t missed how her nipples strained against the front of her dress. How could he when they throbbed so hard?

“You are late, Princess.”

She narrowed her eyes at his insolence. “I am not late. An hour has not passed since the moon peaked.”

He shrugged, making the chains clank again. “Perhaps my anticipation of your arrival made the wait seem longer.”

She swallowed hard. Why was it that he never made any effort to hide how much he enjoyed their trysts? Surely, he could not take much pleasure from a human?

Another thought crossed her mind and she frowned. Perhaps, his pleasure lay in her humiliation. Seeing the daughter of the King of Drayzlake bow to a wolf…yes, she was quite certain that was why he enjoyed it so immensely. Her scowl deepened in annoyance, but when she glanced down at his cock again, her clit jumped between her legs, chasing all thoughts of the wolf’s motives from her mind.

“The last time we saw one other, I told you to come to me naked.”

She pursed her lips. Ah, so you’re in one of your wry moods tonight. “I don’t think the King would approve of his daughter traveling naked through the Drayzlake Forest on the night of a full moon.”

The wolf’s bark of laughter echoed in the cave, and the rich sound warmed her blood, relaxing the tight knot in her belly. He was far less intimidating when he laughed.

“No, I don’t suppose he would.” He lifted his head fully and fixed her with his gaze. His pupils were fully dilated and were rimmed by narrow bands of silver. How could an animal like him possess such mesmerizing eyes?

“Come closer, Beauty,” he coaxed, using the pet name he always called her. “You are too far away.”

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