Bad Brad

Cheryl Dragon

Brad needs to be punished. He cheated on his boyfriend and Dom, Matt. A first time submissive, Brad knew something felt off with Matt and blamed his own inexperience. Fearing he couldn’t please Matt, Brad gave in to an oppor...
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Brad needs to be punished. He cheated on his boyfriend and Dom, Matt. A first time submissive, Brad knew something felt off with Matt and blamed his own inexperience. Fearing he couldn’t please Matt, Brad gave in to an opportunistic ex.

Afraid of pushing Brad too far, Matt held back in their previous encounters but won’t let the man he wants go that easily. On the eighth night of Hanukkah, Matt won’t take no for answer. He takes Brad home to show him the full extent of their potential and punish him appropriately. All he needs is one honest and erotic night to show Brad where they both went wrong.

Rededicating himself to the sub he loves, Matt’s counting on a Hanukkah miracle sealed with the sting of candle wax to make Brad his for good.

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  • Note:This book contains sexual content of an explicit nature that may be offensive to some readers: m/m sexual practices, bondage and discipline, waxplay, toyplay.
The warmth of Matt’s body so close, and the hard press of his cock to Brad’s growing erection urged Brad’s arousal further. The guilt of his cheating overwhelmed him. “I’m sorry. It was a mistake. I backpedaled to what felt safe. Part of why I avoided your calls was because I wanted to be punished, but I don’t deserve it.”

Matt’s hand pushed on Brad’s shoulder until the sub knelt. “I’ll decide what you deserve.”

The press of Matt’s erection on Brad’s face made him nuzzle it through the denim. The rush of kneeling before Matt again filled Brad as he studied the floor. Matt ruled his sexual world, and that hadn’t changed, even while they’d been apart.

Matt moved his hand from Brad’s shoulder and lifted his chin until the sub looked up into his Dom’s eyes. “This is more than punishment. Tonight, you’ll receive the full treatment you should have had before. Then we’ll see if you really can be a submissive or if you’re just playing.”

His heart pounding, Brad nodded. Matt loved him enough to give him one last chance to please. Brad wanted to prove himself. Like so many times before, he’d sabotaged a relationship because it wasn’t perfect. Tonight he’d correct that mistake and throw himself into it as much as he could. He trusted Matt, but letting go completely was a level Brad found elusive. Still, he desired to achieve it with Matt.

Matt’s hand ran through his hair and eased Brad’s face forward to the hard cock still trapped in his jeans. The heat drew him in, and Brad rubbed his face against the denim. He didn’t dare do more without permission.

“Take it out and suck it fast. I need to take you home.” Matt leaned in farther.

Quickly, Brad freed the long cock and licked its head, not missing a spot. His hands cupped Matt’s heavy balls and rolled them slowly. The pain of not having this man flooded back as desire consumed him. He’d never be free of Matt’s hold. In that moment, Brad needed to please his Dom, and nothing else mattered.

“Faster. You want someone to walk in?” Matt’s hand pushed Brad’s head down.

Swallowing, Brad felt his own cock grow harder as the Dom forced his way down Brad’s throat and fucked his face. He held onto Matt’s firm ass cheeks as he sucked and swallowed Matt to the thick root, while his own cock ached for release.

“You want this.” Matt groaned.

Brad moaned with his mouth full, and suddenly Matt increased the pace. Fuck, yes, he wanted Matt’s dominant sex and his hot cum right here. He longed for all the dark dreams he’d fantasized about Matt to be real. Like a man possessed, Brad wanted it to never end. With everything in him, Brad sucked and licked to please his Dom.

As Matt came, he pulled back, depositing the reward on Brad’s tongue. The sub swallowed and sucked Matt’s tip for more. Then he worked his mouth down the shaft and tongued Matt’s balls.

Matt pulled Brad up until he stood. “You’re sure?” Matt closed his pants.

After weeks of denial, Brad gave in and kissed Matt slowly. He deepened the kiss, teasing his Dom’s tongue and letting Matt take over. Matt’s teeth caught his lip, and the sub shuddered in pleasure. His Dom loved him, and loved him so much he couldn’t stay away. When Matt released him, Brad knew he had to answer.

“I want to submit, to be punished, and to be yours, Master. I never meant to disappoint you or hurt you. Maybe I’ll never be good enough.”

Matt’s hand shot down between Brad’s legs and a stab of erotic pain went through him as his Dom twisted Brad’s balls in a viselike grip. “You will please me. You will obey. You are mine. You remember the safe word?”

“Yes,” Brad said through clenched teeth that held back a moan.

“Tell me,” he ordered.

“Hawaii.” He got relief from Matt’s hand, which relaxed as soon as the word passed his lips. He’d never used the safe word, but knew if he did, Matt would stop immediately. That remained the very last thing Brad desired. All Brad dreamed of was letting go and giving in to Matt’s rough sexual discipline.

“Meet me at my place. Don’t get sidetracked.”

Copyright © Cheryl Dragon


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This is a standalone romance about two people in love with each other, and goes for a rainy afternoon. (Posted on 11/17/2017)
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Good short story, fast paced (Posted on 5/11/2017)
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This story moved a little fast for me to connect with the characters (Posted on 11/8/2013)

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