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Zachary Zangel

Zachary Zangel

Zachary Zangel's alter ego is a native Southerner who has lived in all four corners of the country - Key West, New York City, Las Vegas, and now far north in Anchorage, Alaska -- in pursuit of challenges. He has managed a retail business, written a weekly newspaper column, worked in staff education for a medical facility and continues to keep busy in the education field but not as a teacher.

Zachary spends most of his spare time at Loussac Library, Title Wave Books and going to concerts, opera, and traveling Broadway shows at the PAC and locally-produced performances at Cyrano's. The remaining spare time is spent traveling to areas where the US dollar still has value, like Argentina and Viet Nam. He's thinking Romania may be next on the list.

He and his partner of many years live in a ski chalet in the city of Anchorage with their three cats, Bea, and CeeCee and DiDi, who all love to sit in the window and watch moose stroll through the yard nibbling leaves.

Zachary enjoys showing Alaska to visiting friends, both old and new, and, like Will Rogers, never met a stranger. He'll be happy to make suggestions if you're planning a trip to The Last Frontier.

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