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Sarah Black

Sarah Black

Ten Strange but True Facts about Sarah Black

1. Sarah likes to drive around on empty, red-dirt roads on the Navajo reservation in a beat-up blue Ford Ranger. Unfortunately, she still doesn't know how to change a tire.

2. Every Christmas, Sarah tries to make her grandmother's fudge recipe, the one on the back of the Hershey's cocoa box. So far no luck.

3. Sarah has a secret addiction to reading books from Mother Earth News about building your own house. Right now she is reading about Cordwood.

4. Sarah will use any excuse to buy cashmere sweaters from Land's End. She has even been known to do it without an excuse.

5. When she was young, Sarah wanted to marry Barnabas Collins, the vampire from Dark Shadows.

6. Life goal: To visit all of America's National Parks.

7. Sarah has lived in: California, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, and Alaska. Also Italy.

8. First pet: Janet, a red-eared turtle the size of a quarter. During a hurricane evacuation in 1968, Sarah's father carried Janet in his pocket wrapped in a washcloth, inside a plastic bag.

9. Sarah has a secret crush on Brett Favre, and will watch the Packers any Sunday to look at his shoulders.

10. When she can't sleep, Sarah gets up and reads a random selection from the Oxford English Dictionary.

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