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Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue

Using creativity and sexuality as her backdrop, Sapphire Blue, creates stories to entice and arouse.

An event planner and published romance author, Sapphire lives in Maryland with her family. Reading and writing are her passions as evidenced by her work. She was influenced by veteran romance authors at an early age and with time began to add her own level of spice to the timeless tales. Now, thoroughly convinced that a healthy sex life co-exists with a great love affair, she writes what is in her heart and what some are afraid to even imagine.

Writing has always been her dream. Writing strong, witty, and sexy characters a must. Sapphire is the culmination of a happily ever after romance novelist and a desire to push the envelope right into the burning flames of passion! Sapphire has been writing for fifteen years and published in romance for four years. Sapphire is determined to bring a new slice of color to the erotic romance realm.

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