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Maggie Montgomery

Maggie Montgomery

Maggie knew she was home the moment she set foot in Georgia; she hasn't looked back in 18 years (except to whine about the absence of Bob Evans and Skyline Chili). She attended a tiny university in southern Ohio where, for some inexplicable reason, she earned a political science degree after first majoring in elementary ed (too many parent conferences), forensic anthropology (too many not-yet-skeletal remains, ick) and theatre (alas, poor Yorick). Then she ended up with an office job anyway, so what the heck?

She dabbled in writing throughout her life (g'head -- ask her about that sequel to Goonies), but didn't take it seriously until a wise job coach urged her to leave corporate America before she started rocking and mumbling to herself. She freelanced as a journalist, technical writer, and business consultant until she got sick of paying for health insurance. Now she directs a college marketing department (sometimes fun), writes freelance articles (always interesting) and is launching a fiction career (shaping up to be quite an adventure). A huge mystery fan, she set out to write one of those. But the characters said "screw you" and gave her an erotic romance instead. Now she's hooked.

Maggie has a nerdy streak a mile wide and derives entirely too much pleasure from sticking references to her favorite classics into her stories. Her life wish list includes learning to salsa dance, making her own pickles, and looking awesome in hot pants, mules, and a mohair twin set. Esoteric factoids make her happy and she has serious addictions to Godiva, board games, coffee, and shoes. She also believes that blessings should be shared, so a portion of her royalties will always go to charity.

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