The Essence of Life: Sugar and Spice

Liz Andrews

Rayne Jankowski is the middle sister in a family of psychics. The problem is, she the only one without powers. Or so she believes. Unbeknownst to the customers at her health food cafe and Rayne herself, there's something extra ...
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Full Description

Rayne Jankowski is the middle sister in a family of psychics. The problem is, she the only one without powers. Or so she believes.

Unbeknownst to the customers at her health food cafe and Rayne herself, there's something extra in her muffins, and it isn't just sugar and spice. It's her will. Rayne is unknowingly infusing her power of persuasion into these baked goods. People come in with problems and walk out with solutions...of the mystical kind that is.

Unfortunately for her, her longtime crush Scott Marsten is also partaking of her psychic desserts, which now leaves her to wonder if he asked her out because he's drawn to her or because she mistakenly slipped him a mojo mickey.

For the life of him, Scott can't figure out why Rayne is suddenly pushing him away. Now that he's finally had a taste of the plus-size beauty, he isn't willing to just walk away. Scott believes in psychic powers almost as much as he believes in tooth fairies. He knows what he feels for Rayne is real; now if he could only convince the stubborn beauty of that.

Sugar and spice is nice...but true love is magical.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, spanking.
As they climbed the stairs to her apartment, Rayne was eager and filled with anticipation. Their bantering tonight had been fun, especially knowing their connection existed outside the confines of early mornings in the café. During the concert she had felt so comfortable in his arms. When he had taken the initiative to kiss her, she knew she was ready for their relationship to go further.

She had kissed many men in her life, but never had any of them affected her like he had. His lips on hers had sent an electric charge through her body. The rest of the audience had melted away. Her focus was centered totally on him and the feelings he was evoking. She wouldn’t have quibbled a bit if he had stripped her bare right then and there.

As she wrestled with the key to her apartment, she wondered where tonight might take them. Would he be a generous lover? Was he passionate in bed? Would he

“Change your mind?”

Sheepishly, Rayne glanced up at Scott, embarrassed she had been caught fantasizing about their first time together instead of actually opening the door so they could live it out. Not wanting him to get the wrong idea and leave, she smiled and shook her head. “Nope, not at all.” With a renewed vigor, she unlocked the door to her apartment and ushered him inside.

Nervously, she turned on the light and shut the door, giving herself a few more minutes to gather her wits. After locking the deadbolt, she turned to face him. Instead of getting undressed like she’d hope, he was standing in the middle of the room, with hands in his pockets, looking around. “Nice place.”

“Thanks.” She tried to perceive the room from a stranger’s point of view. There was a faint smell of yeast and cinnamon from the bakery that permeated the room. The walls were painted a warm yellow and decorated with accents of red. Her furniture was all dark woods, but the room was large enough to handle the bold colors. Thankfully, her landlord allowed her to paint, because the sterile white walls would have sent her into a depression after two weeks.

“So what can you tell from my decorating?” Rayne took off her jacket, dropped it onto the floor, and walked purposely toward him.

“You’re very close to your family.”

“You already knew that.”

Scott flopped onto the extra wide chair and pulled her down onto his lap. “True, but if I didn’t, this room would have told me in a heartbeat.”

Looking around, she could see why he said that. She had pictures of her family everywhere. They were especially prominent across the mantel of her fireplace. She loved the older photos most of all, the slightly wrinkled sepia-toned ones of her great-grandparents. But thoughts of her family weren’t what interested her right now. She was more fascinated with the hardness she felt under her ass.

“Scott, don’t take this the wrong way, okay?”


“But I don’t want to talk about my family anymore tonight.”

“Then what do you want to talk about?”

“That’s just it.” She lowered her gaze coyly. “I don’t want to talk.”

Slowly, she began to slip the buttons from their holes on his shirt, exposing his chest to her hungry gaze. She’d seen him covered in a tight T-shirt, but never bare-chested. It was a sight to behold. She spread his shirt and ran her hands over his chiseled torso. How this handsome man was interested in her was beyond her scope of understanding, but she wasn’t about to question her good fortune.

While she concentrated on her discovery, Scott’s hand had crept beneath her skirt and was now resting on her thigh. The feel of his callused palm on her soft flesh made her want to experience more. She leaned forward to kiss him.

The moment her lips touched his, his hand tightened on her leg as he explored her mouth. He urged her off his lap for a moment, only to turn her slightly before pulling her back down. This time, however, he spread her legs wide until she was straddling him. The apex of her thighs was now aligned with his cock, which was straining against his zipper.

His hands delved beneath her T-shirt, and he quickly had her bra unhooked. Not bothering to remove the garment, he pushed it up and out of the way. Rayne’s eyes closed as the sensations rushed over her. He cupped her breasts and kneaded the soft flesh as his thumbs brushed over her hardening nipples.

“Hmm, that feels so good.”

“Do you like this?” He pinched her nipples, bringing them to tight peaks.

Shivers of delight coursed along her body, and she could barely speak. “Ahh…yes, I like.”

He chuckled as he continued to tease and torment her sensitive nubs. She could feel the pull all the way to her pussy, and she shifted restlessly on him.

“Stop moving.”

“I can’t help it.” His touch had her pleasure centers whirling out of control. She wanted it all and she wanted it now.

“Lift your arms for me.”

She obeyed him immediately, and, he pulled her T-shirt off and then quickly divested her of the bra as well. Although she’d allowed him to disrobe her, she felt vulnerable sitting there topless while he was completely clothed. Especially when her plus-sized body was in full view. She crossed her arms over her chest and stomach, trying to camouflage what she didn’t want him to notice. Fortunately, he quickly quelled her doubts.

“None of that now.” He pulled her arms wide and leaned forward to capture one of the turgid peaks in his mouth, nibbling at the swollen tip before lathing it with his tongue. He released her arms, and her hands grasped at his shoulders. The solid feel of his cock beneath her had her rocking her now-aching pussy against him.

Rayne never heard the front door opening, but she was startled by the sound of her brother calling her name.

“Rainbow baby, what’s the…oh shit, sorry.”

“What the fuck?” Scott erupted in indignation.

“Oh my God.” This was a nightmare. How in the world did she forget her brother was staying with her? It wasn’t as if she was prudish when it came to nudity; she’d grown up on a commune for Pete’s sakes. But dancing around naked as a kid and getting caught by her brother while going to second base were two different things.

Rayne valiantly attempted to cover herself as Scott struggled to assist her and stand at the same time. It was a futile effort at best. “Who the hell are you?”

“Hey man, I’m sorry.” Forrest stood across the room, his back to them both as he shifted from foot to foot. “I’m Forrest, the older brother.”

Copyright © Liz Andrews


Customer Reviews

A bit confusing... Review by Euce

I have to say, I did not understand the heroine.
It starts as a super romantic story, a plus size girl that doesn't think she can get her man, but she does and is beautiful. Really fast it became an erotic story, with really hot sex scenes and a girl that was amazing in bed and didn't really had any hangups about her body once she was turned on.... But theeeeen, the paranormal touch became THE problem: she started the whole "he loves me for me, but is not real because I'm fat, so it must be my 'powers' making him love me"....
I mean, you CAN NOT really have any hangups when a guy ask you out and you are confident enough to do the kind of things she did in bed... right after the first date! and afterwards you're afraid he likes you because you "force him"? because if you're fat he can't really like you??
I just don't think her character was well written.
His, on the other hand, was marvelous ;)
(Posted on 4/25/2014)

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