Redemption 5: The Sweetest Taboo

Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews

No good deed goes unpunished and no one knows that better than Cory Turner. While minding her own business, her back yard is invaded by a lost child who can’t find his way home. Cory decides to help, but when she returns him...
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Full Description

No good deed goes unpunished and no one knows that better than Cory Turner. While minding her own business, her back yard is invaded by a lost child who can’t find his way home. Cory decides to help, but when she returns him to his oh so attractive father, she’s practically accused of kidnapping the child.

Elias Kohler couldn’t have found a worst way to handle his first meeting with his attractive new neighbor. She rescues his lost son, but instead of thanking her he insults her. The last thing he wants to do is bother her again, but it doesn’t mean he can stop thinking about her. And if only he could keep his son away from Cory’s yard, everything would be fine, but things don’t always go according to plan.

No matter how much they both vow to stay away, fate and circumstance throw them together time and again. But despite both their doubts and misgivings, Elias and Cory are inexplicably drawn to one another, in the bedroom and out.

Cory never expected to find her prince charming in a man with so much baggage, but when his ex-wife decides to do battle, Cory steps up to the plate and fights for the man and the family she has fallen in love with.

Their relationship might still be considered taboo, but it’s the sweetest kind.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: light bondage.
Cory had been itching for a fight all night. She’d had every intention of giving Elias a tongue lashing as soon as he got home, but not exactly the way she was doing it now. Not that she was going to complain because the man had some serious skills when it came to lip locking. One second she was ready to kill him and the next she was ready to push him to the ground, climb on top of him, and ride him like Secretariat to the finish line.

Had it really been that long since she’d been kissed or was he really that fucking great? By the way, her panties were moist and her nipples hard, Cory was willing to bet it was the latter.

His tongue swept over hers, serenading her senses with his taste. Hands that had once gripped her arms were now entangled in her hair, angling her face so he could devour her lips. Gone was the sweet paternal man Cory had mistaken Elias for and in his place was a passionate force to be reckoned with.

This was happening too soon and so in the wrong place. Cory eased her hands between them, intent on pushing herself free. It was a great plan and all, and more than likely it would have worked, if her fingers hadn’t brushed against a chest, harder and firmer than she’d thought. If her palms hadn’t encountered nipples, pebbled like hers, under her touch, it would have worked. Oh yes, this was too soon and in the wrong place, but suddenly Cory didn’t care.

Her hand curled into the fabric of his shirt, desperately wanting to rip it off him. Instead, she found a button and loosened it from its fastening, allowing her hand to slip inside to stroke that hard firm flesh. Cory could feel the hair that lightly sprinkled his chest, following it down to the waistband of his pants, popping his buttons free as she went. Her hands rested at his waist, softly stroking his toned muscles. He was a man who obviously worked out.

At her teasing touch, Elias groaned in appreciation before breaking their kiss. Turning and pressing her back against the counter, he pulled her tee shirt from the waistband of her jeans. But he didn’t stop there, pulling it higher and right over her head, before tossing it back over his shoulder.

“I don’t just want to feel you, I want to see you too.”

His words caused the wetness that had been gathering between her thighs to gush forth. Cory knew she had bountiful breasts, and if she was truthful with herself she often considered them one of her best physical qualities.

Cory shivered at the intensity of his gaze as Elias reached out to unsnap the front clasp of her bra. He parted the material, cupping her breasts in his hands. Her hard nipples were almost painfully sensitive as he lightly brushed his thumbs across the tips. She shuddered with the sensations coursing through her.

“Just beautiful.”

Cory could feel herself flush at his words. Elias bent his head capturing one of her nipples in his mouth. The wet suction tantalized and inflamed her senses. She threaded her hands through his hair, holding his head to her breast. The feeling of his mouth on her was one she never wanted to end.

“Oh God,” she moaned, surrendering herself to him. To her dismay though, instead of feasting more, Elias pulled away from her breasts.

“My name is Elias not God.” He goaded, moving his hands from her breasts, down her stomach to the button of her jeans.

His powerful gaze bore into her own as he unsnapped her pants. Cory licked her lips in anticipation. “I know what your name is.”

“Then let me hear you say it.”


“Because I want to see these pretty lips of yours scream my name.”

“Then I’ll guess you’ll have to give me something to scream about.”

Copyright © Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews


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Great Read Review by Veronica
I haven't read any of the other books in this series and since they are standalones, I wasn't missing anything. Cory is a feisty woman and when she meets Elias, whose an alpha male, the sparks fly! It was a fun, sexy read! (Posted on 1/3/2016)

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