Redemption 3: Lily's Surrender

Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews

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Marc Gossnor has revenge on his mind. The former town outcast now has the power to bring his enemies to their knees. But a golden haired nymph from his past holds the power to make Marc change his mind. Lily Weller is scared to...
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Full Description

Marc Gossnor has revenge on his mind. The former town outcast now has the power to bring his enemies to their knees. But a golden haired nymph from his past holds the power to make Marc change his mind. Lily Weller is scared to allow a man control over her, but Marc sees the submissive woman inside. He holds the key to her surrender, if only he can let go of his painful youth.

But Marc isn’t the only one with thoughts of revenge. There is a vicious shooter in town that is looking to settle a score of their own. Marc and Lily must race to discover who is trying to the tables on them before its too late.

Marc was enjoying the feel of her sitting on his lap, almost as much he would enjoy the feel of her lying across it, he’d bet. “Let’s play a game, Lily.”

“A game? What kind of game?”

“Marc Says.” Placing his hand on her lap, Marc gently tapped his fingers against her thigh, watching the way her eyes dilated in the light.

“It’s a knock off Simon Says, I take it.”

“You’re a fast learner. I like that.” Marc gently removed her hand from her hair, so she wouldn’t twist it off in her nervousness. “It’s very simple, Lily. Do you want to play? Do you want to follow my commands?”

Lily’s tongue darted out to moisten her lips as she stared hungrily into his eyes. Marc had known -- somehow he’d always known -- Lily would be a willing participant in all of his games. “Simple answer, Lily. Yes or no.”

“Yes.” The word was practically a whisper, but her desire to follow his lead was clear as the desire in her eyes.

Marc Says: Lily, take down your hair.”

She hesitated for a second before moving her hands slowly to her head and releasing her hair. It tumbled like waves against the shore, showering her back with the lovely golden strands.

Marc slid his hands into the shining mass, lightly massaging her scalp. “You have beautiful hair, Goldilocks. You should always leave it down.”

“You didn’t say ‘Marc Says,’” Lily reminded him huskily.

“New rule for the ’Marc Says’ game. Anytime we play ‘Marc Says,’ Lily must have her hair down.”

“Are we going to play often?” Lily almost sounded hopeful.

Lily wasn’t the only one affected by their encounter. “Oh, yes, Lily, as often as you can.”

“Shall we continue?”

Impatient little minx. “Yes. Marc Says: stand up.”

“Stand up?” Wrinkling her brow, Lily stared at him, confused.

“It’s not your place to question, Goldie, only to obey. You either do it or you don’t. There is no second guessing.”

Lily stood quickly, but Marc could still see the questions in her eyes. She was a novice, something he’d have to continue to remind himself. And no matter how fast he wanted to go, he couldn’t. This wasn’t a thing to be rushed; it was something to be savored.

“Do you have a large mirror?” Marc asked, standing as well.

“Yes, in my bedroom.”

“Take me there. Marc Says .”

Much to his delight, this time Lily did his bidding without question. Marc followed behind her, allowing her some space to think about what they were about to do. She instinctively bypassed the overhead light; instead, she walked over to the lamp on the dresser and turned it on to the lowest setting.

Marc Says: stand in front of the mirror.”

Lily glanced back at him and then turned to stand in front of the mirror, head held high. That’s my girl , he thought proudly. Stepping up behind her Marc stood close enough to hear her rapid breathing, but did not touch her.

Marc Says: unbutton your blouse.”

Lily slowly moved her hands to the buttons on her blouse, easing them one by one from their holes. Marc reached around and gently parted the silky material, exposing her creamy breasts, barely covered by a lacy bit of nothing. Her dusky rose nipples were already beginning to harden in the cool air of the room. He bit back the groan that almost bubbled to the surface.

Marc Says: unclasp your bra.” Lily hesitated for a few precious seconds and he wondered if she was going to call a halt to their game. But surprisingly, she raised her hands and unhooked the front clasp, allowing the tiny scraps of lacy to fall to the sides. Marc controlled his urge to touch her.

“I want you to touch yourself.”

“You didn’t say ‘Marc Says.’” Lily’s quick rejoinder almost had him laughing.

Marc Says: I want you to touch yourself.”

Lily moved with newfound courage as she brought her hands up to her breasts. With deft fingers Lily teased her rose-tinged nipples to rigid peaks. Her eyes watched his as she toyed with herself, arousing her body for both of their pleasure. With bated breath, Lily squeezed her nipples, closing her eyes for a moment, as if she was lost in her touch.

“No, Lily,” Marc ordered softly. “Watch. Always watch.”

“Is this a … new rule?” Her words were shaky as she continued her self-pleasure.

“Yes.” Marc moved closer to her, so the bulge in his trousers touched her bottom. “You are a thing of beauty. A woman, a lady, an object to be worshipped. Never doubt it, Goldie, and never be ashamed to see your pleasure.”

Reaching out, Marc captured her fingers and stilled her movements. With her hands in his, Marc lowered them to her sides, releasing them to move to the back of her skirt to pull down the zipper. The zipper parted, revealing her lush ass framed by the sexiest red thong he’d ever seen. Pushing down her skirt, Marc watched as it slid down her legs and puddled around her feet.

“You are beautiful.” Marc moved his hands back to her side. Resisting his own urges, Marc didn’t touch her newly bared skin. Instead, he placed his hand on top of hers, moving her hand until it rested on the waistband of her panties.

Marc Says: stop.”

“Stop?” Lily’s face was a combination of arousal and shock.

“This is your punishment, Lily. I want you to think about your body, but do nothing more.”

“Punishment? Punishment for what?”

“Don’t forget you lied to me, Lily. Don’t ever lie to me.”

Turning to him, Lily’s face was filled with anger. “Is this some kind of sick joke? Is this how you get off?”

Marc grabbed her hand and pressed it to the bulge in his pants. “Does it feel like I’ve gotten off to you?”

“Then why stop?”

“Because this isn’t just about getting off, Lily. It’s about building something more.”

“Well, what if I just want to be fucked?” The crude word was so out of character for Lily, Marc wanted to laugh. She was aroused and angry. Perfect.

“When the time is right, Lily, we’ll fuck, but we’ll also make love, have intercourse, and do things you’ve never imagined.”

“But …”

Marc placed his fingers over her lips to silence her. “If you want to continue, meet me at my office tomorrow at four. Marc Says .”

Copyright © Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews


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