Redemption 2: Steven's Salvation

Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews

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Samantha Turner's love life is anything but mundane. Where some women might complain of too few men in their life, Sammy’s having the complete opposite problem: her love life is overrun by men. Not only is she engaged to t...
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Samantha Turner's love life is anything but mundane. Where some women might complain of too few men in their life, Sammy’s having the complete opposite problem: her love life is overrun by men. Not only is she engaged to the wrong man and in love with her ultra-sexy Alpha ex-lover, she's also being threatened by a psychotic stalker.

Steven Weller has no intention of allowing Samantha to continue her farce of an engagement. There is no doubt in his mind that she loves him as much as he loves her. Needs him as much as he needs her. Everything between them is explosive, always has been--especially the hot, sweaty, down and dirty sex. He knows it. She knows it. The problem is getting her to admit it.

When Steven discovers that Sammy’s being stalked, he’ll stop at nothing to protect his woman. Time is running out and they need to find the stalker before he makes his next move. Now, Steven and Sammy have to face their preserve their future.

God, this was wrong. But like most things that were bad for you, it felt unbelievably good and unmistakably right. Steven moved into her, forceful and erect, shoving her back against the wall. His lips pushed into hers, forcing hers apart as he slid his tongue deep into her mouth. The old familiar taste rocked her to her core, as if their time apart had never existed.

Moving her head, Samantha tore her mouth away from his, trying desperately to catch her breath. Steven took that moment to push closer, take her bare earlobe between his teeth, and nip at it. The pain startled her, as did the intense heat that rushed through her body at the simple hint of pain. Samantha’s nipples tightened in response and pushed out against her plain white T-shirt, causing Steven to let out a deep chuckle.

“Seems like some things never change.”

“Bastard!” she spat, hating the amusement in his eyes. The only thing worse than wanting him was him knowing how much she wanted him. It was something she couldn’t deny, not to herself and not to him, not any longer.

“Why, because I love the way you respond to me? The way you’ve always responded to me?”

Samantha pushed at him, trying to move him off her. “You’re so goddamn cocky. It’s just physical, Steven. I haven’t been with Aaron in awhile. I’ll admit it, you’re attractive, but you know that. My body is just missing the touch of a man. Any man.”

The amusement quickly vanished from his eyes, replaced instead by fury. “Any man, huh?” Steven grabbed her hands and yanked them over her head, securing them against the wall with one of his. “Does any man know that innocent little Sammy gets off on fucking in front of a mirror so she can watch herself being pleasured? Does any man know that Sammy likes it rough, dirty, and as often as her hot little box can take it?”

Samantha turned her head, refusing to look into his mocking eyes any longer. Never would she admit that the few times she and Aaron had made love, she had faked it. That he hadn’t been able to take her to the heights Steven did, because Steven knew her body and her soul. Pressing closer to her ear, Steven dipped his tongue inside briefly before whispering, “Does any man know that his fiancée loves the added thrill of almost getting caught? That you like to be given permission to come, and that you love the feel of hands in your hair when you’re. Sucking. Cock.” The last words were said slowly and carefully, creating the last chink in her wavering armor.

Samantha turned her head and silenced Steven’s words with her mouth. No, she had never told Aaron any of those things. She had never told anyone. They were her own private, dirty little secrets she stored in her mind like a home video, unleashing them and rewinding them only when she needed to get off.

This time it was Steven who pulled away, but he did it slowly, inching away a millisecond at a time. “Tell me, Sammy ...” Moving his other hand up her arm until he had both of her wrists in his strong fingers, Steven tightened his grip, squeezing ever so slowly, letting Samantha know, in no uncertain terms, who was in control. “Does any man know those things about you?”

“No,” she whimpered, her body crying out to his.

“Does any man fuck you the way that you love?”

“No.” She ached. She needed.

“Does any man make you come as often and as hard as you crave?”

“No.” She wanted only him.

“I didn’t think so.” Moving to her again, Steven captured her mouth, and this time, Samantha moved back and gave as good as he did. For more than a year, she had denied herself and Steven the one thing they could give each other. It was time to indulge once more.

Their tongues intertwined, picking up the familiar taste and feel of one another. It was almost as if time hadn’t passed and they had never been apart. As Samantha feasted on his mouth, Steven released her hands and moved them between their bodies. Pushing up her shirt, he made quick work of unbuttoning and unzipping her pants and shoving them down her hips.

Steven pulled away from her. “Step out of these,” he ordered, and for a second Samantha hesitated. Long enough to know it was wrong, but short enough to know she didn’t care. Tomorrow she would pay and atone, but tonight ... tonight she would feast.

The way he watched her, as she slid her panties down to the floor, was just as exciting as the way he talked to her. His eyes devoured her whole, watching her as if he had never seen her before. The second her underwear hit the ground, he dropped to the floor in front of her and nudged her legs apart.

Sitting forward, he buried his face in the soft, kinky hair covering her sex. He slipped his hands around her hips and pulled her in close, inhaling her scent.

“God, I love the way you smell.” He picked up one of her legs, placing it around his shoulder, and moved between her parted thighs.

He stared hard at her moist mound before brushing his thumb lightly over her slick bud. Samantha whimpered and pressed her back into the wall, needing something solid to assure herself this wasn’t just another empty dream.

When his tongue found her sensitive nub, she thought she would die from the pleasure. It was like coming home.

Copyright © Liz Andrews and Lena Matthews


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