S.K. Yule

S. K. Yule's love for reading started in high school, and finally inspired her to try her hand at writing. Once an outlet was discovered for an over­active, and at times overwhelming, imagination a passion for creating stories for others to enjoy was born.

You will most often find S. K. Yule tapping away on her laptop in her farmhouse located in a tiny Midwestern town with a population of one hundred and fifty. She lives with her real­life hero, her husband, and plans to have the happily ever ending with him that she so often writes about.

Her spoiled rotten children consist of three yorkies, Potter, Stimpy, & Georgia, one miniature schnauzer, Jada, and a loveable half min pin/sheltie mix, Reese.

Links to reach S.K. Yule:
Main Website

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