Maryn Blackburn

Maryn Blackburn is a reformed suspense writer whose "try something different" attempt at erotica threw open the floodgates. Her first efforts were fan fiction­­read her long enough and you can guess who­­but she soon preferred original characters. Her erotica short stories, published under various pseudonyms, have appeared in several anthologies and magazines. "Brick by Brick" is her first published novel.

She lives in the Great Lakes region with her husband, adores their two kids, and drives the requisite minivan yet refuses to consider the Golden Retriever that goes with it. To her relief and pleasure, her life is ordinary, including such traditional pursuits as sewing kick­ass Halloween costumes, amassing an impressive clutter collection, baking bread and making home­cooked meals, wondering how her ass got so big, and writing explicit fiction.

Her stories most often feature realistic portrayals of characters exploring their sexual interests and their own limits­­often with a celebrity thrown in to screw things up. Once a fangirl...

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